7 Amazing Acro Yoga Poses To Push Your Body

If you love yoga but you want to take it to the next level, you definitely need to give Acro Yoga a try! It involves getting a partner and doing yoga routines and moves together, with both of you using the other person’s body to create some fantastic shapes that will really push your body. 

7 Amazing Acro Yoga Poses To Push Your Body

It’s a great form of exercise and it really teaches teamwork, and balance, and helps to keep you fit and healthy. There are so many Acro Yoga poses out there, but it is important to know that it is by no means a beginner’s practice, and you will need to work at it regularly to be good! 

If you are looking for some Acro Yoga poses that will really push you, then you have come to the right place! We have put together a list of 7 amazing Acro Yoga Poses to push your body and alleviate your mind and spirit.

Read on to find out more about each of these amazing Acro Yoga poses that you can incorporate into your exercise routine. 

1. Double Plank

Standard planks are already great for fitness and stamina, but when you try the double plank with your Acro Yoga partner, you will really be pushing your body and taking your routines to the next level. 

This pose will focus on and greatly benefit your legs, glutes, core, back, and arms, so it is a fantastic pose to start with when you really want to push your body. 

To get into the double plank pose, either you or your partner need to first get into a standard “push up” plank position and act as the base position.

Once this has been done, the next person needs to climb on top and put their hands on the base person’s ankles. Finally, place the toes on the base person’s shoulders. 

2. Front Bird Pose 

The Front Bird pose is great for both you and your partner when you want to work on strength and balance and you want to improve your core. This pose requires a bit of experience doing Acro Yoga in order to master it, but it is incredibly achievable as long as you practice it enough. 

To do the Front Bird Pose, the base partner needs to lie down on their back and bend their legs together down. Then, they need to bend their knees and keep the soles of their feet on the ground.

The flying partner then needs to stand near the base partner’s feet. Once this is done, the base needs to place their feet on the hips of the flyer. 

The base partner then needs to hold the flyer’s arms by their elbows and they need to slowly straighten their legs out, making sure to lift the flying partner as they go.

It’s now up to the flyer to balance themselves on the feet of the base partner, and the base partner needs to keep their legs together and straight, avoiding any wobble. 

3. High Flying Whale Pose

The High Flying Whale Pose is perfect for the flyer because it helps to help lengthen the thoracic spine. It is great for opening the shoulders too, and in general, will make you feel more refreshed and energized.

It might look easy to get into this pose on the surface, but once you try it for yourself, you will see that it takes practice and it’s great for pushing your body. 

To do this pose for yourself, start with the flyer facing away from the base partner, but their feet need to be framing the base’s neck. The base partner then needs to grip the flyer’s ankles and place their own feet onto the flyer’s upper back. 

After this, the flyer then needs to lean back and accept the support of the base’s feet. Once that support has been accepted, the base then needs to lift the flyer’s legs off of the ground. The idea here is to use teamwork while the base very slowly uses their feet to raise the flyer up. 

4. Throne Pose

The Throne Pose is a bit similar in how you get to the position of High Flying Whale Pose, and it is fantastic for building up strength and balance. It requires a lot of trust and teamwork between both the flyer and the base and it is definitely a pose that will push your body. 

To do this pose, the flyer needs to start by facing away from the base partner and frame their feet on the base’s neck. Next, the base needs to grip the flyer’s ankles.

After this, the base then needs to lift their legs and feet towards the flyer. The flyer needs to slowly bend their knees until they are sitting on the base’s feet. 

The base then needs to lift the flyer’s feet one at a time in order to place the flyer’s feet onto the base of their palms. Once that has been done, the base can then press the flyer into the full Throne Pose. 

It is important for the base and the flyer to stay in constant communication when attempting this pose and go at a slower pace if you are just trying it for the first time. 

5. Dancer’s Pose

Dancer’s Pose is one of the most well-known Acro Yoga poses. It opens a lot of different physical parts for the flyer, some of which include a backbend, shoulder opener, and chest opener.

It requires a lot of stamina, balance, and strength to successfully pull this move off, and both the base and the flyer need to be a team in order to do it properly. 

To do this pose for yourself, the flyer first needs to start at the back of the mat, facing away from the base. For extra stability, the base then needs to place their feet on the flyer’s low back. While the base is doing this, the flyer should grip the base’s ankles. 

Following this, the flyer then needs to shift its weight onto the base’s feet, and the base needs to stack the flyer’s hips on top of theirs. When both the flyer and bases feel stable and comfortable, the flyer can then extend one leg up towards the sky.

The flyer needs to make sure that the other leg is curled in and they can grip it with their hands for further support. 

6. Folded Leaf Pose

The folded leaf pose is great for both the base and the flyer, and it requires a lot of teamwork and strength to hold this pose for a longer amount of time. It will strengthen both positions’ cores. It also helps to strengthen the base’s arms and legs.

If you are able to hold this pose for a decent amount of time, it works wonders for releasing tension in the back, especially if you are the flyer. 

To do this pose, you have to first set yourselves up in the Front Bird Pose, but instead, the base needs to turn their feet out into a “V” shape on the flyer’s hips. Once the base has set their feet up in the correct position, the flyer is free to release their hands and hand their torso over the base’s legs. 

7. Foot to Hand

The Foot to Hand Acro Yoga pose requires lots of focus, teamwork, and strength and shouldn’t be attempted without a bit of experience. It is the perfect Acro Yoga pose to do with your partner when you really want to push your body and test your skill.

This is one of the best poses to practice when you want to push your balance and with a strong core and trustworthy partner, you will be able to hold this pose for quite a while! 

To do this pose, the base needs to lay flat on their back and extend their legs up so their body makes an “L” shape. Next, they need to bend their elbows with their forearms facing up. 

The flyer then needs to stand near the base’s head and then grab the base’s feet for some support. Stepping with their right foot into the base’s right hand, they then need to repeat that motion with their left leg. 

The base then needs to grab hold of the flyer’s heels and keep their forearms on the ground. Slowly, the flyer can find their balance as they take their hands off of the base’s feet. The straighter the flyer stands, the more successful this move will be. 


So there you have it! 7 amazing acro yoga poses to push your body. Each of these poses requires strength and patience, and it is super important to practice them with a partner that you really trust in order to stay safe and land the move. 

Next time you plan to do some Acro Yoga with your partner, give these moves a try and watch how much you push your body and work up a sweat! 

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