The 5 Best Yoga Bolsters For Support

Yoga can use a whole host of different equipment and props from time to time, but a bolster is a relatively and somewhat new addition to the yoga equipment list. Generally speaking, yogis use bolsters for relaxation and deep stretches.

But this doesn’t mean to say that yoga bolsters don’t have other uses. They can be used for amazing support and even help with injuries. 

The 5 Best Yoga Bolsters For Support

So, this begs the question – what are the best yoga bolsters for support? Well, we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve created this handy list that shows you the very best yoga bolsters for support!

If you’re therefore looking for yours – then read on and get some inspiration!

Ideal Yoga Bolsters For Support 

Without any more delays, let’s jump right into our list. Hopefully you’ll find one here that is ideal for you! 

1. Hugger Mugger

We will kick off our list with this ideal bolster for anybody involved in the world of yoga. It features foam and cotton felt inside and a removable cover – but it also features a zipper and even carry handles! 

What’s more, it can even be machine washed, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it. This is certainly value for money and has a great life to it, so you’re definitely in great hands with this one. 


  • Supportive 
  • Durable 
  • Well designed 


  • Might be a bit costly for some people 

2. Lotuscrafts

Next up in our list, we have a bolster that has an organic cover with an inner case, which is filled with kapok wool. It’s a snug fit, and instead of a zipper, it uses a sports bag pull cord instead. 

Perhaps some of the best features about this bolster though is the fact that it is made with entirely eco friendly components. It’s free of toxic dyes and the supplier only uses fair-labor, so you know you’re doing the right thing here. 


  • Organic 
  • Multiple colors on offer 
  • Highly supportive 


  • Many people would prefer a zipper 

3. Ajna

This is perhaps one of the most comfortable bolsters out there on the market today. Like the previous addition to our list, this is created in a very eco friendly and ethical way – using recycled foam and a vegan cover.

Everything from start to finish is environmentally friendly, including the packaging that you will receive it in. But in terms of how well it works for you – there are few out there that can boast comfort and support quite like this one. 


  • Comfortable 
  • Supportive 
  • Environmentally friendly 


  • Has a peach smell which some people may not like 

4. Sol Living

One of the biggest concerns people will have when they’re looking for a great bolster is how they will conform to your body. Well, this one from Sol Living has managed to master that and then some! 

It has a very competitive price, a high quality cover, organic filling and it can be used for a whole host of different forms of yoga! 

Indeed, not only does this bolster look amazing, but it’s incredibly comfortable and highly practical. So, if you’re hoping for something that ticks a lot of the boxes, then look no further than this one! 


  • Practical 
  • Comfortable
  • Great price 


  • Concealed zipper sometimes hard to find 

5. Bean Products

Finally on our list, we have this high toned and very eco friendly bolster from Bean Products. You can choose one of these from a massive range of colors and shapes – so you’ve got a lot of room for personalization here.

The high quality foam core and layers of cotton provide you with the best support out there, and regardless of what type of yoga you’re into or even your level – you have something that can take you over that threshold to reach a height you never thought possible.


  • Plenty of options 
  • Versatile 
  • Supportive 


  • There are other models for a lower price 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Type Of Yoga Can I Do With These?

All of these bolsters will be useful for most forms of yoga. Speak with your instructor for more tailored advice though! 

Are These Really Supportive?

Absolutely! You’ll struggle to find any other brands that offer what these do.

Can Seniors Use These Bolsters?

Yes, in fact seniors will find these bolsters incredibly helpful for a whole range of different yoga classes.

Final Thoughts 

And that was our picks for the best yoga bolsters for support! We hope we’ve given you a much more rounded idea for a bolster you may wish to buy! Good luck and happy shopping.

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