10 Best Flare Yoga Pants

Much like yoga leggings, flared yoga pants are easily introduced into your workout wardrobe and ‘regular’ outfit rotation.

These wardrobe staples are ideal for providing comfort that’s perfect for everything from stretching in yoga to walking the dog and relaxing at home.

Flared yoga pants differ by flaring at the knee in a ‘bootcut’ style rather than keeping tightly to the contours of your body.

This flattering silhouette provides some ‘90s flash-back nostalgia but gives more freedom of movement than traditional yoga leggings.

 Flared yoga pants have also had a refreshing shakeup in design, now made with high performance and durable fabrics that makes them suitable for all aspects of activity.

But how do you find the perfect pair?

Not all flared yoga pants are created equal and finding the pair that aren’t too long and don’t roll down at the waist is difficult enough, add in the threat of transparency across the rear and it feels like an impossible task. Fear not!

Here is a guide to purchasing flared yoga pants that will rid you of your yoga pant woes and will give people you meet yoga-pant envy. 


‘Satina’ is Sanskrit for essential and these flared pants certainly fit that description.

Available in over ten colors, including classic black, these leggings are most certainly perfect for just about everything.

They are obviously ideal for yoga thanks to the high stretch fabric but are easily dressed up to provide all-day comfort for workwear or dress up even more for an elegant night out outfit.

These flared pants aren’t just for dressing up! Satina’s peach skin fabric is one of the softest materials available now, allowing you to relax at home in the highest possible standards of comfort.

Unlike other leggings that are often an inconvenient leg length, particularly with those of us with shorter legs, Satina’s flared pants are designed to be long enough to wear with heels, but the fabric can easily be cut to be your ideal length without the need for extensive tailoring.


  • High and wide waistband prevents sagging and ensures a streamlined silhouette. 
  • Long leg length is ideal for pairing these pants with heels or for those with longer legs.
  • Soft fabric that is cozy but not constrictive and perfect for yoga or day-to-day activity. 


  • Hand wash only which can seem inconvenient, but these pants are so good you’ll want to prolong their life as much as possible! 


It’s no secret that we don’t always use yoga pants for yoga, but these gorgeous pants are perfect for your favorite class.

Hiskywin are a sportswear brand that is focused on creating fashionable and high functioning.

From the durable moisture-wicking fabric that ensures breathability, to flatlock seams to reduce chafing and discomfort these leggings are the answer to yoga-legging troubles.


  • Freedom of movement guaranteed by intuitive four-way stretch material and non-transparent gusted crotch guarantees confidence even in the more extreme yoga flows
  • Pockets! A definite positive for any item of clothing and these pants are no exception. Exterior pockets are large enough for a phone and the inner pocket is ideal for keys.


  • Sizing runs smaller than is advertised on the size guide. 


These pants are the perfect middle ground between comfort and formal and if paired with the correct pieces they are a more than acceptable office outfit.

The pants are made with a flare at the cuffs for a sophisticated silhouette and multiple pockets large enough for a phone mean that fashion is by no means sacrificed for function.

Extensive size and measuring guides available from Yogipace guarantee the perfect fit.

Fabric is soft, breathable, and wrinkle-resistant for all-day freshness and comfort.

Moisture-wicking and anti-transparency properties, and four-way stretch technology make them perfect for the transition of relaxation to work.


  • Size range is wide and includes petit and tall sizes.
  • Dress pant styling from a faux fly and button at the waist and belt
  • loops mean that no one will know they’re actually yoga pants. 


  • Cold or hand wash to prevent the breakdown of the high spandex content to maximize their life.


Plus size clothing is no exception to the difficulties of yoga pants and some issues are magnified, particularly a rolling waistline.

These pants are designed with a wider waistband to guarantee prolonged comfort no matter the activity.

Danskin has been producing activewear for years and their expertise really shows through these pants. 

The fabric is thicker than others available which makes them appropriate for a wide range of pursuits, but it is still breathable for comfort during sports.


  • Easy to wash as they are machine-friendly.
  • High-quality fabric allows maximum stretch but remains chic. 


  • Waistband is tighter than expected according to some reviews which suggests that those with apple body types would not be as comfortable. 


These yoga pants are wider in the leg than others listed here which gives additional freedom of movement and graceful flare.

The multitude of styles or colors of fabric available also means that they are perfect for any number of activities.

The stretch fabric ensures comfort, and the fold-over waistband lets you get a custom fit with every wear – for a high waist tuck it in a little or fold down completely for the pants to sit at the hips.


  • Easy to wash as they are machine-friendly.
  • Fabric choice is incredibly soft for all-day comfort.


  • Waistband has been reported to be a little large for the size. 


For those struggling with pants that flap over the end of your foot, consider these pants from Heathyoga.

They are unique in offering yoga pants with inseam lengths marked out along the seam, meaning all you need to do is find your mark and trim to your ideal length.

With no need to hem these are surely the flawless solution to inseam woes.

Heathyoga specializes in yoga pants, so you know these are going to be perfect for class.

With its sweat-wicking and squat-proof design you’re sure to feel Zen during your workout but supported and stylish thanks to the high rise and streamlined pattern down the hips.


  • Pockets are functional and large enough for your wallet or phone.
  • Button closure means they will not sag or ride up during your workout.


  • Limited design options are available but who can go wrong with classic black?


Baleaf Sports is a company founded on the goal of reducing excessive consumption of clothes and delivering high-quality multifaceted sportswear. 

The company prides itself on sustainable practices and its support of non-profit organizations, allowing you to feel good that your purchase has put some good back into the world.

These leggings are designed with a wide and high waistband to provide support without digging into your torso and producing uncomfortable or unflattering bulges.

This sturdy waistband means that these leggings are also suitable for sports other than yoga – including running – and the moisture-wicking fabric ensures comfort in any activity.


  • Long inseam guarantees a good fit for those with shorter legs.
  • Pockets! Pockets at the back and inside pockets are perfect for essentials.


  • Color alternatives are not wide-ranging. 


If Capri or cropped length yoga pants are your preference, look no further than this bootcut offering from Aftine.

Aftine design with yoga in mind so you can be assured these pants will fulfill any yogi’s needs.

The unique bootcut style removes any restriction of movement but flares out at the right place for a slender and streamlined silhouette.

These pants are also designed with an incredibly supportive high waist for maximum elegance of figure.

As they are designed for yoga, the fabric is made with four-way stretch technology for the perfect amount of compression and is non-see-through – these pants certainly pass the squat test!

The lined gusseted crotch gives additional support and prevents sagging no matter the intensity of the workout.


  • Flatlock stitching and ergonomic design mean that these pants cause no irritation or chafing.
  • Pockets at the waistband are large enough for your cards and keys while the rear pocket has been designed with modern smartphone dimensions in mind.


  • Length of the inseam means that they may not sit right on those with longer legs. 


These yoga pants are bound to be the answer to yoga outfit envy! If loud, statement pieces are more your style than classic black, these are the pants for you.

With moisture-wicking properties, four-way stretch technology, and anti-transparency protection, these yoga pants will sit like a second skin against your body.

The high-quality fabric makes these pants ideal for casual wear outside of the studio.

The pants are designed with additional pockets with reinforced hems to improve durability without looking bulky.

The pants also come with high-rise support and are designed with streamlined hips which creates a flattering silhouette.


  • Striking pattern guaranteed to grab the best kind of attention.
  • Non-fraying fabric for easy hemming if the inseam is too long.
  • Supportive tummy control and high waistline to prevent sagging.


  • Sizing running a little large has been noted by some reviewers.


If you want to plunge straight into a vintage à la mode vibe these yoga pants are for you!

With a bell-bottom comes a more dramatic leg flare than other flared pants, giving unbeatable freedom of movement and 70s boho-chic vibes.

These pants have a universally flattering high waist and a good amount of stretch for the highest levels of comfort without sacrificing style. 

The fabric is light and so perfect for summer evenings, but the anti-transparency design ensures you’ll always be comfortable.


  • So many styles available for any yoga class or any other occasion.
  • Size range is wide-ranging. 


  • No pockets.

Best Flare Yoga Pants Buying Guide


Activewear, yoga pants included, does stretch over time but it is a good idea to avoid going up a size in anticipation.

Purchasing a larger size will prevent the waistband of the pants from sitting flat against your torso and dramatically reduce the support available. 

10 Best Flare Yoga Pants

Purchasing a smaller size would cause the waistband to cut into your torso, causing discomfort and the dreaded muffin top so purchasing your correct size is always important.

Look out for pants with a drawstring waist for additional and long-lasting support and make use of size guides to ensure that the fit will be perfect. 


There are several things that can be done to prolong the life of your favorite yoga pants.

Firstly, opt for a cold wash cycle. Not only will you be doing your part for the environment, but you will also be protecting your pants from the enemy of all synthetics – hot water.

Reducing the amount of detergent your pants are washed in will also be good for their longevity and you only need enough to get the dirt off.

Fabric softener can act like detergent and break down the fabric and hamper any moisture-wicking properties your pants have so avoid this too.

Sweaty Betty recommends that you only wash your pants when you need to. Done a 30-minute sweaty yoga class? Wash them. Taking it easy at home?

Walk away from the laundry basket and put them back in their drawer. This way the pants aren’t worn out quickly by washes, but any bacteria doesn’t have a chance to brew after a workout. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Difference Between Workout Leggings And Yoga Pants?

The short answer here is yes. Workout leggings are designed to compress the muscles to provide support whereas yoga pants are softer and thinner to facilitate deeper stretches.

With this in mind, it is best to spend your money on a pair of pants that were designed for the purpose you’ll use them.

For yoga, look out for moisture-wicking and breathable qualities in pants to maximize the benefits of a good yoga session. 

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