10 Best Straight Leg Yoga Pants

Whether you’re heading to a yoga class or just want to remain comfortable at home, yoga pants are a highly versatile item of clothing to have in your wardrobe.

It’s important to wear the right clothing when doing yoga, as you want to minimize chafing and be as comfortable as possible. If you’re on the hunt for the right pair of straight leg yoga pants, look no further.

In this article, I will cover 10 of the best straight leg yoga pants. So, when you’re on the hunt for a new pair of straight leg yoga pants, you know exactly where to look.

So, let’s get started.


Yogipace Women's Straight Leg Dress Yoga Pants

The Yogipace Women’s Straight Leg Dress Yoga Pants are designed for women of all sizes!

These yoga pants are made out of soft and smooth moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant, four-way stretch fabric for superior comfort. 

Versatile! These yoga pants are ideal for a variety of different activities, including yoga, lounge, running and more!


  • Wide waistband - These yoga pants come with a wide waistband designed to support you whilst still being comfortable.
  • Several pockets - Perfect for keeping your valuables safe, these straight leg yoga pants have a variety of different pockets.
  • Straight leg design - The design of these pants suit multiple silhouettes, so whether you’re tall or petite, slender or plus-size, straight-leg pants work to flatter and slim your silhouette.


  • Slow delivery time - One customer claimed that these yoga pants took longer than they were anticipating to arrive in the mail.


The HISKYWIN Inner Pocket Yoga Pants combines fashion, function, and performance.

These straight leg yoga pants are made with 4-way stretch material to promote both compression and support, no matter the yoga pose.

The flatlock seams are comfortable and minimize rubbing and chafing, while the contrasting colour flatlock thread compliments the style of these pants perfectly. 


  • Opaque material - The non see-through and gusseted crotch of these yoga pants works to support and allows greater freedom of movement.
  • Multiple colors - The HISKYWIN yoga pants come in a variety of different colors, making it super easy to integrate these pants into your wardrobe for work outs or for everyday use!
  • Versatile - These yoga pants are highly versatile, so whether you’re headed to a yoga class, are lounging around, or are running out of the door for errands, these pants have got you covered.


  • Run small in size - A few customers noted that these yoga pants were smaller in size than they were expecting.


The Nirlon Women's Straight Leg Yoga Pants High Waist Leggings are designed to flatter a variety of different body types.

These yoga pants are made of super soft spandex and cotton that is entirely opaque, meaning that you don’t have to worry about them being transparent in your yoga class.

The moisture wicking fabric means that your yoga pants dry quickly, and minimizes the risk of rubbing from friction.


  • Easy to clean - These yoga leggings are machine washable, so can be chucked in your laundry and washed according to their care instructions.
  • Versatile - Whether you’re using them for yoga, daily use, or lounging around, these yoga pants are a wardrobe staple!
  • Thick waistband - The waistband on these yoga pants supports you and sinches in your waist in all of the right places for the most flattering fit.


  • Heavy material - One customer claimed that these yoga pants were made with heavier material than they were expecting.


Safort Inseam Regular Tall Straight Leg Yoga Pants

The Safort 28" 30" 32" 34" Inseam Regular Tall Straight Leg Yoga Pants are designed with polyester and spandex for ultimate comfort!

These yoga pants are made with a special coating, meaning that they’re great for pet owners as they don’t attract pet hair.

These Safort yoga pants come in a variety of different colors to perfectly match your style!


  • Multiple lengths - These yoga pants are designed for women from 5’3 to 6 foot. 
  • Several pockets - Ideal to keep your possessions safe, the Safort yoga pants come with two front pockets and two back pockets.
  • Easily tailorable - Available in four different inseam lengths, you can easily cut your yoga pants to size whether you need 28”, 30”, 32”, or 34”!


  • Pocket design - One customer noted that they didn’t like the pocket design of these yoga pants.


The BUBBLELIME 29"/31"/33"/35" 3 Styles Women Bootcut Yoga Pants boast flat lock stitch and compression technology that improves blood circulation.

These yoga pants are made with advanced weaving technology, making their sweat absorption and drying capabilities stronger, allowing you to stay dryer for longer.

Featuring multiple pockets, you won’t need to worry about keeping your valuables such as your keys and cards safe as you work out.


  • Money-back guarantee -  If you are not satisfied with these yoga pants for any reason, BUBBLELIME offer a money-back guarantee.
  • Fit for multiple occasions - Whether you’re looking for yoga pants, workout pants, or everyday pants, these pants are perfect for several different occasions. 
  • Moisture wicking - The moisture wicking and breathable fabric to ensure your comfort, even in the most intense yoga sessions!


  • Confusing size guide - One customer claimed that they struggled to choose a size for these yoga pants because of the size guide.


The BALEAF Yoga Pants with Pockets for Women is made with moisture-wicking fabric that is soft against your skin to prevent chafing.

The large pockets provide you with ample storage space for your belongings while the hidden waistband pocket fits your key or card.

These leggings come in multiple colors to match or compliment your style.


  • High waist design - If you’re looking for yoga pants with more support and tummy control, the high waist design of these yoga pants holds everything in place as you work out.
  • Multifunctional - These yoga pants are perfect for yoga, casual, pilates, workout, dance and daily wear
  • Suitable for multiple body types - Available in 10 different sizes, these yoga pants are suitable for multiple body types.


  • Too long - A few customers noted that these particularly straight leg yoga pants were too long.


The Willit Women's Cotton Sweatpants Open Bottom Yoga Sports Pants are built with versatility in mind.

The straight leg provides a relaxed fit that keeps you comfortable, while an elastic waistband with drawstring ensures that you feel secure.

This lightweight cotton blended fabric wicks moisture away from your skin, keeping you from getting damp and chilled.


  • Flatlock stitching - This reduces chafing, providing next-to-skin softness and chafe-free comfort.
  • Versatile - Whether you’re going to yoga, for a run or hitting the gym, these yoga pants allow you to take on the day in style.
  • High quality - The 92% cotton and 8% cotton blend ensures a comfortable fit all day.


  • Lightweight - A couple of customers claimed that the fabric was lighter than they were anticipating, meaning that these pants aren’t the warmest for winter.


The No Nonsense Women's Sport Yoga Pants retain their shape, so you can wash and reuse them for years to come.

No Nonsense by name, and no nonsense by nature! What you see is what you get with these highly versatile yoga pants that are perfect for an array of workouts.

The 57% cotton, 38% polyester, and 5% spandex composition of these leggings means that they are made to stretch and move with your body comfortably.


  • Easy to clean - These yoga pants are machine washable for your convenience.
  • Elastic waistband - These yoga pants are designed with a stretchy elastic waistband for extra room, because no one likes feeling constricted when they’re doing yoga!
  • Flared leg - The flared leg of these yoga pants works to accentuate and compliment your figure.


  • Wide legs - One customer noted that they didn’t like the wide fit of the legs on these yoga pants.


C9 Champion Women's Curvy Fit Yoga Pant

The C9 Champion Women's Curvy Fit Yoga Pants are perfect for yoga, lounging, and day-to-day wear!

These yoga pants are made with breathable fabric so you remain cool and comfortable throughout your workout.

Available in a variety of different sizes and colors, you can choose the perfect fit and style for your wardrobe.


  • Machine washable - Simply chuck your yoga pants in the wash with the rest of your laundry!
  • Duo dry technology - The duo dry fabric of these yoga pants wicks away moisture and ensures that they dry quickly.
  • High waist - The high waist design of these leggings are flattering on all figures!


  • Bobbly fabric - One customer noted that over time, the fabric of these yoga pants went bobbly.


The Spalding Women's Slim Fit Pants are made with cotton rich jersey fabric with spandex for all day comfort.

These yoga leggings are safe to machine wash, meaning you don’t need to worry about taking extra time out of your day to hand wash them.

Excellent value! These yoga pants are both functional and affordable.


  • Years of experience - Spalding a leader in the athletic world for the past several decades.
  • High quality - Whether you’re in the gym or a yoga class, these slim fit pants hold up to everyday use.
  • Comfortable waistband - The waistband provides you with support without constricting your movement.


  • Limited sizing - A few customers claimed that there was limited sizing for these particular yoga pants.

Best Straight Leg Yoga Pants Buying Guide

There are a few factors to consider when it comes to buying straight leg yoga pants, but it primarily comes down to the material, size, and care instructions.

Below, I’ve put together a helpful buyer’s guide as well as some frequently asked questions, so you know exactly what to look for when purchasing straight leg yoga pants.


Arguably the most important factor to consider when purchasing straight yoga pants is the material that they are made of.

The majority of yoga pants are made with materials such as nylon, polyester, cotton, and spandex to ensure that they have enough stretch in them and to provide a smooth, soft finish to the pants.

Which fabric you decide will largely come down to your personal preference, but you should do your research by trying on a few pants before going ahead with your purchase.


Another important factor you will need to bear in mind is the size of your straight leg yoga pants.

Many brands of yoga pants offer a wide range of sizes, and it can be difficult to know if the pants are true to size. To avoid disappointment, I highly recommend trying on a few different yoga pants in store to ensure that you get the most comfortable fit. 

This will minimize the risk of you having to return your yoga pants, and also means that you can ask the store assistant any questions that you may have.

Care instructions

Another factor you should bear in mind when looking for straight yoga pants is the care instructions on how to wash your yoga pants.

The majority of yoga pants are machine washable, but you will need to make sure that you check the product description beforehand to confirm the care instructions.

Some clothing items are made of more delicate fabrics or they are dyed and can color your wash, as a result, they are often marketed as hand wash only. This can make washing them a more challenging process as you can’t just chuck them in with your regular laundry. 

As a result, you should always make sure that you check the product description to find out whether the product will suit your lifestyle.


Yoga pants come in a variety of different styles and colors, which is what makes them such a versatile product!

While some people wear brightly colored yoga pants simply to work out, you might decide you want to go for a more muted color so that you can incorporate the pants into your regular wardrobe. The options are truly endless!

10 Best Straight Leg Yoga Pants

Frequently Asked Questions

Are yoga pants necessary?

Yes, yoga pants are necessary as they are incredibly comfortable and can greatly improve your yoga experience! 

Investing in the right pair of yoga pants can decrease chafing, increase your comfort, and wick away moisture. This all increases the likelihood that you’ll enjoy your work out much more by investing in them.

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