What Is Buti Yoga?

Everyone knows what yoga is at this point. With this exercise and practice being in the public eye since the mid-1970s, everyone will have at least heard of yoga and have some idea of what it’s about and what it includes.

However, what many people often don’t realize is the sheer number of different styles of yoga that have developed over the years.

What Is Buti Yoga

From the 4 classical schools of the practice to the massive menagerie that has grown out of the early yoga crazes in the last few decades, there are so many ways to practice this age-old tradition, and in new and exciting ways as well.

With so many ways to exercise both your body and mind, it can be a tall order to try and keep track of them all, much less figure out which one is best for you to start yoga with.

In this guide, we’ll be showing you one of the most popular forms that have been making new waves in the past few years, Buti yoga.

We’ll give you not only a rundown of its history but what its core aspects and practices are, as well as some of the benefits that you might get from practicing this, one of the latest yoga forms to be making waves.

Rundown Of Buti Yoga

So, before we start digging into the details of this amazing new yoga practice that has been going around for the past few years, we should probably explain where it came from in the first place.

First started in 2010 by celebrity fitness trainer Lizzie Gold, Buti yoga is a practice that combines many of the iconic poses and stretches of traditional yoga with elements of tribal dances and jump training, to create a style of exercise that is comparatively fast and kinetic, especially when compared to other types of yoga that have emerged in the past.

Principles Of Buti Yoga

So, what exactly are some of the guiding ideas behind Buti yoga? What makes it a unique discipline from other trends that have come up in the past few decades?

Well, perhaps most importantly, Buti yoga prioritizes high-energy movements and stances, as we’ve already mentioned.

It’s all about movements and routines that are designed to burn calories and push your cardio systems to their limit.

In this way, it’s a pretty big departure from the more zen-focused, calming mind-and-body experience that you would get in a classic yoga session.

You’re trading out the breathe-through-movement practice that you’re familiar with, for a more… letting it all go approach, for lack of a better term.

Then again, that’s perhaps the greatest emotional and mental strength that this style of yoga has. Buti yoga, instead of releasing tension and focusing your mind and body through guided movements, allows for a more energetic, cathartic experience.

Many people who practice it find Buti yoga to be a great ‘purging’ experience of negative energy and emotions through the dances and poses used.

In a sense, it is still aiming for the peace of mind and body that many yoga practitioners aim for. Just through different means.

Benefits Of Buti Yoga

Okay, so we’ve gone over the basics of Buti yoga at this point. What exactly are some of the benefits that you can expect to get from practicing Buti yoga regularly?

Great For Burning Calories

As you can imagine from an exercise routine that practices a lot of energetic dance and jumping moves, Buti yoga is probably most prized for its ability to burn calories and lose weight (How calories does yoga burn? Find out here).

It’s estimated that a 75-minute Buti yoga workout routine burns anywhere from 800 to 1,000 calories in a single session.

Those are some insane numbers, especially if you’re choosing to go a little longer with your regular sessions.

This is an average, and everyone’s body will metabolize at different rates, so you may get numbers that are higher and lower than this in your workout sessions.

But for the average to be this high, it’s either being massively skewed upwards by some truly insane numbers or is an across-the-board impressive way of burning off those carbs!

Amazing Mood Booster

Alongside the great calorie burning that Buti yoga offers, it’s also an amazing way of boosting your mood during and after a workout.

A full-body workout, combined with the right atmosphere and high-energy music (as well as good company from other people you’ll be working out with) make Buti yoga a phenomenal way of releasing and expressing pent-up emotions.

Many people don’t realize just how much they’re holding back emotionally from everyday life, whether that’s because of mundane stress building up, or big events in your life.

The sheer amount of energy used in a good Buti yoga session means that by the end, as you’ve used up all that energy that would otherwise be used to plug that emotional hole, it’s not surprising to see people crying by the end, just because of that release.

And sometimes, a good crying release is what we need, right?

Still Amazing Entry-Level Exercise

One of the benefits that Buti yoga inherits from classical yoga is that it’s still a great entry-level exercise that you can try out.

Because it uses a lot of the same poses and stances/asanas, just at a faster pace without holding them, many people are surprised at just how much they can do within just a few sessions.

Something Fresh, Always New

One of the biggest strengths that Buti yoga has is that you’ll always be trying out some new physical activity.

Not only does this help avoid the boring routine that people can often feel in normal exercise, but it also keeps you on your toes and giving 100% to every session.

Final Notes – Is Buti Yoga Right For You?

So, overall, who would we recommend Buti yoga to?

Well, if you’re someone that prefers the calmer and slower, mental stillness that traditional yoga offers, this may not be for you.

However, if you’re someone that loves to be surprised in every workout routine, and loves an exercise that helps release pent-up emotions, this is absolutely up your alley!

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