10 Best Lululemon Yoga Pants

Finding the perfect yoga pants can be extremely challenging, especially when there are so many brands out there that it can feel overwhelming constantly looking through countless websites, reviews, and products.

Gym leggings are too tight and hard-wearing for the soft practices of yoga, so you need some designated pants that allow you to move freely with the utmost flexibility. 

Beginning your search for yoga pants can be tough, where lots of designs, colors, materials, fits, and styles are instantly thrown your way.

So, where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve curated a list of yoga pants from Lululemon, which have a section designated to yoga pants, so you can explore a variety of options and decide which pants are the right fit for you. 

Lululemon has a variety of styles of yoga pants ranging from fitted, wide-legged, and capri pants, all in a range of colors for you to choose from.

Lululemon proudly displays that they use Nulu fabric in their yoga pants, having received such high demand for materials that feel as though you are wearing nothing.

Developed as part of their Naked Sensation, Nulu fabric makes Lululemon’s yoga pants the softest, most comfortable yoga pants that you won’t even realize you are wearing!

This list will open your eyes to the world of yoga pants, different designs and materials, and shapes that will help you figure out what catches your eye the most. 


Lululemon Align High-Rise Pant with Pockets 28

Lululemon’s high-rise pants are specifically designed for yoga and low-impact workouts. Unlike pants designed for running or gym-goers, these yoga pants are tight-fitting but with a soft, weightless material that allows you to move freely and not feel uncomfortable or restrained. 

These pants are extremely practical as they have hidden side and back pockets that aren’t obvious or in the way, meaning you can safely look after your belongings without them being in the way. 

The high-rise waist sits perfectly on the body and provides you with a flattering shape, oozing confidence at the seams.

Customers in the reviews praise how the pants do not squeeze or tighten around the middle, and how comfortable and soft the fabric is. These pants come in merlot, copper, or black, and in sizes 0-14. 


  • High-rise waist
  • Pockets to safely look after belongings
  • Soft, weightless material that provides comfort


  • The pants only come in three colors, not allowing much freedom of choice 


Lululemon Align Scalloped Hem High-Rise Crop 23”

These scalloped hem high-rise crop yoga pants come in six color choices and in sizes 0-14, making them extremely accessible to a wide range of customers.

The scalloped hem is a beautiful detail that sets these pants apart from the usual styles, adding a subtle touch of style to an already gorgeous set of yoga pants. 

Also made from Nulu fabric, these yoga pants have the same weightless quality as the first set, and the high-rise waist provides flexibility for any movement. 

Customers rave about the prettiness of the scalloped hem, adding a cute twist to the usual yoga pant style. Lululemon fits are very true to size and give details of the model who is wearing the pants online.

As they are capri pants, the fit will be shorter than usual but you can explore this in the measurements on their website. 


  • The scalloped hem gives them a pretty detail
  • A larger variety of colors
  • High-wasted fit 
  • Nulu fabric


  • The scalloped hem is made from another material which may affect the fit of the pants on the customer


Lululemon Align Super-High-Rise Wide Leg Crop 23”

These Capri super-high-rise wide-leg crop yoga pants are designed for yoga and are made with Nulu fabric. The pants are fitted around the waist and have a wide-legged fit which is perfect for freedom of movement.

The pants come in sizes ranging from 0-20 and come in three block colors of cacao, navy, black, and aqueous emboss black. Lots of people have praised the versatility of these pants in the reviews. 


  • Wide-legged fit
  • Comes in three neutral colors and a patterned color choice
  • Perfect for casual wear as well as for yoga


  • Wide-legged fit differs on everyone


The High-Rise Jogger Crop yoga pants are perfect for the freedom to move between yoga poses without feeling tied into tight-fitting yoga pants.

Unlike the usual jogging pants, Lululemon’s jogger yoga pants are also made with Nulu fabric for a lightweight fit as opposed to the heaviness and non-stretch jogging pants. 

Varying in sizes between 0-20, these yoga pants come in eight different colors, some of which have subtle patterns that you are still able to pair with any other clothing.

The heritage 365 camo deep coal multi and diamond dye pitch gray graphite gray have patterns so that you can bring elements of fun into your workout look without having anything to match. 

The slim fit of these yoga pants allows you to work out without worrying about the pants being in your way, as they provide shape to your body without being tight-fitting, which is perfect for those looking for something between a tight and baggy fit. 


  • Slim fit doesn’t interfere with your workouts
  • Eight color choices including some subtle patterns 
  • Nulu fabric provides a weightless yoga pant


  • Capri pant fit, people may prefer a jogger pant fit as full-length 


Lululemon Align High-Rise Crop 21”

These pants are designed specifically for yoga with their soft Nulu fabric, and customer reviews praise these leggings for fitting true to size to avoid having to buy multiple pairs to compare. 

Coming in a whopping nineteen different colors to choose from, these yoga pants range from bright pink and yellow to lilac and pale blue.

They come in sizes ranging from 0-20 and three different lengths which are shown in photos for you to compare. They come in 17”, which is the shortest length, 21”, and 23”. 

The pants have a hidden waistband pocket that is safer than side pockets and provides clear washing instructions to ensure you maintain the quality of your yoga pants.

Reviewers praise these pants as being the perfect leggings for shorter people, but they are shown on a 5 7” model for people to reference themselves on. 


  • High-rise fit
  • Nulu fabric
  • Hidden waistband pocket
  • Designed for yoga
  • 19 color choices


  • The different lengths may be difficult to differentiate between without trying on 


Groove Super-High-Rise Flared Pant Nulu

Made with weightless and super soft Nulu fabric, these flared yoga pants provide four-way stretch to their full-length pants. In sizes 0-20, these yoga pants are perfect for complete comfort in your workout, with the high waistband providing secure support while the flares add a stylish retro element to your look. 

A selection of fashionable neutrals, black, navy, merlot, and olive provide soothing tones to calm your mind, body, and soul in your relaxing yoga workout. If it’s just lounging you fancy doing in these pants, they’re perfect for that too! 

The 5 9” model wears a size 12 that reaches past her ankles, therefore, some people may find these pants too long. But not to worry, Lululemon offers a free hemming service so you never have to miss out on your favorite looks!


  • Full-length fit
  • Flared bottoms add a stylish retro look
  • Nulu fabric
  • Hidden waistband pocket


  • Too long on some people on the first fitting 


Wide-Leg High Rise Crop 19”

Wide-leg yoga pants are a fan favorite for their freedom of movement, and these pants do not differ.

They are made from cupro, which is a naturally breathable fabric, meaning that you never have to worry about feeling stuffy or uncomfortable. 

The more relaxed fit provides maximum comfort, and the front seam adds a touch of elegance to the pants as it resembles a wrap skirt.

Customer reviews state that the pants have no shape which is the whole point of them, they do not rest on your hips or stomach for those who desire a looser fitting pants. 

There is a drop-in pocket at the back of the pants which can be used to carry your valuables, not interfering with the look of the pants at all. They are designed for yoga practice, but can most definitely double up as loungewear too.


  • Wide-leg fit allows flexibility and movement
  • Drop-in pocket at the back
  • Made from cupro, a naturally breathable fabric
  • Looser fit doesn’t cling to the body


  • Maybe too baggy on some people, smaller sizes may be required for a more fitted look 


Instill High-Rise Tight 25” 

In Auric Gold, these Instill High-Rise Tight yoga pants have a royal flare of comfort about them. Made from SmoothCover fabric, these pants are soft and smooth in their four-way stretch and gorgeous fit. 

Customer reviews state that these pants are soft and comfortable, but with added compression to really enhance your movements and feel secure in your workout.

The tight fit is designed to not have to constantly adjust yourself during your workout, giving you more time to dedicate to improving your practice. 

These pants are high-waisted and full length, providing you with maximum coverage and movement, feeling as though you aren’t wearing leggings at all.  


  • Four-way stretch
  • Made from SmoothCover fabric
  • High-waisted fit
  • Soft and comfortable with added compression


  • The tightness may impact some flexibility
  • Compression may affect  comfort


Nulu and Mesh Mid-Rise Yoga Crop 23”

These crop yoga pants are designed with mesh panels to enhance the breathability of the material with a super cute subtle baby blue leopard print on the front panels. These pants are designed to be worn during yoga practice and come in sizes ranging between 2-14.

The pants are mid-rise, which prevents any risk of the waistband rolling down and having to adjust mid-workout, and the higher band at the back of the pants ensures a secure fit.

The slim fit ensures that no material will get in the way during your workout, and the softness of the Nulu fabric ensures that you won’t even realize you have them on. 

In sizes 2-14, these yoga pants are very true to size and are ideal for people who sweat a lot as the breathable panels reduce any discomfort and provide much-needed ventilation.

The added lycra into the pants ensures that these leggings sit perfectly on your body without any discomfort, allowing you to work out to the max.


  • Mesh panels enhance breathability
  • Mid-rise prevents waistband rolling
  • A higher waistband at the back means no need for adjustments mid-workout


  • One color and length, may not be suitable for everyone


Lululemon Align High-Rise Pant 25”

These full-length yoga pants are designed especially for yoga and include a gorgeous ruched detail for a stylish enhancement on traditional yoga pants.

The high-rise waistband provides compression for your confidence and allows you to perfectly hit all yoga poses as you freely move in these flattering yoga pants. 

The ruching details give a little extra flair to these yoga pants as ruching is extremely flattering and the details on the lower leg are delicately placed for you to admire during a variety of poses.

Made from Nulu fabric, these pants are extremely lightweight and breathable, and give you full flexibility in your movements, 

The high waistband provides compression on your stomach so you can engage your core muscles and feel confident and comfortable during your workout, with no need for any adjusting whatsoever. 


  • Ruching provides a stylish flair to the pants
  • Made from Nulu fabric which is extremely soft and breathable
  • High-rise waistband


  • Only one color and size

Best Lululemon Yoga Pants Buyer’s Guide

Before purchasing your perfect pair of yoga pants, here are some of the features to look out for. 

10 Best Lululemon Yoga Pants


The fabric you choose for your yoga pants is extremely important as you want a soft fabric that doesn’t interfere with your workout.

Lululemon make the majority of their yoga pants from Nulu fabric which is lightweight and soft so that you can always feel confident and comfortable. 

Yoga pants made from the same material as gym pants may make you feel restrained and uncomfortable, so a softer fabric may make it easier for you to move. 


The style of your yoga pants is completely up to you as there are a variety of different styles to choose from. If you would rather a tighter fit, there are a wide range of options available as you can choose from different hems and styles.

 There is also the option to choose wide leg pants as you may feel less restrained and more relaxed. 

Lululemon has the option of choosing a jogging pants style of yoga pants that fit between a tighter and looser fit. You are also able to wear these yoga pants outside of yoga practice so you can feel comfortable and confident outside of class. 


The yoga pants come in a variety of colors ranging from bright colors, neon, neutrals, patterns, or darker colors.

Some of the pants come in different colors so you may not be able to get certain pants in specific colors as a lot of the brighter colors are only for certain styles, but neutral and darker colors tend to be available in most sizes. 


There is the option with certain pants to make them more individual as some styles include details such as ruching or scalloped hems.

Although these details do not interfere with the practicality of the pants, they can make them more flattering and attractive so that you can feel confident and beautiful in your yoga pants. 


It is handy to have some practical elements to your yoga pants such as hidden pockets so that you can keep your belongings safe. This means that you can have your hands free whilst still carrying what you need.

It is also a good idea to take the waistband into account and decide between high or low rise so that you don’t have to keep adjusting yourself during a workout. 


Overall, yoga pants are a great investment to make if you are keen on practicing yoga. The soft fabric is designed so that you can feel comfortable during your workout and feel confident and relaxed.

The hard-wearing fabric of gym pants can hinder your yoga movements so investing in soft and lightweight yoga pants will help you practice easier. 

It is also good to find yoga pants that are made from breathable fabric so that you can feel fresh and comfortable, so yoga pants can make your low-impact workout a lot more comfortable.

If you are looking for loose-fitting pants that are still breathable, then yoga pants will definitely be a good choice for you. 

You can make your yoga pants as an individual or as generic as you wish, so they are a great purchase to make as you can have a variety of little details on your pants to make them more flattering and stylish.

You can choose your yoga pants based solely on what you want, what works best for you, and most importantly, what you like!

Although there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the perfect pair of yoga pants for you, Luluemon has a designated yoga pants section that can answer all of your needs and questions so you can choose the perfect yoga pants for you. 

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