7 Awesome Yoga Retreat To Experience True Peace At

If you want to delve deeper into what it means to be a yogi then you should consider a yoga retreat.

You will not only improve your yoga skills with daily practices, you will also learn more about the philosophy of yoga and the benefits of meditation.

7 Awesome Yoga Retreat To Experience True Peace At

At a yoga retreat, you will experience a different way of life and find true peace.

There are lots of different yoga retreats all over the world. Here are some of the best ones that you can visit. 

1. Ananda – India 

Ananda is a yoga retreat in the Himalayas with a stunning hilltop location. It is a converted maharaja’s palace with various outbuildings and outdoor spaces.

Ananda translates to ‘bliss’, and this yoga retreat is all about finding the joy and balance that yoga can bring to your life. 

This yoga retreat is designed for people who already practice yoga regularly and want to deepen their connection with the practice and with themselves.

The day begins with a silent yoga practice in the wooden pavilion. Throughout your stay you will have access to a cold plunge pool, a sauna, steam room and a gym.

There are physicians on site who are trained in the Ayurvedic system. They can assess you and provide you with herbs, oils, treatments and a diet plan to improve your overall health. 

With detox sessions, meditation, yoga nidra and local hikes you will do everything you need to feel well and at peace. 

2. Como Shambhala – Bali 

This hotel in a rainforest valley feels like a natural paradise. It is surrounded by thick jungle and you can hear the birds singing from your room.

The goal of this retreat is to connect people with nature, and there are 23 acres of it to explore.

An ayurvedic practitioner greets you on arrival, providing you with advice on what your body needs in terms of treatments and diet to improve your overall wellness. 

There are plenty of yoga sessions to get involved with, but there is also a lot more on offer. You can have sessions in the hydrotherapy pool, receive a bespoke nutrition plan, have an Indonesian massage or take part in meditation.

The food is nutritious yet satisfying, leaving your body feeling totally nourished. The hotel can cater to whatever wellness programme you are on – whether you are cutting out alcohol, clean eating, detoxing or fasting. 

Take a swim in the sacred pool which receives daily blessings from local priests. Each of the 30 rooms has a stunning view of the surrounding jungle and features furniture carved from local wood. 

3. Villa Lena – Italy 

Villa Lena is nestled in the Tuscan hills and surrounded by olive groves. It is used as a creative retreat for artists, but it also has a secret yoga club for experienced yogis to enjoy.

The estate is made of a 19th century mansion house and various separate guest houses. There are lots of different classes and experiences on offer including art, music and yoga

The yoga classes are very authentic and focus heavily on mental wellbeing.

This is ideal for people who have been practicing yoga for some time but need to improve the connection between their mind and their body. It is also good for anyone healing from mental or emotional trauma, or looking to reset their perspective. 

The day begins with a two hour yoga session on the wooden deck overlooking the vineyards. In the afternoon there are classes in breathing exercises, meditation, and philosophy.

Many visitors find themselves connecting to deeply repressed emotions, and being able to release them and feel free again. 

The food provided at this yoga retreat uses locally sourced, seasonal produce and sticks to the tuscan style of cuisine.

The wholesome meals are shared in a social atmosphere, with bottles of wine and long conversations that go deep into the night.

This is not just a yoga experience, it is also a journey of self-discovery and a refreshing way to bring the principles of yoga more prominently into your life. 

4. Fusion Maia – Vietnam

This is a modern yoga retreat that helps you to relax and find peace. All lifestyles are welcome – vegan and clean eating or coffee and wine.

You can rest and relax on the sunbeds, moving only to attend your twice daily complimentary spa treatments, or you can embrace the yogi lifestyle.

This retreat encourages you to listen to your body and connect with your mind to do what is right for you. 

There are various yoga classes that you can attend, some of them on the beach, as well as meditation sessions. You can also receive a hot oil massage and take part in a juice detox.

This retreat has sessions and classes to improve your mental, spiritual and physical health and you can take part in as much or as little as you want to. 

The hotel has an infinity pool with an ocean view, but each villa has their own private pool and courtyard if you want some privacy. There are two restaurants and a great array of cocktails so you can treat yourself if you feel like it. 

5. Kamalaya – Thailand 

If you are looking for a more traditional yoga retreat then head to Kamalaya. It was originally a Buddhist shrine and is found on an idyllic Thai island.

The goal is to help the guests live life to its full potential by helping them to achieve health and peace. Many guests return year after year to feel the ongoing benefits of the philosophy and lifestyle that is encouraged at the Kamalaya. 

Whether you are healing your body from injury or illness, healing your mind from trauma or anxiety, or you are just looking to connect with yourself through the power of yoga, this retreat is for you.

With ayurvedic treatments, meditation walks, and plenty of yoga sessions, you will feel renewed after your stay.

The island has plenty of hilly trails and meditation caves, and the retreat itself is made up of different buildings and treatment rooms. There is a lovely yoga pavilion which helps you to feel close to nature as you practice yoga. 

This retreat really promotes the idea of community. Many people travel solo and share a room with a stranger, though you can also stay with the person you traveled with.

The meals are shared at a communal table, breaking down walls and forming bonds between the guests. There is an extensive wellness area with swimming pools and a gym as well as open air areas for lounging and resting.

You can take in the stunning views of the paradise island from anywhere in the hotel. 

6. YogaRosa – Ibiza 

This yoga retreat is all about relaxation and slowing down. It has beautiful swimming pools surrounded by shady trees, and bushes of aromatic lavender which carry their soothing scent on the breeze.

The meals are nourishing and delicious, cooked with local seasonal produce wherever possible. 

The guests gather in a large bedouin tent for yoga practice and guided breathing exercises. This is followed by meditation to the tranquil sound of a singing bowl.

The staff are friendly and welcoming, and all willing to talk and share their experiences of how yoga has helped them to heal in many different ways.

The relaxed pace of the retreat causes many guests to experience some kind of breakthrough, as they achieve mental clarity and peace (possibly for the first time in their lives). 

7. Tri – Sri Lanka 

Tri in Sri Lanka is a sustainable and eco-friendly yoga retreat. It is situated in a quiet spot overlooking lake Koggala, with a tree top sala above the bamboo grove where the yoga sessions take place.

It also has an infinity pool with a view over the water, surrounded by sun loungers so you can relax in a peaceful environment. 

The type of yoga practiced at this retreat is called Quantum yoga, which was developed by Lara who teaches the sessions.

Lara is an Ayurvedic expert who tailors the yoga sessions to your body’s needs, and she can also provide lots of advice on how to achieve balance within your body through various treatments and lifestyle changes. 

As well as taking part in the yoga and meditation sessions, you can get out on the lake in a kayak or learn how to climb coconut trees.

If you want something that is slower paced, find a comfortable seat and watch the local wildlife or relax in the library with one of the many books on offer. 

Dinner is seven courses of traditional Sri Lankan cuisine including prawns from the lake, herbs from the garden, cauliflower curry and buffalo curd ice cream.

This is a fairly new yoga retreat but it is already very popular and is a great place for yogis who are passionate about the environment and sustainability. 


These yoga retreats all offer a different type of experience. Each one has fantastic yoga classes and meditation sessions to help you experience true peace. 

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