10 Best High Waisted Yoga Pants

We’re in a time where exercise and workouts can be done in the gym, at classes, or at home and the need for yoga pants is on the rise, especially high-waisted yoga pants.

Let’s say you’ve hit the gym and you’ve got on your new yoga pants and full workout gear to start your day off in the right direction.

You’re excited and raring to go, but you arrive and realize less than ten minutes into your yoga class that the waistband of your yoga pants is slipping down all the time and it’s becoming a nuisance. 

This is where high-waisted yoga pants would’ve come in real handy right now to prevent this mishap.

Who is going to be able to concentrate on yoga poses and stretches when their yoga pants are dangerously trying to expose you to the class every five minutes.

So, you need a pair of high-waisted yoga pants pronto and you’ve come here to track them down!

Don’t worry any further as we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to with this perfect guide to the best high-waisted yoga pants available! 

Yoga pants aren’t just for those gym workouts too, there’s nothing worse than dressing comfortably for work to make your day that little bit less strenuous, and you find once you’ve sat down.

The waistband of your yoga pants is on a mission to keep rolling down no matter what you do to keep them up. 

You start asking yourself, “Where did I go wrong to be betrayed by my favorite pants?” and are left without an answer. Settle in and our guide will solve these problems hands down.


These supersoft body forming yoga pants accommodate a diverse range of body shapes and sizes to provide the most comfort with the best functioning waistband to keep you snug and secure day and night. They come in three different sizes ranging from, S-L, XL-3XL, and 4XL-6XL,

The brand guarantees that even if you have bigger thighs or a petite figure, the sizing is not a worry and will fit your shapes and curves in a flattering and comfortable way. 

These high-waisted yoga pants could put you through the wars and what you’re imagining is nothing compared to the secure fit they can give you.

They’re made from super soft and opaque materials, 92% polyester and 8% elastane to be exact.

The buttery soft fabric is non-fade and fully breathable to allow moisture to absorb whilst remaining like a second skin to your unique body shape.

They work with your every move to provide support without any restrictions so you can squat, jump, run, bend and twist without a care in the world.


  • Wide Range of Colors - Color choices to suit everyone
  • Super-Inclusive Stretch - Available in most sizing options
  • Secure Material - No see-through problems!


  • Hand Wash Only - Bit more effort for a long-lasting item


What’s better than a pair of high-waisted yoga pants that are designed for the most strenuous sports and running?

A pair of high-waisted yoga pants that have built-in pockets! The UIGA yoga pants combine style, comfort, and performance to provide high-quality activewear pants that are ideal for fitness and workout enthusiasts and sports as they’re comfortable, accessible, and functional

To support your sports needs and body shaping requirements. These high-waisted yoga pants operate between fashion and function so that you are pleased with every aspect of your yoga pants.

They’re made from 77% polyester and 23% elastane to provide maximum movement and have a wide high-rise waistband with tummy control and a hidden pocket that are perfect for active women on the go.

The four-way stretch material promotes both compression and support and in addition, there is an added gusset to provide free movement.

The seams are interlocked to minimize rubbing and chafing, making these the perfect yoga pants for sports enthusiasts.


  • Available in Diverse Size Range - Accurate sizing range
  • Extra seams - To prevent chafing and rubbing
  • Wide High Waist Waistband - To secure fit around the tummy
  • Pockets - Side and back pocket for phone and keys etc


  • Possibly Too Big - Maybe size down in comparison to other brands


These high-waisted yoga pants feature a bootcut style that is designed to fit all shapes and body sizes.

They taper at the ankle to show off the legs in a subtle way providing an extra fashion element to them without disrupting the purpose and function for workouts and sports.

They’re made of the highest quality materials and have an Ultrasoft 4-way stretch technology that provides non-see-through yoga pants with breathable fabric to keep you dry and comfortable during any workout.


  • Waistband Pockets - On the inner waistband
  • High Waisted Tummy-Control - Streamlines hip cutting seams to support waistband 
  • Wide Range of Colors - Color choice for everyone
  • Gusset Crotch - To maximize movements throughout the day


  • Flared Leg May Get in the Way - Depending on the workout 


These gym yoga pants are the most ideal high-waisted yoga pants for running as the seamless fit is like a second skin to minimize friction and rubbing so your running experience is comfortable and enjoyable.

Eono has developed a super stretch polyamide and nylon weave that is lightweight and easy to put on as well as featuring a stylized design on the thigh and calf of the yoga pants to allow your legs to breathe well during jogs and runs.


  • Available in Many Color Ways - Multiple choices available to suit your style
  • Design on Legs for Breathability - Ultimate comfort during workouts
  • Size-Inclusive - True to size


  • May Not be Suitable For Winter - Due to design on legs


The Yaavii Women’s yoga pants are power stretch seamless leggings made from professional sports enhancing materials that promote both compression and support.

They have a good tummy control design through the high-waisted waistband that tightens around the stomach but won’t leave you feeling suffocated and uncomfortable, and they’re made to fit all body types and shapes.

So you can search in confidence for your perfect pair of high-waisted yoga pants, and they’re available in 8 color choices to suit your style!


  • Seamless Yoga Pants - Designed to pull on easily
  • Gusset Crotch - To maximize free movements and comfort
  • Size-Inclusive - True to size 


  • Possible Skin Irritation - Always check if you have any allergies to certain materials


Yuerlians sports leggings are made from lightweight fabrics with a 4-way stretch design that enhances mobility in multiple directions.

So, men, there are high-waisted yoga pants out there for you to support your sports and workout routine.

Whether you’re wanting to wear them on their own or under something else in winter, you can be reassured they will fit comfortably!


  • Flat Lock Seams - Provides zero irritation against the skin
  • Moisture absorbent - Draws sweat away from delicate skin
  • Wide Range of Colors - To suit your preferences and style


  • Tight Fit - To provide extra support and comfort throughout the day


These JOYSPELS women’s high-waisted printed yoga pants have a high resolution printed pattern with full color that is guaranteed to not fade in the wash!

Patterned yoga pants that don’t fade are rare to find and if you thought that this is the best quality of these yoga pants, then be surprised because they also have built-in pockets to let you release your hands during your exercise routine. 


  • Machine Washable - Without fade issues
  • Flexible 4-way Stretch - For ultimate comfort and flexibility 
  • High Waisted Belly Control - No rolling down issues


  • Limited Pattern Choices - However funky colors are available


The Promover Capri women’s high-waisted yoga pants are available in limitless color and pattern options to enable you to choose the pattern to suit your workout and style preferences!

The waistband is designed to provide a smooth fit that keeps you covered and secure as well as showing your future off to perfection.

They’re made from 75% polyamide and 25% elastane to give you the comfort and support you need.


  • Capri - Suitable for summer as well as winter conditions
  • Ultra Soft Nylon - Fabric materials designed for the body
  • Flexible And Breathable - Moisture absorbing materials
  • Side Pockets - Two pockets sewn into the pants


  • Cropped - They may not be suitable for winter conditions 


These GIMDUMASA high-waisted yoga pants have two outside pockets and one inner pocket to suit your needs, whatever you need to take with you to the gym

You can be assured that there’s a pocket in these yoga pants to suit you whilst maintaining ultimate comfort for a flattering appearance. 

They’re also designed with a wider waistband to control rolling down issues with waistbands whilst maintaining good blood circulation throughout.


  • Pockets - Multiple pockets for phones, keys, wallets, and cash
  • Highest Quality Materials - Opaque fabrics for softest yoga pants yet
  • Flexible Stretch Control - To get you through any movements


  • Waistband Maybe Slightly Loose - Fixed by sizing down


The PUMA women’s ¾ active yoga pants are guaranteed to keep you dry during even the most intense workouts, they have been developed using dryCELL technology to produce premium activewear and ensure moisture is transferred from the skin to the outer layer of the yoga pants.

Extremely suitable in summer as they’re high-waisted and cut off to the calf to enable extra breathability during the hot summer months.


  • High Waistband - For flattering and athletic silhouette
  • True to Size - Sizing chart is easy to follow
  • Stylish - Puma logo adds to the overall appearance


  • Reduced Color Options - Only black is available

Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide


Questions to ask yourself when searching for the best pair of high-waisted yoga pants for you are based on the fit, softness of the material, and function.

How dry do the yoga pants keep your legs and waist?How soft is the material against your skin? Does the material hold up well without sliding down easily? 

If you answer these well and you’re happy without the results then you may have found the best high-waisted yoga pants for you and your body type.

If not, then keep looking, and don’t settle for any less than what you need!

The Overall Fit

Are you finding that the yoga pants you’ve chosen live up to their purpose and fit snug but not too tight that you can’t breathe or function well?

Then that’s what you want, if not consider a different option, because they should fit well and stay up well without cutting into your blood circulation.

If they’re the right size but this is an issue then it’s not you, it’s the yoga pants, consider sizing up for the extra comfort and ease of mind.


What you need in a good pair of high-waisted yoga pants is a durable pant that stands up against the elements in your everyday life and your workout life.

They should be moisture absorbing as well as resistant against strong winds and rainy downpours, your skin should feel warm in cold weather and cool and secure in scorching weather if you choose to use them during summer.

The inner leg seams especially should hold up during most exercises without any ripping or tearing involved, try them out during strenuous activity to test this out to ensure you’ve got the right pair of high-waisted yoga pants for your body type.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are High-waisted Yoga Pants Good For You?

The wide section of the yoga pants is meant to rest on the tummy area and prevent any slipping or rolling down throughout the day depending on how much you move around.

They’re meant to be secure and fit as well as enhance our waist in a comfortable way.

What’s The Difference Between Leggings And Yoga Pants?

There are a few differences, but yoga pants tend to be on the thicker side and are designed for strenuous activities and workouts such as high-intensity sports, they also support your body and muscles to keep you safe and secure.

Whereas leggings are on the thinner side and are more for fashion functions than sports functions.

What Makes High-waisted Gym Leggings So Comfortable?

Yoga pants are designed to be moisture absorbent and to support running and other workouts, they’re meant to be durable enough to test against any sport and the high waist is designed to keep you comfortable as the compression of the pants are snug.

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