10 Amazing Prenatal Yoga To Try For Yourself

Yoga can be practiced by practically anyone, but if you are pregnant, you might be wondering if it’s still ok. Well, you will be happy to know that there are plenty of yoga poses and routines that you can do while you’re pregnant! 

10 Amazing Prenatal Yoga To Try For Yourself

It really depends on which trimester you are in, but there are lots of different prenatal yoga poses and routines that are completely fine for you to do.

It can be difficult adapting to being pregnant, but yoga is one of those things that doesn’t cause any risk to you or your baby and it’s a great way to destress and get some exercise. 

If you want to find out more about yoga you can do while pregnant, then you have come to the right place! We have put together a list of 10 amazing prenatal yoga poses for you to try for yourself.

Each of these poses is suitable for different trimesters, so read on to find out a bit more about each of them! 

1. Down Dog Pose

The Down Dog pose is one of the most well-known poses in yoga, and it is perfect for your first trimester of pregnancy. It is perfect for stretching out the back and relieving any tension that is trapped inside. 

When you are pregnant, the Down Dog pose is perfect for making you feel good about yourself, both physically and mentally. Because you don’t have a huge baby bump, you will still be able to get into the correct position with no issues at all. 

If you are experiencing nausea or morning sickness, however, it’s best to avoid the Down Dog pose until your stomach is a bit more settled, so just keep that in mind before you dive in. 

2. Pigeon Pose

The Pigeon Pose is another great yoga pose for you to do when you are in your first trimester. It will help you to open up your hips and if you do it regularly through your first trimester, it will aid in childbirth by keeping your hips flexible.

When pregnant, it is helpful to place a bolster pillow under your pelvis when you attempt the Pigeon Pose. This will make the whole pose more comfortable and it won’t be as strenuous as it usually is. 

When practicing the Pigeon Pose, it is important to be mindful of and check your breathing. For this pose to be beneficial, you want to make sure that your breathing is steady and not erratic in any way. 

3. Garland Pose

The Garland Pose is another fantastic pose to practice during your first trimester. It will help you to build strength and it will assist you in your squatting abilities. 

Squatting is a popular way for expecting mothers when they are going into labor. Lots of mothers even choose to deliver their baby in a squatting position, and the Garland Pose is perfect to help you strengthen your pelvic muscles and prepare you for delivery. It also helps to improve the range of motion in your hips. 

If you need extra support in your sit bones for this pose, you can place folded blankets or even a block down. When practicing yoga during pregnancy, it’s more about comfort than doing anything too strenuous, so if you need extra support, use it! 

4. Puppy Pose

The Puppy pose is fantastic for any expecting mothers who are currently in their second trimester. There are a few different ways in which you can do the Puppy Pose, but we recommend that you do it with your arms pressed against a wall during your second trimester.

The Puppy Pose is especially great for alleviating back pain, especially when you are pregnant, but it is a completely safe way to do it. It will stretch out your lower back and help to get rid of any pain or discomfort you might be feeling. 

By placing your arms straight against the wall, it will also completely support the weight of your upper body, so you can just focus on relaxing. 

5. Goddess Pose

The Goddess Pose is another great yoga pose to incorporate into your exercise routine during your second trimester. It is beneficial for strengthening your lower body and it is perfect for strengthening your core too. 

Some of the areas that will be worked on when performing the Goddess Pose include the glutes, quads, hamstrings, abductors, inner thighs, abs, lower back, obliques, and TVA. This is a great pose to practice during your pregnancy, and you will feel stronger because of it. 

If you are having a more difficult pregnancy or you just need some extra support, you can perform the Goddess Pose by placing your hands on the back of a chair and using it like a ballet bar. 

6. Dancing Warrior

The Dancing Warrior pose is great to do during your second trimester. It helps to strengthen your entire lower body area, especially the quads, hamstrings, abductors, and inner thighs. It will also relax you and keep you from getting stressed. 

This is a fantastic pose to perform when you want to activate and strengthen your core too, and you will feel a drastic improvement in your overall balance. The Dancing Warrior pose is also great if you just want to feel a bit more confident in yourself and your body during your pregnancy. 

The Dancing Warrior pose can also be performed on a chair if you need a bit of extra support. Remember, comfort is the most important thing during any stage of your pregnancy, so don’t push too hard with this pose if you don’t need to. 

7. Legs-Up-The-Wall Pose

As you go into your third trimester, your mobility is going to decrease by quite a lot. Most of the other poses we have mentioned are not going to be accessible, so you will need to look into other poses to compensate for that. 

The Legs-up-against-the-wall is one of the best poses you can practice when you are in your third trimester. Lots of women by this point find it uncomfortable to lay on their back, and this pose will help you find comfort in it again. 

Keeping your feet elevated this late into your pregnancy will actually help to stop them from swelling up so frequently. All of the work will be in your legs for this pose as well, so you don’t have to worry about putting any stress on your upper body. 

8. Chair Pose

If you are looking for more poses to help strengthen your hips and legs during your pregnancy, then the Chair Pose is definitely one you will want to incorporate into your routine. 

It is natural for your balance to be a little off during pregnancy, especially in the later trimesters, so if you need a bit of extra support when you do the Chair Pose, make sure you space your feet out wider. You want them to be wider than your hip’s width in order to get a better balance. 

To make the most out of this pose, try and hold it for as many seconds as you can, but don’t strain yourself if you get tired! 

9. Triangle Pose

The Triangle Pose is incredibly versatile, so you can really incorporate it into your yoga routine at any point in your pregnancy, with some adjustments!

By practicing the Triangle Pose regularly throughout your pregnancy, you will train your body to be more prepared and flexible for childbirth. This pose strengthens your back and spine, as well as your legs. 

When pregnant, it is common to suffer from uncomfortable back pain, but the Triangle Pose actually helps to alleviate and stop that back pain so you don’t have to suffer from it anymore. 

This is a wonderful yoga pose to incorporate into your pregnancy routine, and you will definitely benefit from it. 

10. Tree Pose

The Tree Pose is one of the most well-known yoga poses, and it is definitely one that you can use throughout your pregnancy. If you are suffering from bad balance in the later stages, however, you might need to use a chair as a ballet bar for this one, so just keep that in mind! 

This is also a great pose to do if your hips are feeling a bit tight. The Tree Pose will loosen your hips up and help you to feel relaxed and comfortable again.

If you are in the later stages of your pregnancy, don’t worry too much about getting your leg all the way up… remember, your comfort comes first! 


There are plenty of different yoga poses for you to try when you are pregnant. Some poses are only suitable for certain trimesters, but you will find that there are lots of poses you can use throughout your whole pregnancy to relax you and prepare you for childbirth. 

Next time you get out your yoga mat, give these prenatal yoga poses a try for yourself and see which ones benefit you the most! 

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