Why Do Stretching Exercises Increase Flexibility More Than Cardio Exercises?

It is common knowledge that partaking in exercise reduces the risk of obtaining injuries. Yet, particular exercise can help you to become more flexible. There are lots of different types of exercises that you can do, but they all have different benefits.

Why Do Stretching Exercises Increase Flexibility More Than Cardio Exercises?

A lot of professionals will tell you that stretching exercises are much better for flexibility than cardio exercises. You are taught from a young age that stretching is really important, as it keeps your muscles strong, healthy and flexible.

In this article, we will go into further detail on why stretching exercises increase flexibility more than cardio exercises.

Why Is Flexibility Important?

Flexibility is crucial for a variety of reasons. First, it gives us the freedom to walk around without experiencing any pain or discomfort. Also, it can reduce your chance of injury since you’ll be able to avoid rapid movements that strain your muscles more effectively.

Regularly stretching is one of the best strategies to improve your flexibility. High degrees of flexibility may result in decreased joint stiffness as people age. Making daily tasks easier to do as well as assisting in the prevention of osteoarthritis in the knees.

Difference Between Cardio And Stretching Exercises

Exercises like stretching help increase the range of motion in the muscles and joints. For greater advantages, stretch both before and after exercise. Stretching exercises often require very little movement, and need a higher heart beat.

Whereas, exercises that raise your heart rate are called cardio workouts. This includes exercise such as walking, jogging, and cycling.

Stretching may help you to recuperate from strenuous workouts by minimizing pain and exhaustion. Thus, this is why when completing high intensity cardio exercises you should also stretch.

Why Are Stretching Exercises Better For Flexibility?

It’s crucial to move around frequently if you want to enhance your physical fitness. Stretching exercises have been found to be more successful than cardio exercises at increasing and maintaining flexibility.

Whilst cardio exercise has been found to be more successful at boosting the body’s capacity to transport oxygen.

It is vital to examine how stretching exercises function in order to comprehend why they are more successful at enhancing flexibility. Stretching is applying a force greater than the muscle’s elastic limit in order to lengthen the fibers of the muscles and tendons.

The muscle fibers are pulled under stress, which mechanically stimulates them and causes them to contract regularly over time in opposition to the tension. This then results in a greater range of motion.

Contrarily, cardio exercise involves accelerating heart rate in order to increase blood flow to muscles per minute. Instead of giving the muscles a direct stimulus, it  increases the oxygen flow to those muscles instead.

Who Should Be Completing Stretching Exercises?

Why Do Stretching Exercises Increase Flexibility More Than Cardio Exercises?

Anyone who is completing any form of exercise should be stretching beforehand and more importantly afterward. It is vital that you complete a couple of stretching exercises once you have completed your workout.

This will help you to relax your body, and prevent any injuries from occurring.

It may be time to introduce a few different stretches into your everyday routine if you frequently experience stiffness when touching your toes or reaching behind your back.

This will not only help you become more flexible, but it will also enable you to extend yourself further than previously.

Anyone can complete stretching exercises, and they don’t have to be intense either. To see any differences, you will need to keep complete simple stretching exercises for 2 to 4 weeks. Also, you should switch up which stretches you are doing as well.

This is because there are many stretches out there that tackle every aspect of your body. Thus, you shouldn’t leave any area out, as every area could be more flexible. Especially the older that you get, this could be much more helpful.

 It is important when it comes to stretching that you don’t overstretch. Otherwise, this could cause you pain and more damage as well.


There are lots of reasons as to why you should include stretching exercises in your daily routine, even if you aren’t completing a workout. Your muscles are able to tolerate the stresses involved in an exercise more easily after they have been stretched.

Stretching lengthens muscle fibers and boosts blood flow, which might result in more oxygen reaching the muscles. This in turn then allows you to become far more flexible. Cardio exercise focuses on elevating your heart rate, and the oxygen that is pumped around your body.

Therefore, we hope this article has made it clear on why it is stretching exercise which increases your flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Stretching Everyday Increase Your Flexibility?

Regular stretching can help your overall flexibility. This is because stretching allows you to add more force to the muscles as you extend them to a greater degree. Thus, with regular stretching you will notice visual effects quite quickly.

How Long Should You Stretch For?

Often people will complete static stretches which have a better chance of increasing your flexibility. With static stretches you should hold the stretch for around 15 to 30 seconds. This allows you to reap the most benefits from it.

Is It Possible To Overstretch?

Over stretching is quite common, as you are pushing your body too hard too soon. By overstretching you could cause muscle, ligament, or tendon damage. Hence, you should know your limits, so you don’t cause any unwanted damage or pain.

Can Cardio Make You Lose Flexibility?

Your body will gradually become less flexible if you engage in cardiac endurance exercises that don’t require an extensive range of movement in your joints, such as distance running or cycling. To prevent this from happening, it is crucial that you stretch before and after these activities.

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