Yoga Poses For Back Pain: How To Do & Benefits

Yoga is one of the best ways to relax, meditate and exercise. It can support the mind, the body and the soul. It has countless benefits to us and is highly recommended by many health experts. 

The problem is – you’ve got back pain. You surely can’t be doing yoga poses when your back is in terrible pain, right? 

Yoga Poses For Back Pain

Wrong. There are some yoga poses you can do that can help your back pain and still give you the benefits that you’d expect from performing yoga. So, today we’re going to look at them and show you how to do them safely and what the benefits are. 

Sit back and relax, you’re in safe hands!

Yoga Poses To Try 

The Cat Cow 

This is perhaps the simplest pose to try and it should be easy on your back. To do this pose, get on your hands and knees and ensure your hands are flat to the floor. Keep your back and arms straight and then slowly move your head and diaphragm up and down. 

Remember to breathe in and breathe out in between movements and try to focus on ridding your mind of negative thoughts and work out any tension your body may have. By performing this pose, you should be working several muscles in the abdomen, the back, the torso and the upper arms.

If at any point you feel extreme pain in your back, it is best to stop the yoga pose and relax. Consider contacting your physician if your discomfort is severe. 

The Downward Facing Dog 

One of the most recognizable poses in yoga and a pretty straight forward pose to perform. It has been said that this pose can assist with anyone living with sciatica or general back pains. 

To do this pose, get into a comfortable position that is similar to a push-up stance, but slightly higher. Move your head towards your chest and push your bottom-half upwards. At your most extended, your shape will resemble a triangle. 

Whilst doing this pose, continue the breathing techniques and keep a positive mindset. You should be working the delts, quads, hamstrings and triceps. 

The Sphinx 

The Sphinx pose is a relatively comfortable pose to perform. It involves you lying flat on your front with your hands flat to the ground. Your elbows should be slightly bent and you simply lift your head and abdomen vertically. 

It’s important if you’re dealing with back pain, not to move too quickly when performing this pose as you may make your pains worse. 

If performed correctly, this pose should strengthen your muscles and work the groups based in your abdomen and upper legs. You should also feel any stress levels begin to alleviate – always continue to breathe deeply in and out during movements. 

The Triangle 

This pose is a great way to stretch some of your abdominal muscles and should relieve some back pain. It’s also a great therapeutic technique for symptoms of sciatica. 

Performing this pose involves having your left leg back and your right leg forward. Your left leg should be at an angle and your right leg should be straight and ensure you have straight arms. Move your torso towards your right leg and let your right arm touch the ground – when this has happened, tilt your head to look at your other arm – which should be pointed vertically. 

Remember to continue the breathing techniques and don’t continue the pose if you are feeling extreme pain. 

The Locust 

This pose can put some strain on your back, so be careful when performing this. It will require you to lie flat on your stomach. Keep your legs together and lift your head up from the floor along with your legs.

At the same time, move your arms backwards imitating the look of wings. This can help with any lower back pain and build the strength of your core. 

The Bridge 

The bridge pose can be done by most people and is a great way to relieve general back pain and some other muscle pains. 

You will need to lie on your back with your legs close to your torso. Keep your knees bent and your arms straight on the floor. Move your abdomen upwards using your core and leg strength. 

If done properly, many muscles in your abdomen and legs will be worked. 

The Cobra 

This pose involves you lying on your front with your arms on your sides – keeping your elbows bent. From the ground, use your arms to move your head and neck upwards. You will feel your abdominal muscles, groin and arms all being worked. 

Double Spinal Twist 

Another great exercise for back pain and sciatica physiotherapy. Lie on your back and put your legs together with your knees bent. Keep your arms out straight and slowly move your knees out to the left, and then out to the right. With your closest arm, swing your arm to your knees when they’re moved. 

Benefits Of Yoga And Back Pain 

Yoga can be a great tool to use when trying to relieve backaches and pain. Yoga can release tension in the muscles and lower overall stress levels, which should help with any pain. By strengthening the muscles, you are reducing the likelihood of severe injury in the future and decreasing stiffness – which can lead to further back pain

Studies have suggested that regularly practised yoga can help to improve symptoms of severe back pain or chronic back pain, when it is done controlled with a good diet. 

What To Know 

Yoga is beneficial for back pain and if done correctly and advised with a professional, can really help with your overall physical and mental health. However, serious back pain should be assessed by a medical expert.

You should always seek advice from your physician with any concerning pains and before attempting any new and regular planned exercises. Along with yoga, it is important to remain active and remain positive.

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