10 Best Black Yoga Pants

Who wouldn’t want to feel ‘high on life’?

Exercise in any form greatly improves our physical and mental health, releasing a surge of endorphins, creating a feeling of ecstasy in our body and a feeling of peace and tranquillity in our minds.

After once being the practice of gurus and intrepid adventurers looking to connect to their higher self, yoga has exploded into popular culture in recent years.

As well as the physical and mental health benefits, fashion has also been a big driver of its growing success.

Practitioners of yoga often speak of the peace, calm and comfort, that they feel during and after their practice. Feeling good, feeling confident, so what are you waiting for?

‘I don’t have anything to wear.”

Like many things in life, when buying yoga pants, there are many things to consider before you find the pair suitable for you.

This can be an overwhelming decision to make, we’ve all bought and returned items of clothing before (or left them in the wardrobe for years!).

With this in mind, we need to ask ourselves what should we consider when buying yoga pants?

Do they look and feel good to wear?

Which material is the most suitable for my needs?

Which style of yoga pants would suit me best?

Are they durable enough to wear indoors and outside?

With so many things to consider, let us guide you to the perfect pair of yoga pants for you and your needs.


“Keep you tucked in and smooth on gluteus, thighs, and tummy.”

“Squat-proof and they smooth out imperfections.”

These pants come highly recommended due to their great value and lasting quality. Comfortable yet practical, these pants support your body shape whilst maintaining your modesty through any workout.


  • High waist - Tummy control for extra support and comfort.
  • Fabric - 4-way stretch and moisture-wicking
  • Pockets - Inner and outer, deep pockets
  • Durable - Fabric that’s stretchy and opaque


  • Washing - Hand wash only


“Since these are actually long enough for me, the first thing he said was my legs looked thinner.”

“These are my new holy grail of ANY leggings I have ever bought, hands down!”

These straight-leg pants have been praised for their “normal” look, as suitable for a workout as enjoying a drink with a friend.

Many reviewers have noted that these are a great buy for women with longer legs.


  • Straight leg - For a “normal’ feel
  • Slimming - Cover the ankle to help legs look slimmer
  • Machine washable - On cold setting
  • Fabric - 4-way stretch and moisture-wicking
  • Pockets - Back pocket


  • Material - Can collect lint and hairs (extra care needed if you have a pet.)


“I would suggest these to any and every pregnant woman I know!”

“If you’re debating getting these, don’t. Just buy them.”

Pregnancy is an incredibly special time, yet with so many changes in the body, it's easy to feel uncomfortable or self-conscious.

These pants confidently solve those issues for the wearers. Comfortable, supportive, opaque and they will grow with your bump, a must-have.


  • Coverage - Full belly coverage to support the growing mother and baby
  • Fabric - 4-way stretch, opaque and moisture wicking
  • Waistband - Adjustable elastic waistband
  • Diversity - Suitable for all the seasons


  • Compression - Lacking compression on lower legs


“I absolutely adore these workout pants.”

“I may as well throw the rest of my tights away because I only move them around to find a pair of these.”

These pants have been praised for their fit, texture, tummy support, and for being squat proof. Practical for a variety of occasions, from a home workout to your first marathon.


  • Pockets - Side pockets and hidden waistband pocket
  • Fabric - Buttery-soft fabric for a second-skin feel
  • Squat proof - Durable 4-way stretch fabric
  • High waist - For improved tummy control 


  • For shorter women - The length might be too long 


“My husband really likes them too, says my butt looks good.”

“Love that they hug your body in a comfortable and flattering way.”

A popular choice amongst reviewers, especially those who may feel self-conscious to wear a tighter style of pants. The flared cuff creates a leg-lengthening silhouette to boost the confidence of the wearer.


  • Fabric - Breathable, 4-way stretch and moisture-wicking
  • Flattering fit
  • “Workout fabric” - Color lasts, reduces lint and hairs sticking
  • Pocket - Side pocket
  • Flat-lock seams - Minimize rubbing and chaffing


  • “Slightly snug” - Buy one size up


“Pulling these pants on was like stepping into a hug.”

“All the ones I’ve got are so comfy and not see-through at all, so I don't worry about bending over or anything.”

For those spirited adventurers seeking the thrills of outdoor life, these yoga pants are an essential purchase.

Fleece-lined to keep you warm even in snowy weather and offer support to smooth out the wearers' shape.


  • Fleece lining - Suitable for outdoors and colder temperatures
  • Fabric - Breathable and moisture-wicking 4-way stretch
  • Pockets - Convenient storage
  • Machine washable
  • Doesn’t attract pet hair


  • Lifespan - Some reports of a short life span


“I’m super impressed and I feel like Jasmine the princess in them.”

“Highly recommended and so comfortable.”

Not everyone is comfortable wearing figure-hugging tights, so these harem pants offer a fantastic alternative for those wishing to work out in style.

Comfortable with a relaxed fit, these are perfect for yoga, Pilates, or even dressing up as a princess!


  • Fit - Loose and relaxed
  • Washing - Machine washable
  • Fabric - Light and breathable


  • Sizing - Chinese sizes, so check your equivalent before ordering


“Providing just the right amount of compression and stretch.”

“The compression is amazing. Not too much, but holds everything in perfectly!”

These pants are a comfortable middle ground between thinner athletic tights and thicker winter leggings. Offering good support and body sculpting whilst still breathable and stretchy.


  • Seamless waistband - Tummy control and support
  • Fabric - Soft, breathable, moisture-wicking, and squat proof.
  • Pockets - Suitable for card or key
  • V-contour - Located on the back seam to sculpt body shape


  • Pocket - Too small to hold a bigger phone 


“These pants are freaking amazing. I love them.”

“Oh leggings, where have you been in my life!?”

Heralded as comfortable, supportive, practical, and flattering, these pants are a wonderful choice for any plus-sized lady.

The center back seam defines the shape, and the white panel creates a slimming effect for the legs.


  • Waistband - Wide and comfortable
  • Washing - Machine washable
  • Drawstring closure
  • Fabric - Soft and stretchy, snug and comfortable


  • No pockets


“Velvety soft and a much warmer feel.”

“These are unbelievably comfortable.”

With a comfortable and casual style, these pants won’t leave you worrying about any perceived imperfections.

Lightweight and breathable, you might find yourself wearing these every day, whether you’re exercising or not.


  • Fit - Loose fitting with a straight leg cut
  • Drawstring closure
  • Fabric - Lightweight and breathable
  • Multi-purpose - Suitable for all seasons
  • Pockets - Large and practical


  • Fabric - Material can wear thin after multiple washes 

Best Black Yoga Pants Buying Guide

Fit/ Style

Yoga pants come in a variety of styles offering different fits.
They can be tailored to a specific exercise, different weather conditions, or to the wearers' circumstances. 

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What then, are the most common styles to be found? 

  • High waisted - Offering support for the tummy and lower back, this style is perhaps the most popular on the market.
  • Capri - Shorter 3/4 length pants offering support to the calves and suitable for warmer climates or indoor exercise.
  • Boot cut/ Flare - With a looser ankle cut, these don’t restrict blood flow to your feet and allow for a slimming effect on the legs.
  • Straight Leg - As many have reservations about wearing tighter clothing, these offer a more ‘normal’ fit for the wearer.
  • Fleece Lined - Offering extra warmth and insulation for those brave enough to venture outdoors to exercise in the winter months.
  • Harem - These are something of a more ‘traditional’ style, with a loose or baggy fit, allowing breathability and comfort whatever the activity.
  • Maternity - Designed to bring extra support and comfort to expectant mothers.


The lack of pockets in women’s attire has long been a point of frustration for many. Taking this into consideration, more suppliers are including pockets in their yoga pants.


Many yoga pants now include pockets, though the size and placing can vary greatly. Side pockets and hidden inner pockets are more popular than pockets located on the front of the pants.

Everyone is beautiful no matter their size or shape, though many can be self-conscious when wearing tighter material around their waist.

Drawstring pants allow the wearer to feel more confident that their pants will support them and not fall in the most awkward of times.


These allow the wearers to manually adjust their pants to ensure optimum comfort.

Chosen Activity

From yoga to the gym, from dog walking to mountain treks, or from the coffee shop to the sofa, yoga pants have become a staple part of many women’s wardrobes.

Always ensure you take into consideration the activities you wish to partake in before you make your purchase.

Reading customer reviews will give you a clear insight into how the product suits different environments and activities.


There is an ever-increasing variety of materials that are being used in the manufacture of yoga pants today. With a wide range of needs and expectations, there are several factors to consider.  

  • Support and structure
  • Comfort
  • Breathability
  • Fast drying
  • Durability

Popular choices for the material include:

  • Polyester blends
  • Spandex blends
  • Rayon blends
  • Nylon blends
  • Bamboo
  • Merino Wool

Many buyers try multiple materials until they find the right one to meet their needs and comfort.

Potential Issues

Many issues can arise when trying to find the perfect pair of yoga pants, most of these are related to the fit or style.

What Potential Problems Should You Look Out For?

  • Fit - Are they too snug or too loose?
  • Sagging - Excess material can arise at the bottom, the waist, the knees, or the ankles
  • Visibility - Many pants can be stretched thin, which can cause some embarrassing moments
  • Moisture and odor - Most yoga pants are now designed to be sweat-wicking to ensure comfort and cleanliness
  • Signs of wear - Some pants can show visible signs of wear, such as damage to the material and strength of the pants. Unfortunate tears and holes can leave a lot to be desired. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Do I Need?

Yoga pants sizing may not always match that of your regular clothing. Always be sure to refer to the suppliers' size guide. If you are unsure, try buying a couple of sizes and return the ones that don’t fit. 

Should Yoga Pants Be Tight Or Loose?

This completely depends on the preferences of the wearer.

Although there are benefits to wearing tighter pants such as support, sculpting, and warmth, many do not feel comfortable showing off their body shape. 

If you feel more comfortable in looser pants, consider straight-leg or harem-style pants. 

What Are These Made Of And What Percentage?

As this varies greatly amongst yoga pants, you should check with the product description and suppliers' notes regarding the makeup of the pants.

Will The Material Stretch To Be Sheer And See-Through?

Although they are often designed to remain opaque, some material can often stretch to become quite sheer and revealing.

Reading customer reviews can give you an insight into which pants will be sure to protect your modesty. 

Can I Wash Them In The Washing Machine?

This varies depending on the yoga pants you buy. Many are machine washable, though it's often recommended to wash them on cool, whilst others are only washable by hand.

Ignoring these instructions could damage the material and ruin the elasticity and fit. 

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