6 Incredible Harmony Yoga Poses To Keep In Your Practice Regimen

Practicing yoga has long been noted to have numerous benefits not only for our physical health; helping out balance and strength, but also for helping our mental health. It allows us to clear our minds of the daily stresses that hold us back, and focus on the present moment.

6 Incredible Harmony Yoga Poses To Keep In Your Practice Regimen

Yoga allows us to take on various unique poses that can either be strenuous, or incredibly relaxing, but regardless, these poses help us to gain a sense of flow, and most importantly, a sense of harmony! 

However, some yoga poses are a little bit better than others, especially when it comes to attaining a sense of harmony.

If harmony is an important part of your daily life, then you will definitely want to include the following poses as part of your regular yoga routine, so that you can become the master of your mind, and achieve a sense of harmony that is almost unparalleled.

Ready to find out what these poses are, and how to take them on? Then make sure to dive in down below to find out everything you need to know! 

1. Waterfall Pose

The waterfall pose is great if you need to attain some relaxation and allow your spirit to heal and rejuvenate, as it is low intensity, yet still stretches your body in all of the right places to have you feeling fighting fit in no time.

Start by sitting down on your yoga mat, and then lie back, with your knees bent, and your feet placed firmly on the mat beneath you. 

From here, grab a soft block, and slowly lift your hips up by using your feet as a form of support. Place the block just under the small of your back. Once the block is in a comfortable position, you will be able to then slowly lift each knee toward your chest. 

Once each knee has been bent inward toward the chest, you can slowly lengthen your legs until they are pointing straight up. To start with, this exercise may take it out of you and prove strenuous, so make sure to prop your legs up against the wall for the first few attempts, if you feel you do not have the strength to keep them held up! 

Hold your legs in position for around 30 seconds, while focusing on your breathing.

2. Half Tiger Pose

The half-tiger pose is great for boosting your circulation, which helps you to attain a much greater sense of harmony all across your body, and allows your body to release some of its stresses. 

Lay a comfortable yoga mat onto the ground, and lower yourself into a standard plank position. Make sure that your shoulders are just over your wrists, and that your hips are carefully aligned with your shoulders. 

Carefully lift yourself up with your palms, and lift your right foot off of the mat, while bringing your knee close to your chest. 

From here, you should be able to lift your stomach up, while also dropping your left heel, so that it touches the mat. 

This easier variant of the tiger pose is a little easier to hold while helping your body to relieve itself of tension. Try to hold the pose for around 30 seconds, and then switch the side you are working on. 

3. Supported Half Frog Pose

This pose is great for opening up the hips and thighs, which can really stretch you into the perfect position to give your legs far improved flexibility. Performing this exercise will help you to feel incredibly stretched and flexed, so you will be able to handle much more intense poses should you wish.

Your circulation will be supported as you hold this pose, which helps your body to take in oxygen, which helps to make you physically and mentally much calmer. 

This pose may look quite extreme, but luckily this is a supported variation that will help you to avoid being strained too much! 

Start by laying on your stomach on your yoga mat. Hold a pillow close to the right side of your body, to add some extra support, and a little bit of extra cushioning to make the exercise more comfortable. 

Place one hand on top of the other, in front of you, and then place your head onto them. Bend your right knee inwards to around a 90-degree angle. Normally, the full frog position would require grabbing your right leg and pulling it into your back. Instead, the half-frog allows you to bend your leg until your thigh rests against the pillow on your side. 

This position still stretches your leg enough to have you feeling great but doesn’t totally tire you out. 

Try to hold your position for around 30 minutes, before swapping over to the other side! 

4. The Corpse Pose

We know that the name of this pose can certainly elicit some strange reactions, but don’t worry, you don’t have to quite literally become a corpse! 

The corpse pose simply requires you to place your yoga mat on the ground, before you recline on it. Lay down in a position that allows your spine to be totally aligned, and try to slightly stretch your toes forward, to become a totally straight line, almost rigid, like a corpse!

Try to also place your hands flat onto the ground beside you, so that you can feel a closer connection to the Earth. 

As you lie there, make sure to focus on controlling your breathing. This will allow your mind to really slowly clear out and become soothed. This is a great pose to try out after a larger workout because it allows your body to release all tension, as you reflect on everything you have done.

You’ll feel your whole body really relaxing as you take on this pose, and it is so incredibly soothing. It makes such a great treat after a long session of carrying out tougher poses!

5. Burrito Pose

The burrito pose is just as fun as it sounds, and it can also be a great way to deal with bloat after a heavy meal, because it is designed to massage your internal organs.

Make sure you have a towel nearby, and roll it up into a burrito shape. That’s right, in this pose, it’s not you that will be taking on the shape of a burrito! 

Once the towel is ready, place it down onto the yoga mat, and lay down onto it, with the towel directly under your navel.

Place your hands to both sides of your head for support,with your elbows aligned to your shoulders. 

You can hold this pose for a few minutes, and allow your weight to press into the towel, massaging your organs. If you need extra support, we recommend using a yoga block to support your head, to keep your neck from straining in this position.

6. The Tree Pose

The tree pose is arguably one of the most iconic yoga poses around, and it is a great one to include in your regimen if you are looking to improve your sense of harmony and calm. 

This pose really stretches your entire body, which can leave you feeling totally renewed by the time you finish it up. The best thing of all, this pose is very easy to take up. All you need is a good sense of balance so that you can perch on one foot for a few seconds. 

Start by placing a thin yoga mat on the floor. You will want the mat to be thin enough that you make enough contact with the ground. This makes it much easier to maintain your balance throughout.

Step onto the mat, and bring your toes close together, with only an inch between your heels. From here, you can take your hands, and place them in front of your chest, this makes it easier to engage your stomach muscles, which help you to hold on to the pose as you prepare to balance on one foot.

Once you are ready, lift one of your feet up from the mat, and bend the knee as you bring it up. Provided you have the flexibility, you should be able to lift the foot to touch the other thigh, with your bent knee pointing out to your side. Don’t worry if you have to place your foot a little lower down! 

You are now in the tree pose, and you can hold it for a few seconds while focusing on your breathing. Once you are finished, simply let your foot return to the mat, and repeat with the other foot! 

To Wrap Up

Yoga can be great for strengthening your mental and physical health, as well as also improving your overall well-being, and your sense of harmony. These six poses are easily the very best poses to try if you want to improve the sense of harmony in your life. They’ll help you to achieve a sense of calm that you’ve likely never experienced before! 

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