8 Amazing Couples Yoga To Keep Your Relationship Fresh

Couples yoga is an amazing way to keep your relationship fresh and vibrant. Whether you’ve been together for years or are just starting out, spending time on the mat together can bring a new level of connection and intimacy that will help strengthen your bond. 

7 Amazing Couples Yoga To Keep Your Relationship Fresh

Not only does couples yoga promote physical health, but it also improves communication skills, problem-solving abilities, trust, emotional stability and more. In this article we’ll explore why couples yoga is so beneficial and how you can get started with some simple poses.

1. Partner Breathing

Couples yoga is a great way to keep your relationship fresh. An exercise many couples do together is partner breathing, which helps each individual learn how to breathe deeply and mindfully. 

To begin the exercise, both partners should sit cross-legged on the floor or in chairs opposite one another.

They then place their hands lightly on top of each other’s palms, with the back of their hands touching and their eyes closed. This can also be done whilst sitting close to each other but not touching.

The couple can then take turns leading the breath: one person inhales for four counts and exhales for six counts while their partner follows along.

This allows them to become more mindful of their own breathing patterns as well as sync it up with their partner’s. This synchronization helps create a deeper connection between them.

By practicing this technique regularly, couples can cultivate feelings of relaxation and connectedness that will help strengthen their relationship even further. With continual practice, they’ll be able to deepen their bond by sharing moments of mindfulness that are just theirs.

2. Partner Forward Fold

Partner Forward Fold is an energizing pose for couples to do together – it’s great for stretching out your backs, shoulders, and hamstrings. To get started:

  • Sit facing each other with feet hip-distance apart
  • Reach towards each other holding opposite arms 
  • One partner bends forward whilst the other bends back 
  • Touch the ground (or as far down as flexibility allows)
  • Hold this position for up to 15 seconds before coming back up

As you hold the stretch, focus on keeping your breathing in sync – inhaling and exhaling in unison. This will help deepen relaxation while connecting with your significant other. 

Your body should be relaxed yet engaged during this pose; take some moments between stretches to communicate how you are feeling or what modifications would make it more comfortable. 

In addition to physical benefits like increased flexibility, Partner Forward Fold can create emotional connection by heightening trust and communication within couples.

3. Partner Savasana

Partner Savasana is an amazing couples yoga pose that helps to bring freshness and closeness into your relationship. It’s a restful pose in which two people lay side by side, facing the same direction with their legs extended and arms at their sides. 

This position gives you both a chance to relax together while feeling connected. You can hold hands, or even hug each other if it feels right for both of you. The intent behind Partner Savasana is to help you foster trust and connection with your partner through relaxation and stillness.

When practicing this pose as a couple, it’s important to take turns leading the practice – one person should lead while the other follows along. 

Each partner can focus on their own breath and use visualization techniques such as imagining themselves surrounded by love and light during the time they are lying down together. 

Taking time to be still like this helps clear away any stress or tension between partners and encourages feelings of understanding and appreciation for each other.

By connecting body, mind, spirit and heart with your partner in this way, you’ll find yourselves growing closer than ever before – creating new levels of intimacy within your relationship!

4. Backbend/Forward Fold

Backbend/forward fold poses are a great way to keep your relationship fresh. Not only do they stretch and strengthen the body, but also deepen communication between partners. In this pose, both partners will begin in a standing position facing each other or away from each other with their feet shoulder-width apart. 

The first partner should reach out and hold their hands behind their partner’s back while slowly bending forwards at the waist. Their partner should support them by placing their arms around the lower back for stability.

The second partner can then gently press down on the lower back of the first partner to guide them into a deeper bend. This will help open up some of those tight muscles that have been holding tension for days or weeks!

Once both partners feel comfortable, they can spend several moments relaxing in this position before swapping roles and repeating the exercise from the beginning.

This is an excellent couple’s yoga practice that will not only bring couples closer together physically but emotionally as well. Working together like this helps foster understanding, trust, and ultimately love between two people who care deeply about one another.

5. Standing Backward Fold

Standing Backward Fold is a great couples yoga pose that can help to keep your relationship fresh. In this pose, you and your partner will stand facing each other about an arm’s length away.

You’ll then reach out for each other’s hands and fold backward at the hips with your spines parallel to the ground. This position allows for improved circulation in both of you and promotes flexibility in the spine and hamstrings.

It also encourages communication between partners as it requires trust from one another to ensure proper alignment throughout the practice. As you hold this posture, take deep breaths while keeping focused, let go of any worries or stressors and enjoy being present with one another.

During this time, think positive thoughts towards one another and remember why you chose to be together in the first place!

This poses helps both of you stay grounded within the relationship while providing healthy benefits such as increased balance, joint stability, mobility, strength and relaxation.

Make sure to take some extra time here before releasing back up into standing position with a hug – allowing yourself just a moment longer to connect more deeply with one another.

6. Seated Twist

The seated twist pose helps both of you stretch out those tight muscles while also helping keep your relationship fresh.

To start this pose, sit closely together with one leg crossed over the other in a comfortable position for each of you. Your back should be straight as if you were sitting up against a wall. 

Next, take turns reaching around behind each other and holding onto shoulders, arms or hands depending on what is comfortable for both of you.

Make sure to look into each other’s eyes at least once during this process so that there is still an intimate connection between the two of you even though you are stretching!

Once in the proper position, slowly lean away from each other until your backs are flat against the floor. Hold this pose for fifteen seconds or longer before releasing and coming back together again. 

Seated twists help open your chest area which improves breathing patterns and encourages better communication between partners – perfect for keeping relationships strong!

7. Back-To-Back Chair

The Back-to-Back Chair is a great couples yoga pose that helps to build trust and connection in your relationship. It can be done sitting on the floor or with two chairs facing away from each other. Here’s how it works:

Sit back to back with your partner, making sure there’s at least one foot of space between you. Place your hands lightly on each others’ knees or thighs for added support. Take turns inhaling and exhaling deeply while focusing on synchronizing your breathing patterns.

Close your eyes and focus on sending energy to each other as a way of showing love and support.

Now slowly begin to lean forward, allowing yourselves to become more connected through physical contact without straining any muscles or joints.

As you relax into this position, take some time to share thoughts about moments in the past where you felt close and supported by one another’s presence. Allow yourself to feel those feelings again and enjoy being present with each other in the moment.

This pose will strengthen communication between partners, create an atmosphere of mutual respect, and foster deeper understanding of one another – all important ingredients for a lasting relationship!

8. Twin/Double Tree

Twin Tree is a more challenging partner yoga posture because both partners need to be able to balance and work together in harmony. It’s essential for each person to trust the other so they can support one another throughout the entire process.

To begin with, stand side by side with your partner. Then raise your arms up above your head and interlock fingers without locking elbows. To maintain proper alignment of your spine, press into each other’s hands while keeping core muscles engaged. 

Twin Tree provides couples with a great opportunity to practice trusting one another while also strengthening physical connection in their relationship.

Not only do partners get a chance to stretch out tight areas, but they also learn how to find equilibrium in difficult situations which builds coordination, strength and patience among them – valuable skills that will help keep their relationship fresh!


Overall, couples yoga is an amazing way to keep your relationship fresh and healthy. It can help to improve communication, trust, and intimacy between you and your partner. 

Couples yoga can also help to reduce stress and increase relaxation. It’s an enjoyable activity to do together and can help to keep your relationship strong and vibrant. 

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