10 Incredible Yoga Gifts To Give To Another

Yoga is a beautiful workout and a glorious art. It can significantly benefit your mental and physical health, along with your emotional wellbeing. 

10 Incredible Yoga Gifts To Give To Another

So many people love yoga, and you might have a circle of friends or family members that love yoga as much as you do. As a result, when a special occasion rolls around and you want to buy them a gift, you’ll likely be looking at something related to your passion! 

But what are the best yoga gifts to give another? Well, luckily we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve compiled a list of the best yoga gifts to give another below. Hopefully, you can find the ideal present to buy for someone special! 

Best Yoga Gifts 

So, without any further delay, let’s show you our top picks for the best yoga gifts you can give to another! We hope you enjoy these.

1. Alex And Ani Path Of Symbols Expandable Bangle For Women

We kick off this list with a very basic, but also very beautiful gift for the woman in your life. Anybody who loves yoga will enjoy this bangle that helps you to channel your energy and focus your power – reminding you that you can create your own magic.

It features a majestic lotus charm to promote peace, prosperity and growth – and it really brings out the overall beauty of the piece. 

It’s not an especially budget destroying gift either, so you won’t break the bank with it. It’s truly a great gift for those of you who are looking for something amazing for your yogi friends, but also want to keep the costs down! 


  • Unique 
  • Looks great 
  • Budget friendly 


2. SPACEKEEPER Waterfall Monk Backflow Incense Burner Mountain Tower Incense Holders

Many people that take part in yoga will tell you that they do it to feel more calm, collected and peaceful. As a result, you may find that their general life away from yoga is very peace focussed. 

So, what’s a great gift for someone that enjoys peace and tranquility? Well, these incense burners are a great idea. They can be filled with very calming scents that allow you to relax and settle in at home. 

This gift is perfect for both men and women, but due to their nature – this is only a gift for adults. Just be sure that you’re being careful with these! 


  • Unique 
  • Calming 
  • Beautiful design 


  • Only suitable for adults 

3. Elements Truffles Sampler Pack -Heavy Metal Tested- Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Raw & Organic Chocolate

If you’re hoping to buy a gift for someone with a sweet tooth, then look no further than this set of chocolate truffles. They are ideal for people who want something indulgent but still want to be as healthy as possible.

This is easy to do with these. With a variety of different flavors and being free of any potentially harmful ingredients – these truffles can be enjoyed guilt free. 

They are dairy free, gluten free and entirely organic. On top of all this, the packaging is incredible and ideal for a gift. Truly, this is a choice for a whole range of people – so it just involves you choosing who you give them to! 


  • Tasty 
  • Great packaging 
  • Organic 


  • Not for everybody 

4. Essential Oils Set – Top 20 Organic Gift Set Oils

10 Incredible Yoga Gifts To Give To Another

This gift is perfect for pretty much anyone who loves yoga. Once you come home from a serious yoga session, nothing could be better than settling into a warm bath with these essential oils. 

They have a beautiful aroma and they can significantly improve your muscle and mind repair from your yoga class. These essential oils have previously been seen on huge names like Bustle, Grazia and Buzzfeed. 


  • Multiple uses 
  • Relaxing 
  • Endorsed by big names 


  • Other items are more budget friendly 

5. Comfy Yoga – Essential Oil Bracelet – Aromatherapy Bracelet

What’s better than just a bracelet or essential oils alone? Combining them of course! This seafoam bracelet looks absolutely stunning and it can fit the majority of people’s wrists. 

While the essential oils are not included, if you have some – you can seriously transform this bracelet and make it into something unique. The scents can make you feel calm and collected at any time of day.

This is a perfect gift choice for anyone, but it’s perhaps best for women. Many people have tried and tested this bracelet, so you know you’re in great hands! 


  • Unique 
  • Beautiful craftsmanship 
  • Calming 


  • Essential oils not included 

6. SANKUU Stretching Strap With 12 Loops Workout Poster, Yoga Straps For Stretching Physical Therapy

If you’re hoping for a gift that is much more in-line with yoga, then you might decide to go for something like this. These stretching straps can allow you to perform some very challenging yoga poses and stretch much more than you might have previously been able to.

Simply use the poster that comes with the straps as guidance and try your luck! Anybody who wants to push themselves with their yoga abilities will want to use these, so it’s definitely something to consider! 


  • Allows you to perform amazing yoga 
  • Unique gift 
  • Comes with a poster 


  • Not a gift for everyone 

7. V.C.Formark USB Himalayan Salt Lamp With 8 Colors Changing, Pyramid Crystal Salt Rock Lamp

If you’ve never had a lamp before, then don’t just settle for the basic version, you should definitely look at one like this. These are natural and hand-carved salt rocks that originated from the hills in Pakistan, and when you light them up – it creates a gorgeous atmosphere.

You feel uplifted, calm and peaceful that comes from the aromas of the natural salt rock and the wooden base, but also through the slowly changing colors of the lamp. 


  • Extremely calming 
  • Natural 
  • Beautiful 


  • Requires USB connection 

8. ASUTRA Natural & Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner (Peaceful Lavender Aroma)

One of the most ideal gifts for someone who loves yoga could be this yoga mat cleaner, which features a beautiful aroma of lavender, which is naturally calming. 

It uses entirely natural ingredients and can be used on a whole range of different materials, so there’s no need to panic about whether or not your friend or family member’s mat will crumble if they use this. 

The bottle ensures that you get an even mist and it won’t leak on you either. It’s a great gift for anyone that is keen with their yoga. 


  • Ideal for yogis 
  • Even mist 
  • Aroma of lavender is calming 


  • Might be a bit “boring” for a gift 

9. Florensi Meditation Cushion – Comfortable Floor Pillow – Traditional Tibetan Meditation Pillow

One of the facets of yoga is meditation. Of course, when you become very involved in yoga and the yogic philosophy, you’ll learn the origins of the art and how things like peace and Eastern religious influences are involved. 

So, if your friend is someone who enjoys meditation and really becoming involved with the world of yoga, then they absolutely need to have this meditation pillow. Featuring the lotus, this comfortable pillow is filled with a foam padding for extra protection.

The company has a strong focus on yoga and the yogic philosophy, so they certainly know what they’re doing here. Your friend will benefit from a comfortable meditation from a company that aims to provide it! 


  • Comfortable 
  • Natural 
  • Manufactured with knowledge 


  • The design/color scheme could be better 

10. Yoga Dice: 7 Wooden Dice, Thousands Of Possible Combinations

Finally on our list, we have something that – on the surface appears to be basic – but when you really look into it, it’s a very intrinsic and interesting gift idea. Whether your friend or family member is experienced in yoga or a beginner, this gift is perfect.

The dice “numbers” correspond to a yoga pose and it allows you to create a random sequence. This is not only fun, but it’s also challenging and it can be done either alone or with friends. 

Just be sure to keep a record of the pose sequencing and see how well you did! 


  • Unique 
  • Fun 
  • Great design 


  • Can become a little “samey” after a while 

Frequently Asked Questions 

We will now cover any of your most frequently asked questions. Hopefully we answer them all! 

Is It Normal To Buy A Friend A Yoga Gift?

Of course. There’s no difference between this or buying a sports friend a signed football etc. 

Is Incense Dangerous?

Not usually, but kids should stay away due to the risk of fire.

Are These Gifts Long Lasting?

Most of them are! You need to check the manufacturer’s notes for more information though.

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