The Best 2 Person Yoga Poses For You And Your Best Friend

Participating in yoga is one of the best experiences ever. But the one thing that’s better than doing yoga, is doing yoga with someone who loves it just as much as you do! 

The Best 2 Person Yoga Poses For You And Your Best Friend

Yoga is an extremely versatile and adaptable form of exercise, which is exactly why it’s become so popular amongst people in recent years. In fact, there are often changes and variations in yoga, and they happen more often than you might think. 

One of the most recent changes is acro-yoga, which combines both yoga and acrobatics together. And if this wasn’t exciting enough, it also means that you’ll be able to combine your routine with someone else, for some 2-person yoga fun!

In this guide, we’ll provide you with some of the best 2-person yoga poses that you and a friend, significant other, or workout partner can do together to ensure that you’re strengthening your body and your mind together. 

Let’s get started! 

Double Tree Yoga Pose

If you’re looking for a pose that focuses on not only building the trust between you and your yoga partner, but also your combined balance, then the Double Tree Yoga Pose is an excellent move to try out sometime. 

Starting off the pose with you and your partner standing next to each other while maintaining a prayer pose. You’ll then need to let your inner arm go free before wrapping it around the waist of your yoga partner. 

Once that’s done, you can then stretch and begin to press your hand against the hand of your partner that is still in the prayer position. 

The next part is the difficult bit, as you’ll need to shift your body weight onto the leg positioned closest to your yoga partner, and then bring the other leg up off the ground. 

Taking a nice deep breath, you can then put the foot of your raised leg against the side of either your shin, thigh, or even the hip, whichever you find the most comfortable. 

Try to maintain this position for 5 breaths, and then release your foot and return to the starting position. 

Partner Downward Facing Dog Pose

If you’ve ever done yoga with a partner before, then you might already be familiar with this pose, as it’s one of the most common 2-person yoga poses out there.

But for those of you who are new to doing yoga with your best friend, then focus up, because this one requires a lot of concentration and coordination in order to get it right. 

If you are going to try this pose, then you’ll need to make sure that at least one of you has a decent amount of core strength, as without it, you’re going to end up falling over and hurting yourself. 

To begin, one of you will need to assume the downward dog position, while the person who has the best core strength will remain standing in front of the other person. 

Once the first of you has assumed the downward dog position, the other person will then go into the forward fold. 

The person who assumed downward dog will then channel their strength into their hands and into the floor as they place their feet on to the lower back of their yoga partner.

After doing this, that person will then slowly lower their back to help make sure that their legs are kept as straight as possible. 

Upon reaching the final position, make sure to take deep breaths in order to be able to maintain it properly. 

Buddy Boat Pose

Another great 2-person yoga pose to try if you’re new to it all is the Buddy Boat Pose. In fact, this is probably the one that you should start with, as not only is it probably one of the easier poses on the list to achieve, but it also happens to be particularly fun too. 

Both you and your partner will need to start off seated on a mat facing one another. Once you’re ready to start, you’ll need to straighten your hands out and interlock your hands together with one another, before bending your knees, and bring both pairs of feet together until your toes are touching. 

The next step is for you to both attempt to straighten out your legs, which should hopefully take them toward the ceiling. Remember, in order to achieve the final position, your toes should be pointing upward toward the sky, with the soles of each other’s feet touching. 

If you’re someone who has particularly tight hips or hamstrings, then this final position might not be entirely achievable, as you might be unable to completely straighten out your legs, so just be sure not to push it, and only extend your legs as far as is comfortable for you.

Back-To-Back Meditation Pose

The easiest pose on the list, and definitely the one you’ll want to try out if you’re not someone who tries yoga regularly, this pose is a great way to test the waters when it comes to 2-person yoga, and if all goes well, then you might just be doing the rest of the poses sooner than you think. 

To begin, you’ll need to sit down on a mat and get as comfortable as possible. Then, when you’re ready, have your partner sit down behind you with their back touching yours, where you should then assume the ‘Sukhasana’ pose (easy pose). 

In order for this pose to work properly, both your and your partner’s spinal areas should be touching, which will ensure that you are both maintaining the correct posture. 

Next, breathe deeply, and try to feel the connection forming between both you and your partner, which will increase in intensity with every breath. Keeping your spine straight as you do this might be something of a challenge, but will be rewarding for both you and your yoga buddy! 

Couple’s Camel Pose

Doing yoga as a couple is always a fun idea, and if you and your significant other are looking for a yoga pose that you can share with one another, then the Couple’s Camel Pose is always a great one to try out. Although if one of you has unreleased tension in your back, then it might become slightly difficult. 

To begin, you will both need to stand on your knees with your thighs facing your partner vertically, ensuring that both of you have bent knees, and that your knees are completely touching. Don’t worry too much if your thighs are also touching, as it won’t affect the pose at all. 

Then, you’ll want to hold your partner’s arm as you slowly begin to lean backward, begin by tilting your head at first, but all without bending your lower back at all. 

The idea of this pose is to try and lean back as much as possible, ideally until your head is able to touch your ankles, but of course, not everyone is that flexible. 

If you do happen to have poor flexibility or tight hip muscles, then be sure not to overexert yourself and cause an injury. So just go back as far as you can and hold it for a couple of deep breaths before assuming the starting position. 

Balancing Warrior III

The Best 2 Person Yoga Poses For You And Your Best Friend

Some yoga poses are much better when done with an accompanying partner, than when they are alone, and Warrior III is just one of those poses.

It’s a great pose for stretching out your back, so if you and your partner both find each other complaining about back pain, then you should try this one out sometime. 

To begin, both you and your partner should be facing each other, before stretching out both of your arms, and holding one another. You might need to adjust your positioning if either of you can’t reach each other though. 

Then, shift all of your weight onto your right foot, and begin to push your hips forward, lifting your left leg upward until it is as parallel to the floor as you can possibly get it. 

This should create a 90-degree angle between your left leg and your torso. Meanwhile, you need to be extending your neck towards the ground, keeping all of your core muscles engaged in order to help your balance, while taking plenty of deep breaths.

Try to remain in this position for as long as you possibly can, and then slowly return to the original position when both you and your partner are unable to hold it any longer. 

Partner Pigeon Pose

Perfect for both seasoned yogis and fresh beginners, the partner pigeon pose is an excellent pose for you and your partner to try out when experimenting with 2-person yoga. 

In order to perform this pose, both partners must stand on their own individual mats, before both assume the downward dog position. 

After this, you’ll want to raise up your right leg, and bend your right knee, bringing it closer to your right wrist, all while keeping your right shin parallel to the mat. 

Keeping your right leg on the mat, you can stretch out your left leg so that it is completely on the mat. 

With both of you comfortable in this position, you can raise your hands above your head, and join them together to complete the pose. 

Supported Bridge Pose

This pose all revolves around one of you getting into a pose, while the other person supports them as they do so, which is great for trust building. 

To assume the bridge pose, you’ll first need to lie down on your back with your hands at your sides, keeping your palms pressed against the floor, and your knees bent. Be sure to keep your feet at shoulder’s width apart.

Then, take in a deep breath and press your palms and feet down hard, and lift up your hips as you do so. Then, your partner will support your hips and lift your body upward.

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide to the best 2-person yoga poses, and we hope you get to try them out soon. Enjoy!

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