What To Wear To Hot Yoga

If you’ve ever been to a hot yoga session, then you’ll already know that you can most definitely, be inadequately dressed. These sweaty sessions require some consideration before choosing what you plan to wear.

What To Wear To Hot Yoga

You want to be free enough to move around, so tight clothing is a good idea, but you also don’t want to burn up, or go sliding all over the floor. 

If you’re looking for some handy suggestions regarding what you should wear to your next hot yoga session, then we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve compiled a list of each of the different clothing items you should take into consideration, as well as some additional items. 

To find out more, simply keep reading below, as we take a closer look. 


The first item on our list that you’re going to need to bring are a pair of leggings. Some of you reading this list might be surprised at the suggestion, as shorts would do a far better job of keeping you cooler during these intensive sessions. 

We would, however, encourage you to ditch the shorts, as you know that hot yoga can get incredibly sweaty. In fact, it can cause our legs and feet to sweat and it can cause us to slip whilst doing the different exercises. 

Therefore, it’s better to go with an option such as leggings, as these will help to wick any of the moisture that you’ve accumulated during your workout routine.

Wearing leggings is also a good idea because for lots of poses, you’ll need to rest your hands on your legs. The moisture wicking material will help to prevent them from sliding about. 

If you’re searching for a good pair of leggings to wear to your hot yoga session, then we would recommend that you choose ones that have a super breathable fabric. Avoid cotton at all costs, as this will only end up making you feel hotter. 

In addition to all of this, make sure that you try the leggings on first before purchasing them. This way you can make sure that you can actually do each of the different poses required. In addition, you’ll also be able to test out the quality of the leggings, and make sure that they’re not see-through. 


When it comes to hot yoga, you also want to make sure that you’ve got a good top to work with. If you’ve been to a hot yoga class, then you’ll have noticed that many people opt to wear layers for their practice. This is a great way to keep cool, but not feel overexposed either if you don’t want to. 

If you’re struggling to choose what kind of top to wear, we’d encourage you to try out a few different styles first, and see what you feel most comfortable in. We’d recommend either a sports bra, or a tank top if you don’t want it to be too revealing. 

If you do choose to layer, and wear a tank top, then make sure that it’s quite fitted. With yoga, you’re going to be doing a whole bunch of different poses that require you to contort your body in different ways.

As a result, this will cause a loose fitting shirt to twist around, and even slip off over your head. 

Therefore, it’s always best to choose something that’s a little bit more on the fitted side. 

Finally, we’d recommend steering clear of long sleeved tank tops, as these tend to restrict your movement a little bit. 


Although this isn’t technically something that you’re going to be wearing, you do want to make sure that you’ve got the right kind of mat for your practice. There are lots of different yoga mats out there, and you want to make sure to choose one that’s particularly good for this variety of yoga. 

When choosing your mat, we’d recommend picking one that’s super thick and padded so that it’s comfortable enough to shift around on. In addition to this, you’re also going to need to choose one that’s moisture resistant, so that you don’t slip whilst transitioning from your different poses. 

You also want to choose one that’s got a good amount of grip, so that you’re comfortably able to do each of the different poses in question. 

Other Things To Consider

As well as finding the right clothing to wear to your hot yoga session, there are a few additional things that you might want to take into consideration.

For example, if you have longer hair, you want to make sure that it’s tied up adequately so that it doesn’t fall in your face. We’d recommend choosing either a braid, or putting it up in a bun. 

Finally, make sure that you’re always staying hydrated. Hot yoga gets particularly sweaty, hence the name, so make sure that you invest in a good reusable water bottle to take with you to each session. 

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, if you’re planning on attending a hot yoga class, you should always make sure to wear a pair of moisture wicking leggings. As well as this, choose a short sleeve, tight fitting top. Tanks usually work really well for hot hoga, as well as a simple sports bra. 

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