How To Tighten Face Skin With Exercise

As we get older, one of the key things that starts to sag is our faces, it’s also one of the most noticeable areas, because well… it’s on our face! But don’t worry, there is a process called skin tightening, that can help to firm up your face. 

How To Tighten Face Skin With Exercise?

There are several different tips and tricks behind achieving super smooth and tight skin on your face, and if you need some help getting started out, then you’ve come to the right place.

Below, we’ve compiled this handy guide that contains a number of different steps that you can take in order to tighten your face with exercise, as well as some other methods. 

To find out more, simply keep reading below as we take a closer look. 

Why Is My Skin Sagging? 

Now, before we delve into all of our tips and tricks, first of all, we’d like to discuss why your skin sags in the first place. Well, it’s all to do with an item in our bodies called collagen.

Collagen is actually one of the most abundant items in your body, and it’s responsible for making sure that your skin tissue stays close to all of your muscles. 

As we get older however, this abundant protein becomes less and less abundant in our bodies. This is essentially what causes our skin to sag. The shrinking collagen levels, coupled with the shrinking fat levels, will eventually cause dips in our skin. 

There are, of course, other factors that can affect the levels of collagen in our bodies, with one of the most common being weight loss.

If you’ve recently lost a lot of weight, you’ll probably notice that you have lots of extra skin, and this isn’t reserved just for areas in our body, but our face too. 

How To Tighten My Face Skin With Exercise? 

Now that we’ve taken a look at why our skin starts to sag as we get older, we can move on to discuss how you can combat this common issue. Exercising our facial muscles is highly beneficial, and there’s no right age to get started with them.

Even if you’re still young, and don’t think you need to do any facial exercises, it can still help slow down the breakdown of collagen. 

Exercise 1 

For our first exercise, we’re going to be focusing on our foreheads. You’re going to need to frown as hard as you possibly can, then bring your eyebrows closely together towards the centerpoint of your forehead. 

After you’ve done this, you’re going to want to do the exact same thing but in the reverse. Lift your eyebrows super high, and widen your eyes. 

Exercise 2

For our next exercise, we’re going to be targeting the area just underneath your chin, and also your neck. This exercise can also help to slim down the area in general.

All you need to do for this one is to place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth. 

Look upwards, and smile. Do this repetitively, and for around 40 seconds for each rep. 

Exercise 3 

For our final exercise, we’re going to be doing some exercises that can help to strengthen the muscles behind your cheekbones. It will help them to appear rounder, and more firm. 

In order to perform this exercise, you just need to put your fingertips on either side of your nose, then lift your face muscles upwards, trying to combat the resistance provided by your fingertips. 

Other Remedies For Sagging Face Skin 

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at some of the very best facial exercises you can perform in order to improve the vitality of your skin, we can move on to discuss some other remedies for sagging skin.

How To Tighten Face Skin With Exercise?

Most of these are super simple to employ into your daily routine. 

  • Drinking Plenty Of Water – One of the first and most important things that you should do in order to combat sagging facial skin is to make sure that you’re getting plenty of water on a daily basis. Staying hydrated will prevent your skin from drying out and cracking, which can make it appear even older. 
  • Wear Sunscreen – Another way to protect yourself against sagging skin is to make sure that you’re always wearing plenty of sunscreen. This will stop any damage from harmful UV rays, and ultimately keep your skin looking as young as possible. 
  • Take Supplements – If you really want to protect yourself from sagging skin, then one of the best things that you can do is pick up some collagen supplements. These are really effective when it comes to boosting the collagen production in your body. 
  • Laser Peel – If you’re happy to combat your sagging skin with a slightly more invasive method, then we’d recommend that you do some laser peeling. Laser peeling promotes collagen production, and also removes the cracked layer of skin resting on the top of your face. 

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, there are a few different exercises you can perform in order to tighten the skin on the surface of your face.

As well as this, you should also make sure that you’re drinking plenty of water, applying sunscreen to your facial region, and taking collagen supplements. 

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