What Is Power Yoga?

Are you looking for an exercise that is a bit more lively than traditional yoga? If so, power yoga might be right up your alley!

There are lots of different types of yoga. Power yoga is one of these many varieties. It has become increasingly popular, resulting in it now being quite a common practice.

However, some people are confused as to what power yoga is. You will likely have heard of power yoga, but may not be entirely sure what it means. If you are unsure, feel free to read through this informative guide.

What Is Power Yoga

What Is Power Yoga?

As a form of Vinyasa yoga, power yoga is a vigorous style of exercise. It is all about building endurance, flexibility, and strength. Furthermore, it is more versatile for instructors, who have more capacity to choose what poses they want in their routine.

Unlike other types of yoga, in which actions are often done separately, power yoga encourages users to transition from one pose to another. This is to instill a sense of flow in the activity and to add to its intensity.

This can make it quite laborious and tiring. You will likely feel quite sore after participating in this yoga. It is, however, worth it when you notice the benefits.

Why Should I Do Power Yoga?

If you partake in a power yoga class or try some out at home, it will be very advantageous to your health.

As a full-on and fast-paced form of exercise that is akin to cardio, power yoga will burn a lot of calories. This can help you lose weight or prevent you from putting on additional weight.

Additionally, you will improve your strength and flexibility by competing in power yoga. Having to keep your body in a pose for a long period of time will cause you to strengthen the muscles that are being used. With its focus on flexibility, you will also enhance this skill. In addition, this could help enhance your posture.

As a type of exercise, it can reduce stress and tension. The reason for this is that your body will produce endorphins, which are chemicals that cope with stress and other forms of pain. Because of this, many find power yoga to be quite relaxing even though it is more intense than other varieties of yoga.

While you might originally find it hard to do power yoga, your body will get used to it over time. This will increase your stamina, allowing you to do more exercise. Studies have also shown that those who do a good amount of exercise over a long period of time will be better able to fall asleep.

Likewise, there can also be mental health benefits to this type of exercise. It may also be good for your anxiety levels.

What Is The History Of Power Yoga?

Power Yoga

The exact history of power yoga is hard to track since different variations of it appeared around the same time.

Around the same time, two different people claim to have invented power yoga. They are Bryan Kest, from Los Angeles, and Beryl Bender Birch, from New York. Bender Birch wrote a book entitled Power Yoga, which was first published in 1995.

However, it is debatable as to whether these two truly invented power yoga. Both had been trained by their own yoga instructors. Kest was taught by David Williams, while Bender Birch obtained her skills from Norman Allen.

One could argue that Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, an Indian guru, was more influential when it came to the creation of power yoga. After all, he taught both Williams and Allen. This was during the 1990s. Since then, power yoga has become more and more popular. Worldwide, there are loads of different power yoga classes held at gyms.

Larry Schultz also may be responsible for power yoga. Schultz is the founder of Rocket Yoga, which is comparable to power yoga.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Power Yoga Right For Me?

Power yoga will be good for a lot of people, including those of different ages and genders. This is because it is very accessible. Also, it does not require the use of equipment that will cost a lot and take up a lot of space.

The only thing you will need is a yoga mat. In addition, its health benefits will be great for most people to experience. If you love to push yourself when it comes to exercise, power fit may be the solution for you!

However, if you are unfit, you may not be able to participate in such an intense exercise. Instead, you should start off small and build up to power yoga. You should also avoid it if you are pregnant. If you have some health conditions, it is also not advised that you pursue power yoga.

It will also not be suggested that you do it if you have limited mobility since these movements will require a lot of flexibility. However, you may be able to adapt a yoga routine to your needs.

Is Power Yoga Better Than Regular Yoga?

The answer to this question will be entirely dependent on your preference. You may simply enjoy one form of yoga to the other. However, power yoga may be better for you from a health perspective, since it is more vigorous. On the other hand, other people will prefer the relaxed nature of more traditional forms of yoga.

Can Beginners Try Power Yoga?

Yes, power yoga is suitable for beginners. If you are looking for a more calm variation of yoga, it may not be the best choice for you. However, if you are into the intensity of power yoga, you will probably enjoy it and find it very worthwhile.


Ultimately, power exercise is a type of exercise that has many benefits to your health. As a result, many people will want to give it a go. It is highly recommended that you try it. Otherwise, you may well be missing out on something that you really enjoy.

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