Who Invented Yoga Pants?

If you’re anything like us, then chances are that you live in your favorite pair of yoga pants. Nowadays, they’re not just resigned for our weekly yoga sessions, but they’re actually somewhat of a fashion statement.

Who Invented Yoga Pants

Not to mention they’re also super comfortable to wear, and great for doing house chores and other daily activities. 

Yoga pants have only truly risen to popularity in the decade, which leads us to wonder, when were they actually first invented, and who is renowned as the inventor of yoga pants?

If you’ve found yourselves pondering these questions, then don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’ve done some research, and compiled this handy guide that will tell you everything you need to know about yoga pants, including who actually invented them. 

To find out more, simply keep reading below, as we take a closer look together. 

Who Really Invented Yoga Pants? 

So, why don’t we just jump straight in and take a closer look at who exactly is credited with inventing yoga pants. Well, the person credited with what we would today recognize as modern yoga pants, is Chip Wilson. 

Many of you reading this list will already be familiar with the name, as he’s actually the founder of the popular workout brand, Lululemon. It’s now a multi million dollar company that sells a range of different yoga pants and other workout clothing designed specifically for women. 

Chip first introduced what we would call yoga pants back in 2008. Chip came up with a brilliant idea that he believed would completely revolutionize the fitness industry, and it turns out that he was actually right. 

Chip actually produced yoga pants way back in 1998, but didnt market them to the general public. He actually created them for his wife, so that she could more comfortably perform her stretches.

Chip continued to make various pairs of yoga pants for his wife throughout the years, and she began to give some of her old pairs to her friends.

Chip’s wife and her friends would wear their yoga pants whenever they performed any kind of physical activity, and this was the impetus behind Chip’s business idea. 

They’re made out of a spandex material that hugs your body, and is tighter than regular leggings. 

The Predecessors Of Yoga Pants

Who Invented Yoga Pants

Some of you may be wondering however, that if Chip was responsible for inventing what we deem to be the modern yoga pants, then who invented leggings?

Leggings are often made from a far less stretchy material, and they’re designed to insulate your body rather than wick away sweat like yoga pants too. 

They’re typically worn under clothing as insulation for the wintertime. They were also invented way before yoga pants, and can actually be traced back to the 14th century.

During this period in time, both men and women were renowned for wearing leggings, and they were actually considered to be highly fashionable, and were worn by members of the gentry. 

Later on during the 17th century, knights were known for wearing them under their armor in order to keep warm. Finally, in the 19th century women wore them as fashionable articles of clothing underneath their dresses. 

Legging, despite being worn ubiquitous by both genders throughout the years, are now primarily worn by women. What we would today recognize as modern leggings, are actually of the Lycra variety developed by a man called Joseph Shivers in the 1950s. 

So, despite the fact that leggings are considered to be a fairly modern invention, they’ve actually been around for centuries. So, each time you’re wearing them, you’re actually wearing a piece of history. 

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Yoga Pants? 

Now that we’ve covered the history behind leggings and yoga pants, we can move on to discuss some of the benefits associated with wearing these kinds of garments. 

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of wearing yoga pants is that they’re incredibly versatile. They can be worn to the gym, of course, but they’re also great for conducting daily activities, purely because they’re so comfortable and dynamic. 

Yoga pants, because of their incredibly lightweight feel, might actually be better for your health too. If you’re working out in an incredibly tight pair of compression leggings, this can actually have a negative effect on your blood circulation.

Yoga pants are designed to work as a second skin, so that you don’t even feel as though they’re there when you work out. 

Although some of you might scoff at the next point, yoga pants can actually help to reduce your stress levels. When we’re wearing something that we feel comfortable and confident in, we feel much happier and more secure in ourselves. 

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, leggings and yoga pants are actually two separate things. Leggings have been worn ubiquitously throughout the centuries, beginning during the 14th century, when members of the gentry would wear them as fashion items. 

Yoga pants, however, were first invented in 1998, when Chip Wilson first created a breathable and dynamic pair of yoga pants for his wife to perform her stretches.

Chip eventually decided to market yoga pants in 2008, and they have since become a multi million dollar industry. Chip sells his yoga pants online via his business called Lululemon. 

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