6 Best Mens Yoga Pants To Use For Each Session

Men’s yoga pants are becoming a much-wanted fashion accessory, not only are they comfortable enough to wear to your yoga session, but you can wear them to the supermarket or even around the house. There are yoga pants designed for both the winter and the summer.

6 Best Mens Yoga Pants To Use For Each Session

The important this for yoga pants is support and comfort. Yoga pants need to be made from material that has enough elasticity, especially if you are trying those very difficult yoga poses. Also, you’ll want to make sure that the material is breathable and helps wick away sweat.

So, what are the best yoga pants to wear if you are a man? What features should they have to give you the optimum support? How comfortable should they be? Well, we have trawled the internet and found some of the comfiest, most durable, and most supportive yoga pants on the market.

6 Best Mens Yoga Pants To Use For Each Session

1. Nike Men’s Pro Compression 3/4 Tights

This first pair of tights are designed by one of the best brands: Nike. It really shows in the quality of the design. This is made from polyester, which is not only a very breathable material, but also helps you to get rid of any excess moisture that builds up.

This is also made from a very absorbent material, which is great for soaking up any sweat around your legs when you are really pushing yourself to the limit. You can wear them to the yoga studio during the middle of winter and they will keep you warm.


  • Moisture wicking – This will get rid of a lot of sweat buildup.
  • Stylish – you won’t mind wearing these to the supermarket.
  • Supportive – You can trust that these won’t split when doing a deep stretch.
  • Warm – these are great to wear during the colder seasons.


  • Expensive – you might be spending a lot of money on these.

2. AIRIKE Men’s Elastic Waist Hiking Pants

This next pair of yoga pants are largely made from polyester, but they also contain some spandex to make them extra stretchy. This is very important when you are performing complex stretches and you need to make sure that your pants don’t split.

These also come with UV protection, which is perfect if you are doing outdoor yoga. The great thing about these pants is that you can use them for so many different activities: yoga, hiking, jogging, golfing, general training or even just loafing around the house!


  • Stretchy – this contains spandex, so you can be sure it is very giving.
  • Water resistant – this is highly resistant to moisture and sweat.
  • Zipper closure – you won’t have to worry about your personal possessions falling out of your pocket.
  • UV protection – this will not cause irritation if you are stretching in the sun.


  • Poor stitching – some wearers have complained that these pants split after a few months.

3. Alo Yoga Men’s Sweatpant

Next up, we have a pair of yoga pants that comes with a super thick waistband that fits nicely and snugly around the waist without any chafing or cutting into the skin. These are bagging and billowy pants, allowing plenty of air circulation.

This is made from a combination of nylon, polyester and spandex, with a closeable drawstring that you can use to tie off however you like. This is very stretchy and has zippable pockets so your personal possessions won’t fall out of them.


  • Comfortable – these are not tight to the skin, so they won’t feel restrictive.
  • Texture – this will feel great against your skin.
  • Warm – these pants will keep you warm, which is great for the wintertime.
  • Versatile – you can wear this for sports training or relaxing around the house.


  • Some wears have complained these aren’t very durable.

4. prAna Men’s Vaha Pant

When it comes to the range of styles, then this brand of yoga pants is hard to beat. They come in lots of different colors, each one billowy and baggy enough to allow plenty of air to circulate to all the important areas while having a thick waistband that won’t dig into the flesh.

This has a drawstring on the waistband that allows you to tighten the pants around your waist. You can pick up these pants in small, medium, or large. They can be machine washed and you won’t have to worry about them perishing.


  • Slack – these are the loose kind of yoga pants that won’t hug the skin too tightly.
  • Hemp – this is a very soft material that will not irritate the skin.
  • Cut for men – this is cut specially for men, allowing them room to maneuver.
  • Odor reduction – this will eliminate a lot of odors, which is great if you like to work up a sweat.


  • Itchy – some wearers have claimed that they find this material very uncomfortable.

5. Rhone Men’s Versatility Pant

These next pants are made from high-quality nylon material that will stretch in accordance with your movements. You can easily machine wash this, which is great if you are on a tight schedule, and you haven’t got time to hand wash everything.

This also comes with a hidden zipper pocket that will allow you to discreetly tuck away your items and prevent them from falling out of your pants. This is also another pair of anti-odor yoga pants, so you won’t have to worry about those funny smells.


  • Spandex and nylon – these two materials are some of the most comfortable, so this blend is ideal.
  • Drawstring – this has a drawstring closure, so you can adapt your yoga pants for your unique shape.
  • Odor reduction – these pants will limit any noxious odors.
  • Media pocket – this has a pocket in the pack where you can put your phone or wallet and not have to worry about them falling out.


  • Expensive – you’ll find yourself shelling out more than a few dollars for these pants.

6. BALEAF Men’s Yoga Leggings Running Tights

This next pair of yoga pants are slightly more figure-hugging, but you can be sure that they will give you all the necessary support that you need to perform the most complex maneuvers. You can use these pants for multiple different reasons: running, jogging, hiking, gym training, dance, or basketball.

These leggings would be the perfect gift for that yoga-obsessed man in your life. There are large pockets on the side that can store a large phone, which is great if you don’t like leaving your personal possessions in a locker. These also wick away moisture and are very breathable.


  • Stylish – You can get these yoga pants in plenty of colors, so why not buy a few pairs for yourself?
  • Smooth and secure – this comes with a wide and stretchy waistband.
  • Mixture of materials – this comes with a blend of materials from spandex to nylon to cotton.
  • Moneyback guarantee – you can return these after 30 days, no questions asked.


  • Ill-fitting – some reviewers have complained that these do not fit well.

Buyer’s Guide

6 Best Mens Yoga Pants To Use For Each Session

When you are trying to find the right yoga pants for a man, there are certain features that you cannot go without. Here are just a few of them:


It is important that you are comfortable, especially when you are doing a physically demanding exercise like yoga. You’ll need to make sure that you are able to complete every position to its maximum range of motion.


For a lot of men, it will be important to look good, even on the yoga mat. There are plenty of yoga pants that look sleek and will emphasize the definition of your legs. You can also get yoga pants in different colors.


If you are going to be doing yoga a few times a week for a long period, under intense exposure to movement and moisture, then you’ll want to make sure that they will be able to last without splitting or wearing away.


Hopefully, our guide to these amazing men’s yoga pants has helped you to decide which is the best style for you. You’ll need to make sure that your yoga pants are made from spandex and that they will get rid of as much moisture as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Wear Special Yoga Pants?

A: There are a lot of pants out there that are not really adapted for yoga, as they do not have the right amount of give or they are made from a material that is too heavy.

Q: How Many Yoga Pants Should I Have?

A: This will all depend on how much yoga you do in the space or a week. If you are a casual yoga practitioner, then you should probably own 2 sets of yoga pants to cut down on wear and tear.

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