10 Best Nike Yoga Pants

There’s no better feeling than getting your hands on the perfect workout gear for your body, right?

The outfit is aesthetically pleasing, and there’s a reason we wear them for 10% workouts and 90% coffee dates and loungewear.

So, what happens when the thigh seam area suddenly gives way on your favourite pair of yoga pants?

We hear it before we see it, anyone with thighs, or hips or you know what, a general body knows the emotional pain of the demise of that one non replaceable piece of clothing.

Nothing worse than it being the yoga pants too.

You’re in luck! We’ll dab those metaphorical tears away and move on to the better options available on the market right now. There’s something for everyone.

Scroll to find your perfect pair of Nike Yoga Pants, narrowing this down to 10 was almost painful, spoilt for choice is an understatement. 


If you’re wanting high-quality intense workout pants, Nike Women’s Victory Training Capris may be the perfect fit!

Their reliability and support for those extreme days at the gym are exactly what every woman needs.

The lightweight fabric provides extreme comfort without the usual see through problem that yoga pants struggle to hide, regardless of the choice of colour purchased.

The sweat protection is incredible in every colour choice as well as the pants providing a slim fitting, flattering fit for every body type.

They’re in the top 10 best sellers for sports and outdoor purchases across the market as well as maintaining a stylish fit, what more could you want?

Multiple colors are available as well as an inclusive size range which accommodates for smaller, and larger.


  • Investment – Pants are a worthy purchase in the long run 
  • Good Breathability – Mesh material on lower legs 
  • Wide Waistband – Elasticated and body fitting


  • Roll Down – Occasional rolling of waistband expected, however not inconvenient 


Nike Men’s Dri-Fit Therma Training Pants

You know that pair of workout pants that just top every other pair out there but seem impossible to find or don’t exist? Yeah, we’ve found them!

Not only are they inclusive on size and length for taller and shorter men, but where fit can be an issue for certain disabilities and restrictive movements, these pants are perfect.

They’re designed to be longer in length without dragging under the feet, as well as being able to hide your socks when sitting down in a wheelchair if needs be.

And guys, they’re roomy in the thigh without being too loose!


  • All year-round wear – Breathable in summer and thermal designed for winter 
  • Drawstring tie – comfortable enough not to dig in at the waist 
  • Pockets – No issues with keys or phone falling out 
  • Therma Fit Fabric – Retains body heat well


  • Pockets may be on the smaller side – However comfortable enough to make use of 


Finding that ideal combination of comfort and heat preservation isn’t always easy.

Sure, finding comfortable sweatpants and thermal sweatpants separately is a piece of cake, but what about together?

The Men’s Nike Sportswear Club Jogger Sweatpants provide that perfect comfort to practicality ratio, they fight against the chilly October weather whilst remaining inclusive to men of various heights.

Let’s just say that the irritating leg length of most pants out there won’t be an issue here!

The best thing about these pants is that the elasticated waistband and cuffs combined with the fleece lining provide optimal comfort whilst maintaining a clean-cut look inside or outside of your home.

The lower legs are slim fitting on the calves; however, the material is accommodating for this.

Best yet, if you fall in love with these pants, several color options are available to stock up!


  • Multiple colorways – An array of color choices to suit your own style 
  • Pockets – side pockets and button fastening back pockets 
  • Sleek – design is kept simple but stylish 
  • True to Size – Trustworthy sizing options


  • Seasonal – Not particularly suitable for summer


Every wardrobe staple needs a reliable pair of standard sweatpants for the days lounging around just as much as the days focused on lifting and training.

Nike Men’s Sportswear Open Hem Club Pants are the brands definition of men’s comfort, featuring loose straight legs for an inclusive fit on all body types, the fabric supports complete comfort protection for the skin without the bulk.

Less restriction = happy wearer!

There are slightly less color options available, however for such a staple piece, you don’t want too many options. Simple says it all.

And as far as that awkward moment of running to do errands after going to the gym, these pants are subtle.

The fabric has been proven to not pinch, twist or chafe anywhere on the body which is a runner’s dream. There’s nothing worse than chafing when in the running mind zone!


  • Inclusive – for age, size and height 
  • Button Closure Pockets – Convenient and safe storage 
  • Machine Washable – Both inner layer and outer layer fabrics wash well 
  • Ribbed Waistband – drawstring that adjusts


  • Run Slightly Small – Depending on body type, however fabric is adjustable


If there’s one pair of yoga pants where that dreaded tearing by the thighs isn’t ever going to be an issue, it’s the Nike Women’s NSW Open Hem Fleece Varsity Pants.

The loose structure and comfort designed fabric is a game changer with a subtle Nike logo that doesn’t overpower the pants.

The tight stitching and high-quality fabric ensure that these bad boys won’t be going anywhere over the next decade. Except everywhere you go!

These yoga pants maintain a fuller upper leg without billowing outwards in an unflattering way, that fitted, but not fitted look at the same time is hard to come by for us women, even if we don’t admit it, the fit on the rear is everything!

The only issue is the sizing in different colors may be a little inconsistent as shrinking in length on one colour compared to another may be possible, however this seems to be a rarity and not something major to worry about.


  • Pockets – The struggle for pockets in women’s clothing is solved. 
  • True to Size – Size Inclusive 
  • Quality Fabric – 100% Cotton and thick 
  • In it for the Long Run – Made to Last


  • Careful washing Required – Not 100% but it’s a possibility 


Do you ever imagine yourself on a run where absolutely no issues with the fit of your yoga pants occur?

We’ve got you covered with the Nike Women’s Fast Crop pants. These leggings are made of a blend of spandex, polyester and mesh that are perfectly sculpted to perform when sprinting.

You need a secure, tight fit that maintains that compressive feeling with a waistband to match this exterior.

As if that didn’t have you hooked on them, they’re made using 100% recycled polyester. 

Nothing better than a pair of sustainably made leggings for yourself and the environment.

Unlike other Nike yoga pants, these leggings are breathable in the fabric, as well as the length. Providing that extra support with less restriction on the lower portion of the calves and ankles.

It may be a small area of skin, but on those summer runs, we understand the relief!

If they weren’t perfect enough, the color options are ideal and simple with three simple color choices to choose from.

No fretting over which color would be best if you could get them all!


  • Mesh Panel – Breathability is enhanced with a mesh panel on the back of the calves. 
  • Dri-Fit Technology – compression pants designed to help you stay dry and focused. 
  • Machine Washable – No issues with washing or drying


  • Delivery – Very few issues however minor issue with delivery 


They say if you have enough staple pieces of clothing, you’ll never have to buy much ever again. The Nike Women’s All-in Tight yoga pants may just possibly be the best yoga pants out there.

They’re minimalist, they’re multipurpose, and they have pockets!

Being able to wear your yoga pants for workouts and the workplace, seems like a dream come true for those days where bloating just will not go away. And if it does, you’ll be comfortable either way.

The thick waistband has been designed to be extra wide with technology that keeps you secure and dry all day long.

And all night long if you decide to wear them to sleep. Talk about multipurpose right?

Not only does the waistband have a pocket that’s big enough to hold your phone, an additional front pocket for cards and keys also comes in handy.

No chance of your phone falling out during that upside down yoga pose.

What more could you want?


  • 24/7 Comfort – Soft and stylish fabric designed for all day wear. 
  • Machine Washable and Sustainable – 83% recycled polyester and 
  • 17% Spandex for comfort 
  • Pockets - Enough said


  • Runs slightly small – not perfect but can be solved with sizing up 


There’s nothing worse than a hot summer workout in the wrong yoga pants, the thermal exterior doing nothing to relieve the temperature of your legs that exceeds the temperature of the sun.

Are the Nike Women’s Victory Dri-fit Baselayer Essential Capri pants durable, dry fit and fit to tackle hot summers? YES!

These yoga pants are Incredibly size inclusive for a diverse range of body shapes and types so your workout can be made one step easier.


  • ¾ Length – No issues for the tall or short gals here 
  • Stretch Fabric – Durable without the see-through problems 
  • Simple – Designed to be simple to use and a basic essential for Yoga 


  • Not designed for Winter – However the summer months are taken care of!


What’s better than a classic vintage inspired pair of yoga pants? A sustainably sourced pair!

The Nike Women’s Gym Vintage Sport pants contain 60% organically grown cotton and 40% recycled polyester. 

When washed the fabric retains its shape and doesn’t loosen up which as we know can be difficult to come by in relaxed, jogger type workout clothes.

Plus, the classic vintage feel is so cute and nostalgic!

Whether you’re dropping the kids off at school or doing an intense yoga workout, they’re perfect to get the job done, with no crotch area friction from regular walking.


  • Wide Ribbed Cuffs – Elasticated for comfort 
  • Pockets – Hand size, ideal and not too small or too large 
  • Drawstring Closure – Ribbed waistband with drawstring to tighten or ease 
  • Size inclusive – Comfortable for all body types 


  • Runs slightly small in areas – Possible skin tight but fabric stretches to ease this 


For the early morning runner who like to run at dawn in subarctic conditions, you know first hand how vital a pair of thermal yoga pants are to keep everything the temperature it should be.

The Nike Men’s Running Tights provide excellent running support without the need necessarily for underwear.

If you’re finding that the winter conditions are brutal on your legs, they’re designed to be comfortable whilst maintaining a smart appearance, highly recommended to be worn underneath clothing in winter!


  • Zipper Closure – Eases for comfort 
  • Dri-fit Technology – Helps to stay dry and comfortable all day 
  • Designed for comfort – No underwear needed!


  • Tight – The tights are designed to be tight so no need to size down 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have To Wear Yoga Pants If I Like Yoga?

Even if you’ve never thought to try yoga before, yoga pants are still worth the investment! And if you love yoga, a sturdy pair of yoga pants is essential to support you and your body on your yoga workout journey.

The right fit and comfort for you will provide a better and improved quality workout which will leave your body and mind at its optimum health. Happy body, happy mind! 

10 Best Nike Yoga Pants

What Fabrics Are Yoga Pants Made Of?

Typically, polyester and spandex are the most common fabrics used in yoga pants, the level of comfort combined with the structure of the waistband and Dri-fit Technologies in yoga pants are designed specifically for you.

An increasing amount of yoga pants are also now designed in a sustainably conscious way, using friendly sources fabrics which are healthier for not only the planet, but your body!  

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