10 Best Loose Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are no longer exclusively used for engaging in yoga. Rather, it has become normal to wear them everywhere, including the shop, the office, or just around the house, and it’s not hard to see why! 

Yoga pants are an incredibly comfortable item of clothing. They let you move freely, prevent you from overheating, and can also keep you fairly warm. Additionally, thanks to their ever-increasing popularity, there is now a huge range of designs that give you that effortless, laid-back, look. 

However, you might have noticed that most yoga pants are incredibly tight-fitted. Sometimes, even trying a pair on can feel like a workout in itself. They can also be quite unforgiving, or even uncomfortable if you’re not a fan of showing off that much of your legs. 

Though, that’s not to say that you can’t hop on the yoga pants trend. In fact, there is a huge range of loose yoga pants that are still fashionable, super comfortable, and ideal for working out. Check out our ten favorite pairs of loose yoga pants below!


If you’re looking for a cozy, but still somehow lightweight, pair of yoga pants, look no further than the Champion Women’s Fleece Open Bottom Pant. 

Their straight-leg style is ideal for those looking for a looser pair of yoga pants that aren’t too bulky. Yoga involves a lot of stretching and unique poses, which can be made difficult by a skin-tight pair of leggings with no drawstring to hold them up. 

These Champion pants definitely won’t pose that problem, as they give you room to move whilst also providing security via their drawstring waist. Straight leg styles are also great if you’re after that laid-back cool look, and will be sure to subtly set you apart from others within the yoga class. 

Though, rather than just a stylish option, these loose yoga pants definitely don’t compromise on comfort. Made from fleece material, these yoga pants are perfect for those early-morning yoga sessions, sure to keep you warm and comfortable not only during your yoga sessions but traveling to and from them as well. 


  • Fleece - provide warmth and comfort. 
  • Lightweight - great for movement. 
  • Drawstring waist - provide security when exercising. 
  • Open bottom - stylish and comfortable.


Fleece - might be too warm for hot summer months.


Fruit of the Loom Men’s Open Bottom Sweatpants

For those of you who are looking for a very loose, almost baggy, pair of yoga pants that will still allow you to move freely, Fruit of the Loom’s Open Bottom Sweatpants are ideal. Despite technically being in the men’s section, we recommend them for both men and women. 

The fleece material of these sweatpants hits the sweet spot, as they are of a mid-ground thickness which provides enough warmth to be comfortable, but not too much as to just be suitable in the winter months. 

Thanks to the loose nature of these all the way down the leg, they are a perfect pair of yoga pants for people who hate the feeling of clinging pants whilst they exercise. Their extra room allows for movement and stretching, and the hidden drawstring waist means they definitely won’t fall down during downward dog. 


  • Loose - great for movement. 
  • Fleece (medium thickness) - good for comfort and warmth all year. 
  • Hidden drawstring - provides security whilst exercising.


  • Shrinkage - may shrink slightly in the wash. 


Danskin Women’s Drawcord Athletic Pant

If you’re struggling to find a pair of yoga pants that comfortably suit your body shape, and don’t cling or gape in all the wrong places, Danskin’s Athletic Pant might work perfectly for you. 

Their relaxed straight leg style is particularly great for people with larger thighs, as the material skims over this area comfortably. Furthermore, the ribbed, drawstring waistband is built to suit many shapes and will ensure these sweatpants don’t slip down at all. 

They also come with slanted side pockets, which manage to be super handy but not at all bulky, thanks to their shape. 

They are made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, which make them comfortable and of good quality, but also flexible enough to be able to do all those awkward yoga poses. 


  • Straight leg - ideal for larger thighs. 
  • Drawstring waist - provides security whilst exercising. 
  • Side pockets - useful without being bulky. 
  • 95% cotton 5% spandex - provide quality, comfort, and flexibility.


  • Length - not ideal for taller people. 


Though skin-tight yoga pants can be a real pain, they do have the upside of generally being great for sweaty yoga sessions. Trying to find a pair of looser yoga pants that will keep you both warm and dry can be tricky. However, Russell Athletic’s Dri-Power Sweatpants happen to be just what you’re looking for. 

These sweatpants are made from a medium-weight fleece that keeps your body heat. However, thanks to their Dri-Power moisture-wicking technology, you will remain completely dry throughout your yoga session! 

Despite being men’s trousers, we think they are ideal for women too. They provide extra room around the legs, which enables greater movement. However, thanks to the drawstring waist and closed ankle design, they remain firmly in place, regardless of how much you have to contort your body into weird and wonderful yoga poses. 

For the fashion-conscious yoga-goers among you, these pants also come in a large range of colors. Whether you prefer the classic, sleek black look, or fancy a bright, bold red, Russel Athletic have you covered with these sweatpants! 


  • Dri-Power technology - keep you dry whilst you exercise. 
  • Medium-weight fleece - provide warmth without being too bulky. 
  • Drawstring waist and closed bottom - remain firmly in place whilst exercising. 
  • Colour - variety of colors available.


  • Pockets - some versions don’t have pockets. 


Finding a suitable pair of loose yoga pants as a plus-size or tall person can be a frustrating plight. However, Champion’s Curvy Fit Yoga Pant has proven to be a great choice for many plus-size and tall women. 

These yoga pants manage to hug curves in a flattering way and skim over any lumps and bumps that you’d rather keep hidden. They come in three different lengths, which we’re sure is music to the ears of any particularly tall woman looking for semi-fitted yoga pants. Their ‘long’ style has an inseam of 34 inches, which is generally great for women around the 6ft mark. 

These pants also have a Pull On closure, so they should remain in place for the entirety of your workout, and, thanks to the 12% spandex within the material, they are also great for flexibility and movement. There is a hidden pocket within the waistband too, so you can keep your valuables on you at all times.

They also come with Duo Dry technology, meaning they dry particularly fast, ensuring that you don’t overheat or have awful sweat patches at the end of a hot yoga session. 


  • Curvy fit - flatters curvy women. 
  • Three different length options - great for all heights, especially taller women. 
  • Duo Dry technology - keeps you cool and dry. 
  • 12 % spandex - provide great flexibility when exercising. 
  • Hidden pocket - useful without compromising the sleek look.


  • Semi-slim fit - may be too figure-hugging for some. 


Full-length yoga pants can sometimes feel a bit uncomfortable or restrictive, especially during the hot summer months. If you’re looking for a pair of loose yoga capris, be sure to check out Champion’s Jersey Capris! 

The jersey material is super lightweight and as soft as your well-worn favorite t-shirt. These are perfect for those of you who enjoy some warm, outdoor yoga sessions, as they are very airy, lightweight, and flexible. 

Constantly buying new workout clothing when you lose or put on weight is a very frustrating (and costly) experience. However, in these pants the drawstring waist is particularly giving, meaning that you likely won’t have to buy a new pair as your body changes! 


  • Short length - perfect for working out in summer. 
  • Jersey material - lightweight and flexible. 
  • Giving drawstring-waist - provide security whilst exercising and will adapt to body changes.


  • No pockets - can be annoying for some.


There is no loose pant more appropriate for yoga than the harem pant. Hoerev’s Harem Yoga Pants are an ideal choice for those of you hoping for very airy and freeing workout pants. 

These are made from incredibly soft fabric which is very forgiving. They are also incredibly light and breezy, which makes them ideal for a slow, refreshing yoga session. The waist and ankles are tightly fitted, so you don’t need to worry about these pants falling down whilst you exercise. 

They come in a huge range of sizes, from X-S to XXX-L. Reviewers have also loved the length of these, claiming they are very suitable for both tall and short women, due to the cuffed ankle style. 

Finally, there is a huge range of colors available. From blacks and greys to bright greens, blues, reds, and purples, there is truly an option for everyone. 


  • Soft fabric - provides comfort and the ability to move freely. 
  • Tight waistband and ankle cuff - provide security when exercising. 
  • Size range - great number of sizes available. 
  • Color - great range available.


  • Thin - likely to show sweat patches during intense exercise. 


These high-waisted, flared yoga pants are perfect for people looking for a super flattering workout outfit. 

The high-waisted design holds in the stomach and makes them unlikely to budge whilst you exercise. They also create a flattering silhouette, by comfortably highlighting the waist and skimming over any unwanted lumps and bumps. 

The material is stretchy and breathable, thanks to the innovative 87% Nylon and 13% Spandex fabric blend. These are perfect for yoga sessions, whether they are slow or of the hot variety, as they let you move freely and keep you cool. 

There are four different lengths to choose from, ranging from 28” to 34”, making these perfect flared yoga pants for pretty much any woman! They also come with pockets that will comfortably hold any phone up to 6.5”. 


  • High-waisted design - really flattering and provides security whilst exercising.
  • 87% Nylon 13% Spandex - keeps you cool and enables free movement. 
  • Length - four different lengths available. 
  • Pockets - will hold most phones comfortably. 


  • High-waisted design - might be too figure-hugging for some.


BALEAF Women’s Cotton Sweatpants

If you’re looking for an alternative to yoga leggings, but don’t want anything too thick or bulky, BALEAF’s Cotton Sweatpants might just be perfect. 

Made with 88% cotton and 12% spandex, these pants are of great quality and will stretch the necessary amount during a good yoga session. Thanks to the quality of the fabric, they are low-friction, smooth and comfortable. 

These pants should also keep you at a comfortable temperature and dry. The material is also quite breathable, so won’t overwhelm you when you are doing a more intense session. 

The elastic waistband with an adjustable drawstring ensures that they won’t slip down at all, making them perfect for exercise like yoga. The tapered ankle can also be worn long or pushed upwards to create more slouchy three-quarter length pants. 

They have large side pockets and a back pocket for convenience, and come in a huge variety of colors!


  • 88% cotton 12% fabric blend - provides the right amount of stretch. 
  • Breathable material - keeps you cool and dry. 
  • Elastic waistband - provides security whilst exercising. 
  • Tapered ankle - can be worn multiple ways. 
  • Pockets - multiple places to put belongings. 
  • Colors - come in a huge variety of colors.


  • Length - might not be ideal for taller people


The worst-case scenario when buying yoga pants is to purchase a pair and wear them out, only to later realize that when you slightly bend, they are completely see-through! However, we can assure you that IUGA’s Bootcut Yoga Pants definitely won’t cause you this stress. 

The high-waisted design makes them a super flattering option for many shapes and sizes, and also helps them stay up during intense exercise. The 25% Spandex fabric blend means that they are also really stretchy and forgiving. 

These yoga pants also boast four pockets! The two at the front are particularly deep and useful to keep your phone in. The two back pockets are ideal to secure a house key or some cash when you pop out to the shop. 

Finally, because of the thickness and quality of the material, these yoga pants aren’t just perfect for yoga or other forms of exercise, but can actually make for a very comfortable pair of work trousers! 


  • 25% spandex - very stretchy and comfortable. 
  • Four pockets - lots of room to hold belongings. 
  • Thickness - make them versatile and not see-through.
  • High-waisted design - super flattering for multiple shapes and sizes. 


  • Colors - not many color options available. 

Best Loose Yoga Pants Buying Guide

To help you find the perfect loose-fitting yoga pants, we suggest you consider some of the points below. 

10 Best Loose Yoga Pants


Before buying a pair of yoga pants, consider when you will likely be wearing them. Will you need them most in the winter months? Will you be using them mainly in the heat?

Will you just be wearing them around the house, or would you like to be able to wear them to work? 

All of these things need to be considered, in order to make sure you find yoga pants made from appropriate material. If you’re planning on wearing them just around the house, then it doesn’t matter so much if they are thin or see-through.

However, if you are hoping to wear them to work, you will need to look for yoga pants made from a more substantial material. 

Likewise, if you plan on wearing the pants in the summer months, then you’ll need a lightweight, airy pair of yoga pants. On the other hand, if you want them to keep you warm throughout the winter, you’ll need to look for a fleece-lined pair. 

Fit and Rise 

Loose-fitting yoga pants come in all different fits and rises. Before committing to buying a pair, you should consider which fit and rise you are most comfortable in.

If you generally wear high-waisted designs, then opt for high-waisted yoga pants! If you prefer designs that are baggier around the bum and thigh area, look for a wide-leg pair. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How tight should yoga pants fit? 

Yoga pants are often quite fitted. However, if fitted styles aren’t comfortable for you, then opt for a looser pair. 

Generally, all that matters is that you can engage in your chosen exercise safely, securely, and comfortably.

For yoga, the freedom to move and stretch is necessary, so if you decide to opt for a loose pair of yoga pants, just make sure that you will be able to move freely, and that there is some stretch to the fabric. 

Final thoughts

Whether you’re planning to wear your new, loose-fitting yoga pants to exercise, or even just to lounge around the house, it’s important that you find a pair that are comfortable and well suited to you and your shape.

We hope that this list, and our handy buyer’s guide, helps you find your perfect match! 

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