7 Amazing Sol Yoga Poses To Push Your Body

If you’ve been paying attention to Yoga over the past few years, you’ll probably know that waves of yoga gurus have come and gone over the last 4o0 to 50 years, with each one adding something new to the movement and practice.

7 Amazing Sol Yoga Poses To Push Your Body

In the past few years, one that has been taking off in the South East Coast of the USA has been Sol Yoga, coming out of Florida.

This modern take on classic yoga practices promises to not only get in a great workout, but also gently warm and soothe the body with it, as you gently, but firmly, exercise your body and soul.

Sounds like a pretty good way to get into yoga, doesn’t it? Now, if only you could practice some of the yoga poses that do these things, without also needing to be in Florida for a physical class.

Well, as it happens, you’re in luck! The poses that we cover in this list are not just similar in posing and position to the ones promoted by sol yoga, but also achieve that same gentle warming and soothing feeling, without needing to go to a class yourself!

Tree Pose

Pretty much everyone has heard of the tree pose, even if they don’t practice yoga themselves. Chances are that the moment that we mentioned yoga, the first stance that came to mind was the tree pose!

Well, there are plenty of good reasons why so many people include this deceptively tricky pose in their routines. It gently stretches many core muscles of the body, and provides that warm, glowing sensation that we’ve been talking about as you practice it.

After all, there’s nothing like a little stretching to get that slightly bussing sensation going, right?

You’ll start the pose stood up straight, with your hands by your sides, and your feet hip-width apart from each other.

Then, shifting your weight onto your right foot, slowly lift your left leg, and plant your left foot on your right leg, near the hamstring. After that, as you inhale, raise your hands and arms together in a praying motion over your head until they are fully extended.

Hold this pose for a few breathing cycles, before then lowering your arms back down to your sides, lowering your left leg, and repeating it all for the opposite legs.

You may find that balancing is a little tricky on one foot when you start. If that’s the case, try and adjust your weight so that your center of gravity isn’t veering to one side or the other.

Child’s Pose

Another incredibly popular pose to have in any yoga routine, sol or otherwise, the child’s pose is not just an iconic yoga pose, it’s one of the most simple to try out too. Before you learn any other more complex positions, we would honestly recommend this as a top-3 pose to learn.

(We’re kind of wondering why we didn’t place this first, to be honest…)

Not only will trying this pose out help exercise and soothe your arms, shoulders, back, and glutes, but you’ll also be able to connect many other ground-based exercises and poses to this one. You’ll have the makings for your routine in no time here!

This pose will start you kneeling on the ground, with your knees and hands planted firmly on your yoga mat.

From here, you slowly spread your knees outward, and push back into an almost fetal position, with your chest and head close to the floor, and your hands still planted in the same space as before.

And that’s it. Again, it’s a very simple yoga pose to try out, that still manages to get a nice soothing stretch out of many important parts of the body.

Remember to try and keep your hips over your feet and legs as you lean back. Only going so far might cause unnecessary backache.

Mountain Pose

If you’re looking for yoga poses that are both soothing and easy for newcomers to try, or probably can’t get more simple and easy to learn than the mountain pose!

This is an exercise that does manage to stretch the body in ways that newcomers may not be used to, but this is much more of a breathing exercise stance than a physical exercise one.

You’ll be concentrating a lot on your breathing here more than anything else, making it a very relaxing yoga pose to try out if you suffer a lot from anxiety or restlessness.

As we’ve already said, this is a simple pose to try out for yourself. You’ll start out standing on your yoga mat, with your hands by your side, and your feet firmly planted hip-width apart.

From here, you’ll want to focus on your breathing, as you feel your connection to the ground to the earth from your feet. Allow your muscles to relax as you go through breathing cycles, and hold this pose and concentration for as long as it is comfortable.

And that’s it for this pose. It is that simple!

It’s a great neutral position and stance to fall back on for the beginning or end of a yoga routine or even a break in the middle.

Downward Dog

You’ll probably have seen or heard of the downward dog pose before, seeing as it’s another incredibly popular position to take in many yoga routines, sol included.

The downward down stretches and pushes plenty of muscles across the lower back and legs, and are often used as a great warm-up pose to get into the zone for a yoga routine or sequence.

So, if you’re looking to get into yoga a little more, this is a great building block pose to have in your arsenal.

Start the pose on your hands and knees on a yoga mat. Then, when you’re ready for your next inhale, raise your legs and knees so that only the balls of your feet are on the mat and supporting you.

Allow your upper body and head to fold forward as the lower body rise, letting your hands support your weight and turning your head and neck downwards for even more stretching.

Your glutes and buttocks should both be the highest point on your body, with the pose looking like an upside-down V to an onlooker.

See how long you can hold this pose. We recommend trying to go for a minute or two if you are a beginner, then slowly bringing that time up to 4 to 5 minutes as you get more confident.

Cow/Cat Pose

While you may not know exactly what the cow and cat pose is just by name, you’ll almost certainly recognize this pose once you see and try it for yourself.

We should be saying ‘poses’. Because these are two different yoga positions that lead directly into one another.

Still, you don’t exactly get many benefits from one without the different flexing of the other, so they’re almost always considered a whole package, so to speak.

You’ll start this pose on your hands and knees on a yoga mat, with your arms and legs about hip-width apart, as usual.

As you inhale, slowly arch your back downwards and drop your chest, and turn your head upwards to face directly ahead. All while your hands and knees do not move. This is the ‘cow’ pose of the sequence.

On the next exhale, turn that downward arch along your back the other way, pushing and slowly stretching your spine upwards, while you draw your head and chest inwards. This is the ‘cat’ side of the pose.

Warrior One

Another iconic pose, the warrior pose is equal parts a gentle stretch and a great way of stepping up your yoga sequences.

You’ll start this pose in a classic lunging position, with one leg ahead of your body (the knee should be bent over the toes), and one behind.

From this pose, simply raise your arms as you inhale, and hold that pose for a few breathing cycles.

Once you’re done, you can then gently lower your arms, then switch legs to stretch the other side.

Try doing a few reps of this pose, before moving on to the Warrior 2 pose.

Warrior Two

As we mentioned before, the first warrior pose is great on its own as a soothing stance to build up to. But it’s often enhanced and made even better when it leads into this pose, the second warrior stance!

From the first warrior pose, rotate your hips, so they are held diagonally. As you do this, allow your arms to gently fall to either side, stopping when they become horizontal and pointed forwards and behind you.

And, again, make sure that you hold this pose for a few breathing cycles, before gently moving on to your next pose.

Final Notes

So, as you can see, there are quite a few poses inspired by sol yoga that you can try out yourself.

Some of them are great stretching exercises that you can try in the comfort of your own home. Some are just simple breathing exercises to help control and take more notice of your own body.

However, all of them are excellent for both soothing your body and mind, and pushing your understanding of your body and health.

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