6 Best Items At Beyond Yoga To Get For Your Class

We are all aware of just how beneficial yoga can be for our physical and mental well-being. It can provide relaxation and clarity, as well as a unique connection to our body.

6 Best Items At Beyond Yoga To Get For Your Class

With that being said, in order to get the most out of your yoga classes, you need to have confidence walking into the studio. One of the easiest ways to get that confidence, especially if you are a beginner, is to look the part. 

Having the right clothing can make you feel much more confident and relaxed walking into a new studio. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best items you can get from Beyond Yoga for your next yoga class. 

Spacedye At Your Leisure High-Waisted Leggings

A great pair of leggings that hug your body in all the right places is the perfect place to start when it comes to building confidence for your yoga class.

Although all leggings are fairly similar, the Spacedye at your leisure high-waisted leggings have some details that make them incredibly flattering for all body types. 

The high waistband helps to keep your stomach and core supported throughout your practice which can allow you to focus on your flow and poses rather than worrying about adjusting your leggings.

The front of the waistband has an overlap detail that creates a very flattering V-shape. Perfect for pairing with a crop top or sports bra

The Spacedye material is incredibly soft and allows for a full range of motion so you won’t be hindered by inflexible clothing. These leggings are available in a range of sizes from XXS to XL. There is also a wide range of colors to choose from including neutrals and brighter tones. 


  • Enhances your natural curves
  • Flattering on all body types
  • Soft and versatile fabric


  • The fabric tends to pile between the legs

Spacedye Get In Gear Biker Jumpsuit

If you prefer an outfit that is all in one to keep things simple for your yoga classes, this could be the perfect item from Beyond Yoga for you.

The Spacedye get in gear biker jumpsuit is the perfect way to take all the stress out of getting ready for your yoga class. The beauty of this all-in-one suit is that you don’t need to worry about pants riding down or tops riding up during your flow. 

The straps on the biker suit are adjustable so you can ensure that the suit is as comfortable as possible throughout your practice.

It also features a self shelf bra to give you the support that you need no matter what pose you are practicing. The Spacedye fabric of the suit is buttery soft which adds to the overall comfort of this item. 

The suit is designed to offer all-over gentle compression that helps to support your body throughout your workout and boosts your confidence at the same time. The biker suit also doubles up as the perfect outfit for running errands or chilling out with your friends. The suit is available in sizes XS to XL.


  • Available in a decent range of sizes
  • Buttery soft material for extra comfort
  • All-over compression and a built-in bra for support


  • Getting the sizing right for a bodysuit can be difficult

Spacedye Studio Cropped Tank

For those of you who prefer to wear two-piece outfits over all-in-ones, the Spacedye studio cropped tank top could be just what you need to boost your confidence at your yoga class.

The design of the tank is incredibly flattering, especially for showcasing those shoulders that have been sculpted by yoga. The tank isn’t extremely cropped which means that you don’t have to worry about it riding up and exposing you during class. 

The built-in bra helps to provide you with comfortable support throughout your yoga practice and beyond. The straps are wide and soft enough to ensure that they don’t dig in and cause discomfort no matter how long you wear the tank for.

The criss-cross design of the straps adds some fun personality to the tank and creates a fun keyhole detail on the back. 

The high neckline of this tank helps to keep you supported and comfortable no matter what pose you are mastering. The studio cropped tank comes in an impressive range of sizes from XS to 4XL.

6 Best Items At Beyond Yoga To Get For Your Class

There are currently only two neutral colors that the tank comes in but it is sure to match with the rest of your yoga wardrobe seamlessly. 


  • Impressive range of sizes available
  • Built-in bra for support
  • Comfortable criss-cross straps to avoid digging in


  • The cut and non-adjustable straps may not work with all body types

Spacedye Everyday Hoodie

What you wear during class is important, however, so is what you wear to and from class. You want to be comfortable and in the right mindset for your yoga practice before you even get on your mat.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by making sure you have something comfortable and loose to wear over your yoga outfit. The Spacedye everyday hoodie is the perfect thing to throw on over your yoga outfit to keep you warm to and from your class. 

The hoodie features a full-zip front closure which means you don’t have to worry about pulling it over your head and messing with your hair.

The cut of the hoodie is specifically designed to be unrestrictive which makes it perfect for warming up prior to the class starting. This is another product that features the signature Spacedye buttery soft material that feels extra comforting. 

The everyday hoodie has a low hip length which means that it feels quite comfortable and modest if you are uncomfortable just wearing your yoga pants outside of class. The hoodie comes in a generous range of sizes from XS to 4XL. It comes in three basic, neutral colors. 


  • Comfortable and not restrictive
  • Full-zip front closure makes it easy to throw on and remove
  • Neutral colors make it perfect for everyday wear too


  • Runs very long on shorter women

Practice High-Waisted Pant

If you are not a fan of wearing leggings to your yoga classes, the practice high-waisted pants from Beyond Yoga could be the perfect yoga pants for you. These are full-length pants that are perfect for all types of yoga practice

The gentle flare at the bottom of the pants is one of the best things about them. It helps to add some additional shape to your legs and can balance out your proportions if you are self-conscious about your hips. 

The waistband of these pants offers light compression which helps to keep them in place throughout your flow and provides additional control and support. The length of the pants is perfect for women of all heights, even those who are taller than average which is a huge bonus. 

The material of these pants is different from the Spacedye material of other items in this article. It is less buttery than Spacedye products but the material is less likely to pile as a result of friction from movement. You can purchase these pants in XS to XL although the sizing runs a little small so you should size up when ordering. 


  • Very flattering style of pant
  • Durable and unrestrictive material
  • Gentle compression around the waistband


  • The sizing runs small compared to other Beyond Yoga products

Spacedye Lift Your Spirits Bra

Having a high-quality sports bra in your yoga wardrobe is essential. However, it can be difficult to find a sports bra that is supportive and comfortable, especially if you are going to be taking long yoga classes or heading straight from work and wearing the bra all day. Thankfully, the Spacedye lift your spirits bra could be just what you need. 

This sports bra is different from other sports bras that you might own. Instead of pushing your chest down and removing all shape and definition, the lift your spirits bra is body-contouring with removable pads to help you celebrate your curves and your body. Amazingly, it does all this while still offering great support. 

As well as celebrating the natural curves of your body, this bra comes in a wide range of colors to celebrate your personality as well. You can choose from a range of neutral tones or opt for brighter, more vibrant colors. Beyond Yoga offers this bra in sizes XXS to 4XL. 


  • Celebrates your curves rather than flattening them
  • Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes
  • Offers medium support for your yoga class


  • Not offered in traditional bra sizing which can be limiting

Final Thoughts

There are so many amazing options to purchase from Beyond Yoga for your next class. These are just a few of the best options to create a fun and comfortable yoga wardrobe that you can easily throw on for any class.

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