How Many Times A Week Should You Do Yoga?

So, you’ve recently decided to start doing yoga. Or maybe you’ve decided to resume your yoga, we’ve all been there. But either way, you’re looking to find out how often you should be taking to your mat. 

Well, there’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to how often you should engage in yoga. Really, it can be done as often as you’d like. As well as how often your body will allow it.

How Many Times A Week Should You Do Yoga?

If you’re new to yoga, you don’t need to set your expectations sky-high. It’s usually best to start slow, around once or twice a week, and then increase it once you’re able to do so. 

If you’re a yoga pro, on the other hand, you might be more used to stretching out on that mat almost every day. And that’s fine too.

Or maybe you’re somewhere in between, you’ve done it for a while but you fall in and out of practicing and are looking to see just how often you should be falling in as opposed to out. But again, the answer is really as often as you can. 

In this article, we’re going to look a little deeper into how often you should be practicing yoga, why it’s a good habit to form, and a few things to keep in mind while practicing. So, shall we jump straight into it? 

A Healthy Habit 

While there is no definitive number to the number of times per week that you should be practicing yoga, there’s no denying that practicing it is always a good habit to form.

There are literally tons of health and wellness benefits that come with doing yoga, and you definitely want to take advantage of each and every one. Especially when life is as hectic and stressful as it is. 

As mentioned above, though, when it comes to the number of times you should be doing yoga, it will all be really dependent on your current level of experience and fitness level.

Yoga also requires a lot of patience that won’t come naturally to everybody. So it’s often best to ease yourself into it slowly and dial it up a notch once you’re more familiar and comfortable with the practice. 

Generally speaking, it is usually best for yoga newbies to try and squeeze in around one to three sessions per week. This will help your body adjust to all the new poses and stretches that you’re trying out. 

Keep in mind that you’ll probably start using muscles that you haven’t used in a while, and you can wake up pretty achy. So, you won’t want to overdo it at first. 

Yoga Tips To Follow 

How Many Times A Week Should You Do Yoga?

Follow The Rule Of Thumb

What is the rule of thumb for yoga you ask? Well, that it is practiced anywhere between two to five times each week. And let’s just reiterate that you’re much better starting with the lower values as you begin and then increasing them as you become more comfortable. 

The best way to stick it out with yoga is to create a consistent practice schedule that you can follow. But that means that it needs to be achievable. So, create a goal that fits your own time scale. 

It’s always a good idea if you’re opting for several weekly sessions, such as 5 or 6, to ensure that some of them are relatively relaxed and not overly strenuous. You should also always ensure that you have at least one rest day so your body has some recuperation time. 

Start To Base Your Yoga Workouts On Goals

The number of times that you practice yoga can also differ massively depending on your overall goals. For example, an individual taking part in yoga sessions to build strength or lose weight may opt for more sessions than an individual whose goal is to simply relax and destress. 

Mental Health Comes First 

Yoga is well known for its many benefits in terms of mental health. If you are looking to begin a yoga journey focusing on your mental health more specifically than your physical health, you may opt for more sessions the more stressed out or upset you get, for instance.

Yoga does have an amazing way of calming and clearing your mind. 

However, sometimes the thought of trying to add a yoga session to an already long list of jobs and responsibilities might actually cause more harm than good.

If trying to add additional sessions to your week is causing more stress or negative emotions such as guilt for not sticking to the schedule, then it’s time to take a quick breather. 

Think of yoga as a marathon, not a sprint. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to achieve your goals as long as you know that you are putting the effort in to get there.

Ultimately, while yoga is beneficial and should become a regular part of your weekly routine, you should always listen to your mind and body and put your health, in either aspect, first. 

Final Thoughts 

Yoga is an amazing practice that helps individuals connect with their mind and soul. It has so many different benefits both physical and mental, so we really can’t recommend adding yoga to your weekly routine enough. 

How often you add yoga to your weekly schedule is really a matter of personal preference. There’s no wrong or right answer. A person who does yoga four times a week is no better than an individual who does yoga twice a week.

Mainly because it’s not a competition, it’s simply an exercise to help you destress and relax. 

As a general rule of thumb, though, you should be aiming for anywhere between two to five sessions per week depending on your experience level.

Also, keep in mind that not every single session has to push you to your limits. Some days can be easier than others and that’s okay too. 

Whatever you do, though, always try and leave at least one day as a rest day so that your body has a chance to recuperate. 

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