6 Amazing Yoga Retreats In Arizona To Enjoy A One Of A Kind Experience

Arizona is an important location for many yogis around the world as each and every year, Arizona is home to the Sedona Yoga Festival! So, Arizona has a yoga-rich culture with lots of great spas, centers, and retreats!

This makes it an ideal destination for anyone and everyone wanting to experience a yoga retreat – but where? 

6 Amazing Yoga Retreats In Arizona To Enjoy A One Of A Kind Experience

Arizona is home to a ton of great yoga retreats. Here is our list of some amazing yoga retreats in Arizona where you can enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience! 

Best Yoga Retreats In Arizona

Check out the list below to find our top yoga retreats in Arizona. There are many different options on offer so browse and find the right yoga retreat for you! 

1. Sedona Yoga Retreat

Sedona is home to the annual yoga festival – and a ton of different yoga retreats! 

One of the best is the Sedona Yoga Retreat organized by Body Flows. This 4-night retreat allows you to draw on the spiritual energy of the red rocks of Sedona to detox your body and energy, before rejuvenating through the various activities on offer.

You can enjoy outdoor yoga sessions, hike around Sedona’s marvelous landscape, and try guided meditation. 

The retreat itinerary also includes plenty of free time so you can take advantage of your retreat by exploring the local town of Sedona, visiting popular tourist attractions, or just taking a dip in the retreat center’s saltwater pool! 

With accommodation and meals provided, this yoga retreat is easily one of the most popular Sedona has to offer! So, if you want to take advantage of this spiritual location, try out this yoga retreat! 

2. Miraval Resort

Each year, the Miraval Resort celebrates ‘Yoga Month’ by offering special yoga retreats. 

There, you can stay in luxurious casita-style accommodations to indulge in Arizona’s culture, while accessing unlimited snacks, smoothies, and appetizers as you like.

The retreat includes fine dining as well as daily activities and recreational facilities for you to access during your free time. These include spa services, horseback riding, and more! 

Of course, the main draw of the Miraval Resort yoga retreat is yoga. Some exceptional yoga experiences you can try here include yoga hikes and aroma essence yoga, where aromatherapy is used in conjunction with yoga for a truly relaxing and mindful experience.

Each year, the team at Miraval Resort love adding new yoga experiences for their guests so you can return year after year for a relaxing, yoga-focused getaway. 

Another great thing about choosing the Miraval Resort yoga retreat is that you get to choose your own itinerary. Fix your schedule around your own needs so you can either get up early for a day full of activities or give yourself a break and stay in late – it’s up to you!

3. Sedona Ranch

A lot of people take up yoga to help boost their health and well-being, and this three-day yoga retreat in Sedona is designed to help do just that. 

At the Sedona Ranch, deep into the Sedona wilderness, you can find the tranquility and services needed to help you reset your health and boost your immune system through various holistic approaches.

Here, you can try acupuncture, meditation, and your choice of light therapy, cupping, tuning forks, and more. There’s also sage clearing, soul declaration exercises, and even quantum healing sessions. To round it up, there are daily sessions of hatha yoga! 

Overall, this yoga retreat is incredibly spiritual but also designed for those more skilled in yoga and hiking. If you’re new to either of these things, you may struggle to keep up! Don’t worry if you are – there are plenty of other yoga retreats perfect for you in Arizona! 

4. Monsoon Nectar

Another spiritual yoga retreat in Arizona is Monsoon Nectar. This Sedona retreat offers lots of different yoga retreat programs each year and each one includes various activities and classes to help you reset yourself and transform into something new. 

You have the option to choose between private one-on-one retreats where you can enjoy multiple yoga classes (no matter what level of yoga experience you have), hiking, journaling, meditation, and classes on chakras, moon phases, and more. 

The retreat programs on offer with Monsoon Nectar take great advantage of its location in Sedona and Verde Valley.

Some activities will take you out to explore the amazing natural features like Oak Creek and into town for exciting meals where you can taste some of Sedona’s best cuisine. 

So, take a browse at the programs available at this amazing yoga retreat! 

5. Santo Tomas Retreats

Not all of Arizona’s yoga retreats are located in or around Sedona. Others take advantage of some of Arizona’s most iconic landmarks – like the Grand Canyon! 

This yoga retreat is organized by Santo Tomas Retreats and will take you to Horseshoe Bend & Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona. You get to spend four days at the beautiful Rim View Chateau where you get stunning views of Glen Canyon and Lake Powell.

The view alone is enough to make this retreat a totally unique experience – but there’s still more! 

Each and every day brings new and exciting activities – excursions to the gorgeous natural sights around Horse Bend and Antelope Canyon, down to the Colorado River for paddleboarding, massages, trips to a heated spa, and more.

Of course, there are also daily yoga classes where you can learn new styles including SUP yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa, asanas, pranayama, Restorative yoga, and more. There’s also evening meditation with sound healing and chakra balancing

So, this spiritual yoga retreat is easily one of the best in Arizona due to its amazing location, views, and activities! 

6. Heller Good

The Heller Good yoga retreat is a great option for those looking for a peaceful, spiritual yoga retreat in one of Arizona’s most beautiful areas. 

Here, you get to stay in cozy cabin accommodations right on Oak Creek, surrounded by 9 acres of space so you have complete privacy.

The cabins also have their own private swim holes to Oak Creek so you can take a dip in its healing waters whenever you desire. This makes the Heller Good yoga retreat an ideal choice if you want to relax and renew yourself. 

There are also daily yoga classes (private or group) that can help you dive in deep to learn new styles and techniques. You will receive feedback from your guidance teacher so you can make the improvements you need to your breathing, body, and mind.

As a result, the Heller Good yoga retreat is popular with those who want to grow and perfect their yoga! 

On top of the yoga, there are also additional activities including sound baths, workshops, and daily meditation for you to completely rejuvenate your body and mind.

You get plenty of free time to just relax and unwind so you can choose what to do with your time – make new friends, visit the spa, or indulge in some additional yoga sessions. The choice is yours! 

Final Thoughts

Arizona is a hot spot for yoga retreats. Most of them can be found around Sedona as they take advantage of the town’s strong spiritual energy – but there are still some great retreats found elsewhere around Arizona. 

Check out the list above for 6 different but amazing yoga retreats in Arizona. Each offers a totally unique experience for you to enjoy including adventurous activities and plenty of yoga! Find the right yoga retreat for you and enjoy! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Choose A Yoga Retreat?

Different yoga retreats offer different kinds of experiences. Some focus on the fitness element of yoga, while others are more spiritual.

Some offer additional activities ranging from high-intensity training to SUP yoga, meditation to hiking. On top of this, there are lots of different types of accommodation and cuisine! 

This means that it’s easy to end up on a yoga retreat that just is not right for you – so how do you choose?

Consider what you want from your yoga retreat. Do you want to feel relaxed, or push your body to its limits? Do you want support for your well-being or just try out new styles of yoga?

Once you have this worked out, it’s much easier to consider what activities you want to experience during your yoga retreat. 

Then, check prices, locations, length of stay, and reviews of the retreat. 

Can You Go On A Yoga Retreat As A Beginner? 

This all depends on the type of yoga retreat you are signing up for. 

Most yoga retreats will tailor their sessions to beginners or more advanced yogis. This means that on average, most yoga retreats will take on beginners in yoga and teach them the basics.

However, there are some yoga retreats out there that are designed for more experienced yogis.

Always check the itinerary of the yoga retreat and don’t be afraid to reach out to the organizers for more details. They can give you more information before you book so you can avoid signing up for a retreat you are not prepared for. 

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