Front Splits In 30 Days: A Guide

When you get into yoga, there is undoubtedly going to come a time when you want to learn how to do front splits. Front splits are a great exercise move to have in your arsenal because they promote flexibility and blood flow. 

But getting to a point where you can confidently do front splits is by no means an easy task. It’s not impossible, but it will take time, dedication, and lots of hard work!

Front Splits In 30 Days: A Guide

It is possible to learn how to do front splits in 30 days, and if you want to learn for yourself, then you have come to the right place. 

We have put together a guide to help you learn how to do front splits in 30 days and we have included some helpful tips, on how to actually do the splits, and things to look out for on your journey. So read on to find out everything you need to know! 

How To Do Front Splits

Before you start practicing your front splits, it’s important that you actually know how to do them. We have laid out an easy-to-follow guide to help you learn how to do the front splits, so find it below and have a go!

It’s important when you are starting out to just get used to the movements, so when you can actually do front splits, you will be able to just fall into it naturally. 

  1. Begin in the Crescent Moon Pose- bring one foot forward and make sure your back knee is on the ground. 
  2. Slowly start to inch your front foot forward. It’s really important to take your time here. 
  3. You then need to slowly lower your pelvis to the floor, using your hands to lower yourself with control. 
  4. Stop when you feel stable, even if you haven’t made it down all the way. 

You have to be really careful and take everything slowly when attempting to do the splits, especially when you don’t have much experience doing them.

Never try and force yourself all the way down, and stop when you feel resistance because you can overstretch and injure yourself if you push too hard. The more you practice though, the further you will be able to go down, so just be patient! 

Tips To Help You Master The Splits

It’s all fine and good having the instructions laid out for you, but there are lots of other things you need to take into consideration when doing front splits. Take a look at some of these tips to help you on your 30-day journey! 

Always Warm Up

Whenever you do any exercise, it is always important for you to warm up first. This is because you need to warm your muscles up.

If they aren’t warmed up, they won’t have the proper ability to stretch, and that means you will really struggle to do front splits. Warming up helps to prevent injury and keep your body more flexible. 

Use Props

When you want to learn how to do the splits, you can use props and objects to help you achieve it. Do not think that you just need to get down and do them, especially if you have never attempted them before! 

Blocks, cushions, pillows, and even folded blankets are perfect if you want to bring the ground closer to you and make learning how to do the splits easier.

Using these props will help you get the basic movements and stretches down, and eventually, you won’t need them anymore. 

Start Slow

It is so important to start slow when you are learning to do front splits. Do not push your body any further than it can go, especially in the beginning stages.

The more you practice, the more your body will naturally be able to do the motions, so it’s totally ok to start off slow. 

Starting slow stops you from overstretching and in some cases, seriously injuring yourself, so never rush into doing front splits. 

Front Splits In 30 Days: A Guide

Practice Every Day

This might seem like a no-brainer, but practicing every day will really improve your front splits.

Someone who practices doing front splits every day is also naturally going to learn how to do them faster, and you only really need to practice for 5 minutes a day if you don’t have much time. 

Pay Attention To Your Breathing

It is quite common to start holding your breath as you do something more challenging and you start concentrating more. But when it comes to the front splits, this can actually be quite detrimental to your progress. 

You need to pay attention to your breathing and you need to do long and slow breathing in order for it to benefit you and your progress. Take some time out just to practice breathing before you actually do the front splits! 

Knowing When You Are Overstretching

You really have to be mindful of if you are overstretching when you are doing front splits. When you overstretch, your body will usually feel a bit painful and it will seriously restrict your ability. 

Some telltale signs that you have overstretched include- 

  • Sore muscles the next day.
  • Pain whenever you hold a pose
  • Breathing more quickly or finding it difficult to breathe when holding your breath.
  • You find it impossible to relax into the pose.
  • Feeling like you do not have any control over the pose. 

It is important to keep an eye out for these signs that you have overstretched, and if you have, it’s best not to attempt front splits on that day. When you are overstretched, it can lead to further, more serious injuries, so it’s important to rest if that happens. 


Successfully pulling off front splits is definitely a challenge, but it isn’t impossible, and it can be done in 30 days. The most important thing is to practice every day and take your practice slow and steady so you can achieve your goal faster. 

Use the guide we have provided here to learn how to do front splits in 30 days!

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