10 Best Tight Yoga Pants

Looking to get back in shape after a lull of inactivity? Ready to boost your metabolism with some healthy yoga? Unsure how to dress appropriately for maximum comfort and productivity during your sessions?

If yes, you probably find yourself in a bit of a pickle. You can't just throw on an old pair of joggers, because the loose material would get in the way and could even cause a trip hazard.

Plus, they may not be secure enough to withstand the full range of movement required for a yoga workout – imagine your pants sliding down in the middle of a downward dog! The embarrassment would haunt you forever and you wouldn't want to step foot in class again.

The solution is simple: get your hands on a pair of fresh new yoga pants to show all your friends you mean business. Flexible yet supportive, the trusty yoga pant is a staple of every gym bunny's kit bag, and yoga is the perfect way to tone your whole body in a relaxing environment.

Yoga pants can vary wildly in terms of price, material and cut, and some are specially designed to fulfil certain functions. There are budget pants, rainbow pants, long pants, cropped pants, hot yoga pants and even maternity pants!

With so many options available, you'd be forgiven for not knowing where to start. Luckily, we've compiled a list of the 10 best yoga pants on the market, to help you find the perfect pair to suit your needs.


Boasting a plethora of 5-star reviews, these pants from Fengbay are extremely popular with women of all ages. Devoted fans particularly praise the soft fabric, accessible pockets and flattering cut, proving that these really are the perfect all-rounder option.

This pack of 3 will ensure you will always have a clean pair to hand, so you're ready to go at all times.


  • Tummy control for extra support
  • Ultra-soft fabric with a great stretch
  • True to size so you can buy with confidence
  • High-quality, moisture-wicking material


  • Not as firm at the waist as other brands (order a size down for a more snug fit)


Another classy choice is this offering from Lululemon, a huge name in activewear. This brand is known for its specialized and eco-friendly designs, helping customers to achieve their fitness goals whilst caring for the planet.

The fabric is ultra-soft, feeling like a second skin for maximum comfort. Colour options include some interesting camouflage designs, as well as the more conventional black and navy.


  • Eco-friendly for guilt-free exercising
  • Ample support for hips and tummy


  • Their high-end nature means they are not accessible to everyone


IUGA is also a highly-regarded brand within the industry – their products are developed by yogis for yogis, ensuring that they cater to their specific demographic. Reviewers from across the globe highly recommend these pants for their durability, comfort, and flattering style, often commenting that they feel good about themselves when wearing them.


  • Color options for all tastes
  • Contours perfectly to body without being restrictive
  • Material is the perfect thickness to keep skin cool


  • Waist sits lower than expected for high-waisted pants


Colorfulkoala yoga pants are incredibly popular, due to their 7/8 length and flattering contours. The seamless waistband keeps everything in whilst ensuring maximum comfort, and they are available in a selection of soft and pastel colors. 

They're packaged in a handy zip bag so you can keep them clean on the way to the gym.


Flatlock construction (no seam) minimizes irritation and chafing

Flush-fit allows unrestricted movement

Hold perfectly in place without shifting or bunching


  • Fairly small pockets – can fit cards and keys


If you're self-conscious or just require some extra support in the stomach area, Leinidina offers pants with inbuilt tummy control to keep everything in place. 

The innovative 4-way stretch material expands both vertically and horizontally, allowing for great freedom of movement.


  • Additional stomach support for stress-free exercising
  • Squat proof – fabric is breathable yet thick
  • Subtle pattern for a pleasing look


  • The zip in back pocket could dig in and irritate the skin


Innovation is a large part of consumerism, so designers will always strive to enhance their creations with all the latest bells and whistles. It can be increasingly difficult to find a product that simply does its job without any added frills or fuss. 

However, if a no-nonsense pant is what you're after, don't despair – we have just the thing for you! These pants from Leggings Depot don't sacrifice quality for cost-effectiveness, meaning that the most important aspects are all very much present and correct.

These are available in more colors than you could wish for, and you might even find yourself ordering a selection of them if you can't choose just one. They are capri pants, so they come down to the mid-calf and offer a stylish alternative to a full-length pant.


  • Come in just about every color imaginable
  • Suitable for any budget


  • Thinner material than some other brands
  • No extras such as pockets


While the other items on this list are what most people would envisage when they think of yoga pants, here is another option you may not have considered. It's true that many prefer a fully skin-tight pant for exercising in, but bootcut pants are also a popular choice. They are also elasticated in the top half for a snug fit, but the material flares out at the lower leg so you can exercise without restrictions.

These Healthyoga pants have a unique selling point in that you can adjust the legs to fit you by cutting off any extra material. They also transform into casual wear more easily than traditional yoga pants, so they're just as good for meeting up with friends as they are for getting sweaty in the gym.


  • DIY adjustable length
  • Suitable for any occasion
  • Blends comfort and fashion


  • Loose material can get in the way as the lower legs aren't form-fitting


Even the most health-conscious among you might be reluctant to exercise once temperatures drop in the fall and winter. Healthyoga once again has the answer: pants with a fleece-lined interior, keeping you warm in cold weather without getting too hot as you work up a sweat.


  • Warm yet breathable fabric
  • Interlock seams and gusseted crotch reduce chafing


  • Heavier material can sag more easily
  • Looser fit around ankles


Mums-to-be need to stay active to ensure the health of both themselves and their baby, and yoga is ideal for this. Maacie yoga pants feature double stitching under the abdomen to support your bump, and the shape is designed to accommodate pregnancy curves for maximum comfort. 

The soft fabric also has tear-resistant and moisture-wicking properties, so it can handle whatever exercise regime you decide on.


  • Comes in a range of flattering colors, including navy blue, hunter green and mulberry
  • Moisture-wicking for high-intensity workouts
  • Strategically-placed seams for extra abdomen support
  • Handy pockets, so you can keep hold of all your bits and bobs as you exercise


  • Sizes may come up slightly smaller than expected


To round off the list, here's a yoga pant to cater to the more eclectic tastes out there. Kanora offers some outlandish creations, including flower patterns, animal prints, and rainbow colors. These are sure to get you noticed in your class, and everyone will be jealous of either the pants themselves or your chutzpah for wearing them. 

Even if you exercise alone, a glimpse of your bedecked legs will put a smile on your face. Bright, bold, and beautiful, these yoga pants will inspire you to get on that mat and shine!

There's something for everyone, whether you're into bold unicorns or grungy skeletons. Let your imagination run wild – why not mix and match so you're ready for any occasion?


  • Blend of upcycled polyester and spandex for an environmentally-conscious choice
  • Unique designs to show off your personality


  • Offered in one size (0-12) or plus size (12-24) only, so may not cater to your individual size

Best Tight Yoga Pants Buying Guide

Everyone has different needs when it comes to exercising, which is reflected in the sheer variety of yoga pants available.

Of course, once you've found your perfect yoga pants, you don't have to save them just for yoga – you can also wear them for shopping trips, gym visits, or just lounging around the house, so they really are worth the investment. 

If you're still unsure which option is for you, here's a handy buyer's guide to aid with the decision- making process. We discuss different features and styles to consider, as well as the most important attributes all great yoga pants should share.

10 Best Tight Yoga Pants

High Waist

High-waisted yoga pants are a popular choice among yogis, because they sit above the abdomen and stay in place no matter how energetic the workout. Low or mid- rise yoga pants have less skin to cling to at the top, and the waistband may rest uncomfortably.

Another advantage of a high waist is that it keeps everything tucked in, avoiding the dreaded muffin-top look.


Sweat wicking isn't as essential for yoga as it is for running, so you will only find some yoga pants with this property. However, they should all be made from breathable material so you're comfortable working up a sweat in them. You should opt for a sweat- wicking pant if you're into hot yoga, as there is likely to be a lot of moisture to deal with!

Moisture wicking works by moving your natural sweat to the outside of the fabric, so the inside isn't sticky on your skin and your body can regulate its temperature. You won't end up feeling like you've just waded out of a river by the end of your exercise session!

Capri vs Full-length

Since all tight yoga pants stay out of your way by design, the question of which length to go for is simply a matter of personal taste. A capri pant stops around the middle of the shin, although you can also find cropped pants in other lengths such as 7/8.

Some people favor a shorter cut because they find it gives them a pleasing silhouette; others prefer to have their whole leg covered. There are no right answers here so the world is your oyster.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between running pants and yoga pants?

It's true that these two types of activewear look very similar, but they do have some differences in their design. Whilst running pants are generally firm and compressive to offer additional muscle support, yoga pants are softer and slightly stretchier, enabling you to contort yourself into all sorts of exotic positions. 

They should still be supportive and breathable, as well as tight enough to stay up whatever you throw at them, but they're fine to wear on their own without additional layers. Some yoga pants may also be suitable for running in, but we recommend buying separate pants designed specifically for each.

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