10 Best Yoga Pants With Pockets

The main trait to look for in a pair of yoga pants is comfort. After all, you are going to be using them for exercise!

And whether you’re practicing some yoga, going to the gym, going out on a run, or similar, you are going to want to be unburdened by discomfort or things that get in the way. Practicality at its peak.

However, sometimes, you need to take your house keys with you, or your phone, or something equally small and essential that you simply can’t go without.

And how are you supposed to carry it with you if you’re exercising? Having a bag wouldn’t exactly be a good idea...

The answer is yoga pants with pockets. It’s ridiculously simple, but effective.

A small pocket that is comfortable and practical, not detracting from the function of the yoga pants, yet able to keep your keys or phone safe, so that you can leave the house with ease.

And to help you choose the best yoga pants with pockets...we’ve compiled a list with the top options!

Yoga pants with pockets are relatively new, however, the market is already full of infinite product options, from different brands, and with different designs. How are you supposed to choose the one that’s right for you?

As we mentioned, we’re going to help out by listing out the top best yoga pants with pockets, all of them highly reviewed and rated by customers, so that you know they are good.

Let’s get started: 


First up on our list, we have the Dragon Fit High Waist Yoga leggings, with 3 pockets.

Made from 88% polyester and 12% spandex, these yoga pants are available in a variety of different colors and sizes, to better suit your needs.

They have an elastic closure, for comfort, and the fabric is stretchy, perfect for daily wear and exercise.

The design uses four needles and six lines sewing technology, for a flat and smooth finish. It makes the pants fitted in a comfortable way, for an appealing and sexy appearance that remains practical.

They are also high waisted, with tummy control, perfect for all manner of activities!

As for the pockets, it features one on both inner waistbands, and one on the side of the leg. All three of them can fit up to a 6-inch phone.


  • High elasticity, comfortable and stretchy
  • 3 pockets (can fit up to a 6-inch phone each)
  • High-waisted with tummy control


  • The sizing is a bit small


Second on our list of best yoga pants with pockets, we have this handy 2-pack product option by Fengbay, with another high-waisted design.

These yoga pants have a 4-way stretch with good elasticity, paired with non see-through fabric. Plus, they are anti camel toe!

The high waist design also offers tummy control, so they are incredibly comfortable and practical while giving you a streamlined look.

These yoga pants also feature a unique compression technology that improves your blood circulation, reducing muscle fatigue (perfect for daily exercising!)

Plus, the high quality fabric is sweat-absorbing to reduce irritation and chafing, to ensure full comfort.

As for the pockets, they have one inner and two outer, for convenience. And to top it off, the product comes with a warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.


  • 3 pockets (two outer and one inner)
  • Unique compression technology
  • 4-way stretch and non see-through fabric 


  • Some customers claim they have shrunk after a few washes 


Another amazing product option for yoga pants with pockets, is this Ewedoos high-waisted design, which is highly popular amongst customers due to its comfort, and the vast amount of colors it is available in.

Made from a non see-through fabric that has a 4-way stretch, these yoga pants are perfect for everyday exercising, with moisture-removing technology.

They also have a tummy control waistband to contour your body shape, offering both a flattering look, and practical comfort.

They are also incredibly durable, with customers guaranteeing that they are heavy-duty and suitable for all manner of active lifestyles.

As for the pockets, they feature 2, one on each side. They are big enough to hold a phone, and other small essentials.


  • Non see-through fabric with 4-way stretch
  • 2 pockets (one on each side)
  • Moisture-removing technology and muscle compression


  • The elastic band can be a little too tight for some 


Another best-selling 2-pack option is these high waisted yoga pants by PHISOCKAT, available in a wide range of different colors and sizes.

It is made out of 77% Polyester and 23% spandex, and is completely machine washable. 

The high waisted design offers tummy control, helping you shape your body, while offering a good muscle compression and lifting your butt for an extra boost of confidence.

The fabric is non see-through, and has a 4-way stretch, so it’s definitely comfy for everyday wear!

These leggings are also completely seamless, which is a lot more comfortable, breathable and soft, wicking moisture away from your skin.

As for the pockets, they have two side ones and one hidden, all of them deep enough to hold a smartphone if needed.

Also, there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee, with a 30-day money back refund available.


  • Seamless design with breathable and soft fabric
  • 3 pockets (two side ones, and one hidden)
  • High waisted design with tummy control and butt lift 


  • The sizing is a little loose (recommended to size down) 


Another popular option for yoga pants are the ones by Heathyoga, available in a few different colors and sizes. 

Made out of 80% polyester and 20% spandex, they have a button closure and are designed to feel like a second layer of skin.

They are complete with high-quality non see-through fabric, ultra-soft and with a 4-way stretch. Plus, it is sweat wicking to keep you safe from skin irritation!

It is also high-rise, with tummy control and streamlined hips, making you look and feel your best.

There are two large and durable pockets, located at either side, perfect for keeping small essentials, such as a phone.

And thanks to their location, you can keep on exercising without them getting in the way.

Perfect for any active lifestyle, they also come with a 30-day full money-back guarantee with excellent customer support.


  • Incredibly high-quality fabric, moisture-wicking
  • 2 large pockets on either side
  • Adjustable inseam lengths 


  • They are short on people with longer legs 


If you’re looking for more loose-fitting yoga pants with pockets, then we recommend that you take a look at this product option by Safort.

Available in many different colors, these yoga pants have adjustable inseams so that you can cut them to the length of your choice, in a simple DIY operation!

Made out of 79.3% polyester and 20.7% spandex, they are dense and elastic, non see-through and highly durable, perfect for all sorts of active lifestyles and exercise styles.

They feature four pockets, two at the front that can fit a wallet and phone, and two at the back that are slightly smaller.

They are incredibly convenient, and a very comfortable option for those that want something practical.


  • Adjustable length through DIY inseams
  • 4 pockets (two front ones, and two smaller ones at the back)
  • Dense and elastic fabric, for full comfort and practicality


  • The sizing has been reported to be inconsistent


Yet another great product option for yoga pants with pockets, is this one by IUGA. Perfect for all sorts of exercising activities and active lifestyles, it combines style, comfort, and performance.

The fabric is non see-through, breathable, and comfortable, with a 4-stretch way to better adapt to your body.

It also features a high waist design with tummy control, designed to be flattering, enhancing your natural curves, without rolling off.

Affordable, accessible, and highly acclaimed by customers, it’s definitely a reliable choice! As for the pockets, it features four.

Two of them on either side, perfect for keeping your phone, and two on the waistband, perfect for hiding a key or similar.


  • Breathable sweat-wicking fabric with 4-way stretch
  • High-waisted with tummy control
  • 4 pockets (two on the side, and two at the waistline) 


  • The material can attract fuzz


Yoga pants are incredibly useful, and it is always best to have multiple pairs, for everyday use. So why not get this 4-pack option by YoungCharm? All of them with pockets, of course.

Made from 75% polyester and 25% spandex, they are available in a variety of colors and sizes and come in a convenient multi-pack buy.

The fabric is non see-through and stretchy, with moisture-wicking technology. It also provides compression on your legs and tummy, for a more comfortable streamlined look.

There are two side pockets, deep enough for a smartphone, and a waistband inner pocket that is ideal for a key or similarly small item.

These yoga pants basically feel like a second skin and they come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, including a 30-day full refund.


  • Multi-pack option, convenient and budget-friendly
  • 3 pockets (two deep side pockets, one waistline hidden pocket)
  • Streamlined look with gentle compression 


  • The elastic band is very tight


The BALEAF yoga pants with pockets, for women, are becoming an increasingly popular option amongst customers, and for good reason. 

Made out of 87% nylon and 13% spandex, they are incredibly skin-friendly and soft, while being non see-through and stretchy. 

They have a pull-on closure, with a straight leg design that flatters the figure while retaining plenty of space for free movement.

They feature big side pockets, perfect for up to a 6.7-inch phone, as well as a hidden waistband pocket for your key or card. They also feature a high waist with tummy control, to boost your confidence.

They are perfect for all sorts of workouts and active lifestyles and are available in different colors and sizes.


  • Skin-friendly - soft and stretchy
  • Flattering tummy control with space for movement
  • 3 pockets (2 big side pockets and a hidden waistline pocket)


  • They are not as non see-through as advertized 


Last, but certainly not least, on our list of best yoga pants with pockets, we have this option by Niksa Women’s Yoga Pants

Made from 77% polyester and 25% spandex, they are available in a few different colors and are set to become quite popular thanks to the comfortable and flattering butt lift that they provide. 

High-quality and durable, they have moisture-wicking technology to keep you comfortable, so that you may exercise daily without having to worry.

They are also designed to elongate your legs and slim at the waist, giving you a slimmer and healthier silhouette, boosting your confidence.

As for the pockets, there are two side ones and one inner one, perfect for carrying your small essentials with you when needed.

Oh, and the customer service is excellent for this brand, so the purchase procedure should be a breeze!


  • Slim silhouette with a lifted butt and elongated legs
  • 3 pockets (two side ones, and one inner pocket) Durable fabric, with moisture-wicking technology


  • No significant downsides 
10 Best Yoga Pants With Pockets

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Use Of Pockets On Yoga Pants?

Pockets on yoga pants can be incredibly useful for many reasons. If you need your phone on you, for example, or if you need to carry your card, or house keys.

They are also useful if you need somewhere to put your locker key at the gym! 

Can Wearing Yoga Pants Be Bad For You?

If you are wearing the wrong type of yoga pants, that are ill-fitting and badly designed, then yes. Non-breathable yoga pants that are too tight, for example, can cause yeast infections.

Always make sure that your yoga pants are comfortable and stretchy, made from breathable material that is preferably moisture-wicking. 

What are the best yoga pants with pockets?

There are many options for yoga pants with pockets, and the most important factor is that they suit your needs and preferences.

We recommend taking a look at the options we listed above, with our favorite one being the Dragon Fit High Waist Yoga Leggings With 3 Pockets.

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