5 Reasons You Are So Tired After Yoga

Yoga is the perfect option for those that want to find peace of mind while exercising. Throughout the process of yoga, you should be able to collect your thoughts and also feel energized and ready for the day ahead. 

5 Reasons You Are So Tired After Yoga

So, it is a little perplexing for some, when they feel absolutely shattered after those all-important stretches and poses. And the truth is, that you shouldn’t really feel this way. The practice should be relaxing and restorative; if it’s not, then you need to evaluate why. 

But that can sometimes be easier said than done. Especially if you think that you’re doing everything right. That’s why in this article, we’re going to go over some of the main reasons why individuals can feel pretty ready for a good old snooze after a round of yoga.

And we’ll even give you some tips on how to combat these issues. So, if you want to ditch the sleepy vibes and be sure you’ll feel awake and wide-eyed then you’ll want to keep on reading! 

Common Reasons You Might Feel Super Sleepy After Yoga

Below, you’ll find a list of some of the reasons you might want to crawl back into bed after yoga. However, it’s important to remember that every person is slightly different, as is each different type of yoga.

So, while these will help you have some idea of what might be affecting you, you’ll need to also consider your specific circumstances and how they may relate to these reasons. 

You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

If you didn’t get in those necessary hours of slumber the night before your yoga session, there’s a good chance you’ll come away feeling tired and drained rather than awake and alert. 

Now, this might sound pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised just how many people don’t get enough sleep each night without even realizing it.

We all have busy lives and they can, unfortunately, often get in the way of us getting those all-important 7 hours of sleep or more that is vital for any individual aged between 18 and 60. 

It can take an activity such as yoga, where you connect your breath and body, to realize how much sleep your body is lacking. 

You Don’t Tune Into Your Breath

One of the most important practices in yoga is to tune in and connect your breathing to your movements and thoughts. And it’s something that you should also focus on during your day-to-day life too. 

Intune breathing is actually really often connected to expelling negative energy from your body. And you can definitely assume that negative thoughts and energy are contributing to that slow and sluggish tired feeling you experience. 

According to the Yoga Journal, mindful breathing helps to release all those unwanted emotions and allows us to fully connect with our bodies which in turn allows us to know when it’s time to rest. 

You’re New To The Stretches 

The all-to-common stretches and poses in yoga are used pretty frequently. And if you’re new to yoga, these stretches really aren’t all that common for your body just yet. This means that you’re putting strain on your body that it hasn’t experienced before. And that’s pretty tiring for your body. 

You’ll also want to keep in mind your previous level of fitness too. For example, there will be more strain on a body that is used to sitting at an office all day compared to say a P.E teacher who is used to physical activity. 

The good news here, though, is that as long as you stick with it, these poses and stretches will become more familiar to you, and that exhausting feeling won’t hang around very long. 

You’re Doing The Poses Incorrectly 

If you’re a relative yoga newbie, then you might not be performing the stretches and poses correctly. If this is the case, you could be putting extra strain on your body resulting in it becoming particularly tired. 

For those worried that they might be doing yoga poses incorrectly, it may be worthwhile taking a few classes with a qualified instructor. They will be able to ensure that you are doing everything right and in its most effective way.  

You’re Practicing The Wrong Kind Or Level Of Yoga

You may or may not know this, but there are several different forms of yoga that all come in a variety of different difficulty levels. If you are always exhausted after your yoga session, then it may be down to the fact that you’re practicing at the wrong level for your body currently. 

Perhaps try a different yoga style to see if you feel more energized after it in comparison to your current yoga sessions. For reference, Hatha or Yin yoga are great choices for beginners since the movements are slow and gentle, whereas Vinyasa or Ashtanga are more difficult forms to try. 

You’re Tired From Releasing Emotions And Tension

While practicing yoga and attempting a variety of different poses and stretches, it is highly likely that you will expel an awfully large amount of built-up tension, as well as all those negative emotions you’ve been holding onto. 

And sometimes expelling all that tension and emotion can actually be pretty exhausting and draining.  With that being said, though, the problem shouldn’t persist as you become more accustomed to the practice. So, if the issue prevails, then there’s probably another issue at play. 

Is It Normal To Feel Tired After Yoga? 

5 Reasons You Are So Tired After Yoga

Well, that all depends on the kind of tiredness that you’re experiencing. Sure, that post-exercise achiness and general muscle tiredness are to be expected. At least to a degree. 

But if you feel genuinely exhausted, ready for bed, and your mind is not energized and alert, then it’s likely that something has gone wrong somewhere along the way. 

Don’t worry, though, because we’re about to take a look at the ways in which you can improve your energy after your yoga practice. 

Tips For Extra Energy After A Yoga Session

Select Your Time Of Practice Wisely 

Now, this tip will involve a little trial and error. But finding the perfect time to practice yoga can be absolutely vital. And there’s no right or wrong answer, it’s completely down to personal preference. 

You might find that working out during the morning is the most effective for you since that’s when you have the most energy. On the other hand, though, you might find that you have the most energy during the afternoons or evenings. 

Trial out your practice at different times during the day over the next week and evaluate which sessions worked the best for you. 

Catch Up On Your Much-Needed Sleep

This can be pretty difficult. After all, it rarely feels like there’s enough hours in a day anymore. However, it’s really this simple.

You will always feel tired after yoga if you aren’t getting the recommended amount of sleep each night. Your body simply won’t have the energy required to get through the session without struggling. 

So, set yourself a healthy bedtime and see how much more rejuvenated and refreshed you feel after your morning yoga session. The results might surprise you. 

Try A Different Type Of Yoga

If no matter how much sleep you get, or what time you practice yoga, you still find yourself super sleepy and drained, it may be time to try a different type of yoga. It could simply be a case of the specific type of yoga you’re trying just isn’t a good fit for you. 

Do some research into slightly easier or more gentle forms of yoga and see if you feel a lot better after a session. We have a feeling that you might. 

Consult A Yoga Instructor/Try A Class

There’s a good chance that you may feel really tired after a session of yoga because you are accidentally performing the stretches or poses incorrectly. So, it may be a good idea to start a class or speak to an instructor to make sure that you are doing them right. 

Once you know how to perform these poses correctly and effectively, there’s a good chance you’ll ditch those drained and exhausting feelings. 

Listen To Your Body

Arguably the most important tip of all is to listen to your body. Your body will let you know if something isn’t quite right. Are you feeling particularly ill today? Are you exhausted before your session? 

If the answer to these questions is yes, you may be pushing your body too far when it needs rest. And this will definitely leave you feeling pretty bad. Remember to skip your session if your body is telling you no for the day. 

Final Thoughts 

Yoga should always leave you feeling fresh, rejuvenated, happy, and joyful, so if you are feeling pretty exhausted after your session, it’s a pretty good indicator that something isn’t quite right. 

Hopefully, though, from this article, you’ll be able to take a closer look at your circumstances and reevaluate what the issue is so that you can go back to doing yoga like a pro and reaping all those amazing benefits. 

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