10 Best Wide Leg Yoga Pants

Yoga is undoubtedly one of the most popular forms of exercise in the world. Derived from an ancient practice that encourages the development of links between the body, mind, and spiritual world, yoga is suitable for a variety of people.

Whether you’re struggling with your mental health or you want to improve balance and flexibility, yoga is the answer. 

The main problem with yoga is that people don’t often dress correctly when they start to learn the practice. Yoga involves a lot of movements, stretches, and poses designed to push the body, which means that beginners typically wear inappropriate clothing.

Sure, you can wear leggings or sweatpants, but yoga requires loose-fitting clothing that allows for total freedom of movement. 

Whether you’re new to the world of yoga or you’re simply looking to expand your yoga wardrobe, we’ve got you covered. Here are the 10 best wide leg yoga pants!


Made of a mixture of polyester and spandex, the Hiskywin yoga pants can be stretched from virtually every angle.

Despite its ability to stretch according to the yoga pose, these pants aren’t see-through thanks to the gusseted crotch design, so you don’t have to worry about other people seeing your underwear!

Available in a variety of colors and featuring inner pockets to hold cell phones or credit cards, these yoga pants are as fashionable as they are practical.

While technically classed as wide leg pants, the bottom flares at the cuff, creating the illusion of longer and slimmer legs. 


  • Stretchy - Polyester and spandex fabric allows the pants to move with the body
  • Good variety - Lots of colors available including a good size range
  • Slimming design - Flared cuffs elongate the legs and flatter the body


  • Quite snug - Spandex material will fit snugly against the thighs, which isn’t characteristic of wide leg pants


The ZJCT wide leg yoga pants are ideal for women who prefer looser clothing to keep their bodies cool during yoga.

Made predominantly of polyester with some spandex to allow for stretch, these pants are as stretchy as they are loose, allowing for complete freedom of movement during your yoga class. 

These pants are as flattering as they are useful for yoga thanks to the non-see-through design, which is featured in even the lightest colors.

With a good variety of colors and patterns to choose from, women can feel comfortable as well as attractive. Plus, the pants work well for lounging at home!


  • Breathable and flexible - Polyester and spandex material allows for complete comfort and freedom of movement
  • Pockets included - Built-in roomy pockets to hold keys, money, or cellphone
  • Design variety - Range of colors and patterns available


  • Length - Might be slightly short for taller women


For those with sensitivity problems or larger lower abdomens, even elasticated waistbands can be restrictive when practicing yoga.

The Gracyoga pants feature elasticated ruching at the waist, providing not only a fashionable twist to the pants, but an incredibly comfortable amount of space to prevent cutting into the skin. This style is similar to harem pants. 

Unlike harem pants, however, the cuffs of these pants don’t wrap around the ankles.

This allows for complete freedom of movement and prevents the pants from rolling up the legs. In terms of style, these pants come in an assortment of patterns to suit those who prefer color to black. 


  • Very comfortable - Ruched waistband doesn’t cut into the skin, which is both flattering and comfy
  • Fashionable - Lots of stylish patterns available
  • No elasticated cuffs - Pants don’t roll up legs


  • Length - Shorter people might need to adjust the length


For people with short legs or those who get warm during yoga classes, crop wide leg pants are ideal for preventing tripping over the legs and allowing some ventilation.

These Amazon Essential pants are wide legged and cropped, which is great for those who feel restricted by long pants. 

The product is made of a polyester and cotton mixture, while still providing a good amount of stretch thanks to the drawstring closure and elasticated waistband.

This allows the user to adapt the tightness of the waistband according to their size and comfort levels. Plus, the neutral design of the pants makes them ideal for lounging, working out, and running errands. 


  • Good ventilation - Cropped design allows for airflow
  • Great for short legs - Minimizes risk of tripping over long pants
  • Comfortable - Drawstring and elasticated waistband allow for freedom of movement


Size - Pants run slightly larger than normal


If you’re worried about the length of the pants affecting your yoga practice, check out the Diabaolong pants. These wide leg yoga pants are designed to sit just above the ankle to prevent tripping over the cuffs, thus improving your balance.

Made from polyester and spandex, these pants allow for complete freedom of movement - not to mention the extra wide leg design and drawstring waistband. 

These pants come in several neutral colors as well as cropped versions for those who are particularly worried about tripping over the ends of pants. Plus, the pants come with big side pockets to hold belongings. 


  • Extra wide leg - Loose fitting legs allow for complete freedom of movement
  • Not too long - Cut off just before the ankle to prevent user from tripping over
  • Good variety - Range of neutral tones and cropped versions available


  • Thin - Material is lightweight and thin, which isn’t good for keeping legs warm


For some, wide leg pants simply aren’t wide enough for yoga. The key to yoga is being as comfortable as possible, which is why palazzo-style pants are ideal for allowing airflow and total freedom of movement.

These Arolina pants are made of a lightweight, thin, and stretchy polyester and spandex mix for maximum comfort. 

Not only are these pants practical for yoga, but they’re also super flattering. Available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and patterns, they are suitable to be worn in any situation.

These pants are most beneficial for plus sized women due to the amount of space offered in them. 


  • Palazzo style - Very wide legs to allow for complete freedom of movement
  • Lightweight - Long material is lightweight, thin, and doesn’t weigh the user down
  • Attractive - Wide variety of patterns and colors to wear in any occasion


  • Washing - Can only be hand washed or washed at a cool temperature to prevent shrinkage


The Sarin Mathews yoga pants are made of an ideal mixture of polyester and spandex, allowing for a soft material that stretches alongside the body, allowing the user freedom to complete a variety of yoga poses.

This material is also lightweight and breathable to keep the body cool and dry during the yoga session. While wide leg, the cuffs aren’t too flared, which is good for preventing the user from tripping over the seams. Plus, the straight-leg design is slimming!

These yoga pants can be tightened or loosened with the drawstring closure, allowing for extra room for those with larger stomachs. They also come in a wide variety of colors and patterns - particularly some tartan designs that are great for lounging and sleeping in. 


  • Breathable - Lightweight material and wide leg design keeps the user cool and dry 
  • Adjustable - Tighten or loosen the elasticated waist for maximum comfort
  • Great designs - Wide variety of patterns to wear in any situation


  • Length - While suitable for tall people, shorter people might find the pants too long


The Amiery wide leg pants are technically designed for loungewear use, but considering yoga pants need to be as comfortable as possible, it makes sense to wear these pants for a yoga session!

Made of a stretchy polyester material, these pants move alongside the body without creating see-through parts thanks to the gusseted crotch. This applies to each color and pattern variation design offered. 

These wide leg yoga pants feature a stretchy waistband that can be tightened or loosened with the drawstring. The waistband sits beautifully on the waist, without falling down nor restricting the body and causing the dreaded “muffin tops”!


  • Stretchy material - Lightweight and allows for freedom of movement and flexibility
  • Wide waistband - Prevents pants falling down or cutting awkwardly into hips
  • Great for lounging - Wide leg design is ideal for relaxing around the house as well as yoga


  • Washing - Must be washed in cold water to prevent shrinkage, and drawstring must be tied to prevent it from falling out


The Promover wide leg yoga pants are ideal for those who want to prevent their hips from cutting. Not only can this feel unflattering, but a tight waistband is also very comfortable to wear when exercising.

These pants feature a wide and tall elasticated waistband that comes with added tummy control, allowing for a high-waisted and supportive feel. 

Made of polyester and spandex, these yoga pants are designed to stretch with the body without breaking. They are available in a good size range, plus the pants feature side pockets to hold belongings. 


  • Wide waistband - Doesn’t cut the waist or hips awkwardly
  • Tummy control - Provides a slimming illusion
  • Stretchy - Good polyester to spandex ratio to allow for flexibility


  • Color range - Limited color range compared to other products


These Cathy pants are great for those looking for simple yet practical wide leg pants for yoga as well as lounging.

Available in a variety of colors and patterns (and even shorts), these pants are made of a reliable polyester and spandex mix to provide enough room for even the most complex yoga poses. The waistband is elasticated and will cling to the waist without feeling too loose or too tight. 

For plus size people, finding actual wide leg yoga pants can be a nightmare. However, these pants are available in sizes small to 3X-large, allowing for people of all body sizes to enjoy!


  • Great size range - Ideal for petite to plus size users 
  • Good design range - Lots of designs and styles to choose from
  • Lots of movement - Stretchy material and extra wide leg design allows for freedom of movement


  • No drawstring - Tightness cannot be adjusted due to lack of drawstring

Best Wide Leg Yoga Pants Buying Guide

How to choose the best wide leg yoga pants


While it might seem more obvious to opt for thicker pants for yoga in terms of durability, you will actually benefit more from lightweight thin pants. Polyester with a blend of cotton or spandex is the best type of material for wide leg yoga pants, because this allows enough airflow to keep the body cool.

This material also allows the user to move into a variety of positions and poses with ease, thus improving confidence, balance, and flexibility. 

10 Best Wide Leg Yoga Pants


Above all else, if the pants aren’t comfortable for yoga, don’t wear them! Yoga is all about being comfortable in yourself and your positions, so if your clothing is restricting you from making the most out of yoga, then the pants aren’t worth it. 

Waistband and adjustability

The key to a good pair of wide leg yoga pants is an elastic waistband. If a waistband doesn’t stretch along with the body, it can be incredibly uncomfortable to try yoga poses, which only affects your performance and skill development.

Most yoga pants will also feature drawstrings to tighten or loosen the elasticated waistband, which is great for people who have a fluctuating weight, pregnant people, and those with larger lower abdomens. 


This isn’t exactly an essential factor to consider, but it always helps if you like the design of the yoga pants! Wide leg yoga pants can be used in a variety of situations, such as lounging around at home or running errands, so you might as well buy a pair that you genuinely enjoy wearing. 

Washing requirements

One of the main problems with wide leg yoga pants is that they can only be washed either by hand or at a cold temperature in the washing machine.

This is to ensure that they don’t shrink. We recommend following these instructions and ensuring that you tie the drawstring before washing the pants to prevent it from falling out. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wide leg or flare pants better for yoga?

There isn’t a clear winner between wide leg pants or flare pants for yoga, because it all comes down to the person’s comfort levels. The beauty of both pants is that they aren’t as restricting as legging or tight sweatpants, which can prohibit movement in yoga. 

Some people will argue that flare pants are still too restrictive for the upper thighs, which can make the person warmer when balancing in tough positions.

However, others argue that wide leg pants are a tripping hazard for those with shorter legs. Therefore, it all comes down to personal opinion!

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