7 Fantastic Yoga Clothes For Women To Keep With Your Essentials

When it comes to yoga, pretty much everyone will tell you how easy it is for anyone to just try it out for themselves. Whether you’re young or old, chunky or slim, athlete or amateur, it’s something that everyone stands to benefit from.

7 Fantastic Yoga Clothes For Women To Keep With Your Essentials

And that is true. But what a lot of people don’t tell you is that to get the most out of most yoga exercises and practices, you also need to have the right gear handy. That can be having a great mat with tons of support or traction, or the right bag to carry your gear in.

However, for us, there’s nothing more important than having the right clothes handy for a good yoga workout.

Whether it’s a good sports top, sports bra, leggings/pants, or any other item of clothing, these need to be comfortable and good to practice in for long periods, if you want to avoid rashes or chafing while performing a downward dog maneuver.

Luckily for you, this list that we have compiled will cover all the essentials that you need perfectly.

Lululemon Align Full-Length Yoga Pants

Starting us off with a time that is indispensable for yoga practice, we have these incredibly comfortable full-length yoga pants by Lululemon.

One of the world’s most premium brands when it comes to yoga and other sportswear, Lululemon’s trademark quality is on full display in these pants. These pants are sure to give your legs and glutes all the support that you need as you go through yoga poses, while also looking great.

Plus, not only do the yoga pants come in a range of sizes for different bodies, but they come in a few different colors and designs too, so you won’t be stuck with the plain old black or gray set that everyone else has.

There’s a reason that Lululemon sets the bar for yoga pants, after all!

MathCat Seamless Long-Sleeve Workout Shirts

Of course, you’ll also need a good workout shirt to go with those yoga pants.

While many people tend to opt for a short-sleeved shirt for their yoga outfits, MathCat has released quite a few great products that come with long-sleeved options, this one included.

With its soft mainly nylon design, this is a long-sleeved shirt that hugs the body and arms, providing comfort and coverage for people practicing yoga, without getting in the way. The openings for thumbs mean that the shirt sleeves won’t move around, keeping them extra secure, too.

Add to that a breathable combination of nylon and spandex, and your skin can breathe through it as you work out. Great for avoiding that buildup of sweat around your arms and back during those intense poses.

And, like any good clothing and fashion company, there are a ton of sizes and colors for you to choose from too!

Running Girl Crisscross Sports Bra

Of course, high-intensity yoga poses and exercise mean that your upper body will be moving around a ton, which won’t be good for your back and your bust.

Luckily, Running Girl has just the product to keep your chest safe and supported, with this crisscross design sports bra.

Equal parts stylish and functional, this bra both looks great and will keep everything supported while going through pretty much every pose, from cobra to downward dog, to warrior, and so many more.

(To be fair, it wouldn’t exactly be an effective sports bra if it didn’t do all of those things, would it?)

Plus, the absorbent material means that you won’t have to deal with any buildup of sweat around your chest either, keeping you focused on your next pose in the sequence.

Add to that a variety of colors and designs, sizes, and removable cups, and you have the perfect workout sports bra for any yoga routine!

Lululemon Wunder Under Yoga Pants High-Rise

Yoga pants are great and all, but many people are often hesitant to get them, even for yoga classes, because they’re unsure that they’ll fit them well.

Well, this is where Lululemon’s other excellent yoga items come into the mix. The high-rise waist on this product will stop the pants from rising, sliding down, or generally moving across the body, keeping you safe from any wardrobe malfunctions.

Plus, the under-tight layer of these pants helps give them further traction on your body. Keeping them right where they should be!

Plus, this is still Lululemon that we’re talking about, so of course you’re going to be able to get these pants in a variety of sizes (though not as many colors as their ordinary yoga leggings).

Mippo Workout Tops Woman’s Yoga Tank Tops

Going back to the yoga tops for a moment, many people do often prefer shorter sleeves, so that their arms feel less constricted when moving through poses.

However, yoga tops also have another issue that they have to deal with, one that many other sports tops don’t have. How do you stop the shirt from rising when you’re in an upside-down position?

7 Fantastic Yoga Clothes For Women To Keep With Your Essentials

Well, Mippo’s case is to have a good amount of weight in the right place, which is what they have done with this workout top!

The ties at the lower back of the shirt mean that there is plenty of weight lower down, so you’re unlikely to find the shirt falling, even in the more advanced poses. No more wardrobe malfunction during downward dog with this top!

Plus, with the semi-open material across the back, this top allows you to breathe 

Sunzel Workout Leggings

Sometimes, you just want yoga pants to wear for just that. But if you feel that you need to carry a few items on you at all times, then you’ll want yoga pants with a little extra utility to them.

This is where Sunzel has come in with the save, with yoga pants that have inconspicuous pockets on the inside of the waistband.

Plus, with that high waistband, you’ll also get a ton of coverage over your lower body. No need to worry about the legs rising in a handstand pose!

Hromec Non-Slip Yoga Socks 

When getting items for your yoga outfit, socks are an often forgotten-about item on people’s shopping lists, both because they are the smallest item that you may need, and because different yoga instructors have different rules about wearing them.

However, if you’re looking for traction in a good pair of yoga socks, you won’t find a better item than Hromec’s non-slip yoga socks!

Their rubberized soles and balls mean that slipping is next to impossible in these socks, while the fabric of the sock itself still allows the skin on your feet to breathe.

Items You’ll Need For Practicing Yoga

While the items that we’ve covered so far are some of the best in their categories, there are others out there that might be more to your liking.

If that is the case, remember to keep in mind these items when you are out there searching.

Yoga Leggings/Shorts

Probably the most iconic piece of sportswear that you’ll need for practicing yoga, sports or yoga leggings and shorts are pretty much essentials when it comes to your yoga outfit.

The highly elastic material that most yoga pants and short are made from are designed to hug your figure as you move, meaning that they will move with your body as you go through yoga poses, without potentially getting in the way with creases or folds fabric.

If you’re concerned about getting enough coverage over your glutes and legs, make sure to grab some high-waisted pants, like the ones that we’ve covered.

Alternatively, baggier yoga and workout pants could be good for a more meditative and slower style of yoga-like yin or restorative yoga.

Yoga Tops

Alongside your yoga pants, you’ll also need a good yoga top to boot. One that clings to your body and won’t get in the way of poses as you move, but also one that gives your skins plenty of room to breathe.

Tank tops that have open or breathable backs to them will be your best option here, although tennis shirts and vests will also work well.

Sports Bra

Considering how many different poses you’re going to be in, having ample support for your chest and back is crucial!

Your choice of sports bra will depend on your bra size and what kind of coverage you’re looking for. For high-intensity yoga poses, higher support will be what you need, and the reverse is true for low-intensity yoga like restorative or yin.


Depending on the temperature or conditions of your workout space, you’ll want to have some kind of good socks for extra support and warmth.

Look for socks that have good traction on the bottom of them, so that you won’t slip or fall during a yoga sequence.

Just keep in mind that some yoga teachers may frown on wearing socks during a class, and may ask you to remove them.

Final Notes

So, with all that information under your belt, you should be more ready to start practicing yoga now than you’ve ever been. So, what item will you buy first?

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