8 Amazing Yoga Retreats In Colorado To Enjoy A One Of A Kind Experience

Yoga is a type of physical fitness that has soared in popularity these past few decades. It not only helps keep your body in peak condition but also helps you to relax and destress. So, it’s easy to see why yoga is so popular! 

8 Amazing Yoga Retreats In Colorado To Enjoy A One Of A Kind Experience

If you want to immerse yourself in yoga completely, you will probably want to try a yoga retreat. There are hundreds found all around the world – so here are 8 amazing yoga retreats in Colorado where you can enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Check out the list below and find your next yoga retreat destination!

Best Yoga Retreats In Colorado

Here are some of the best yoga retreats found in Colorado. Some will have limited availability and offer various activities so check them out below and find the right retreat for you! 

1. Boulder Nutrition

Boulder Nutrition is a practice that works by combining nutrition with medicine and psychology to help create programs and experiences designed to boost your self-love and body positivity.

It’s run by nutritionist and food psychology specialist Sue Van Raes and has two women-only weekend retreats available. 

Both retreats allow you to unwind while experiencing the majestic Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Both also have a large focus on yoga as well as organic eating, connecting with nature, and building stronger relationships with others. 

On top of daily yoga and meditation, you can also enjoy activities such as hiking, soaking in the hot springs of Colorado, and workshops to help build yourself as a better person.

There are even cooking sessions where you can learn how to make better meals to take good care of your needs! 

2. Shoshoni Yoga Retreat

The Shoshoni Yoga Retreat is one of the go-to destinations for all yogis in Colorado. It can be found high up in the Rocky Mountains and offers a sacred space for yogis to practice and learn both meditation and yoga. 

As a retreat, Shoshoni aims to help its guests reset themselves and rejuvenate and recharge through various activities. Yoga is a huge focus at this retreat with workshops and activities focusing on hatha yoga and pranayama.

However, there are also activities around meditation, hiking, hot tubs, saunas, and more. 

Shoshoni Yoga Retreat offers some of the best views and nature areas in Colorado thanks to its spectacular destination.

On top of that, the accommodations and facilities here are gorgeous, well-kept, and clean.

The whole atmosphere of the retreat is a welcoming one so you won’t struggle to relax and unwind on this retreat. 

3. People Of Color Ecodharma Retreat

Most people stereotypically associate yoga with white people and because of this, a lot of people feel shut out and avoid introducing yoga into their lives.

The People of Color Ecodharma Retreat aims to break down those barriers. It’s a yoga retreat just outside of Denver that only caters to people of color.

This means that the workshops here are all designed to help empower people of color by discussing and exploring the burn-out and negative effects of issues like structural racism, injustice, and more.

Individuals can connect with others over their shared experiences and help one another build their self-confidence and regain a sense of self-worth. 

It’s a very moving, impactful retreat that links this kind of therapy with activities like silent meditation, silent hikes, dance, rituals, talks, group work – and, of course, yoga. 

If you are a person of color who feels worn down and in need of a boost, this is definitely a retreat to consider.

You will leave the retreat feeling anew and rejuvenated, armed with new affinities and affirmations to help you face the world!  

4. Kiva Yoga Institute

The Kiva Yoga Institute is based in Miami but they organize retreats all across the US and the world. Their Colorado retreat is situated in the Rocky Mountains near Bailey, Colorado, and here, you can spend 5 days discovering new things about yourself! 

There are daily yoga sessions in the styles of Ashtanga, yin, and Vinyasa, and any yoga skill level is welcome!

Alongside these daily yoga sessions, you can participate in meditation, workshops, and planting ceremonies. There’s a particular focus on the power of plants and cooking along with yoga. 

The retreat aims to arm you with the tools necessary to help you sharpen your mind and senses so you can continue growing and improving.

Whether you desire better communication, more confidence, or the concentration needed to meet your goals, the Kiva Yoga Colorado retreat aims to help you in each of these areas. 

5. Float And Flow Yoga

Float and Flow Yoga is an exceptional yoga retreat in Telluride, Colorado, as it offers daily yoga classes alongside various fun and inspiring activities.

You can do yoga alongside waterfalls or on a paddleboard. So, this retreat takes yoga to new levels! 

There are exciting activities like paddleboarding and hiking, or hot tubs and pools where you can unwind and relax. There’s even wine tasting, meditation, and more.

So, if you want a busy but inspiring and effective experience, this yoga retreat is the perfect place for you. 

The aim of this yoga retreat is to build your confidence and connection with nature. This is why so many activities are likely to push you out of your comfort zone and into new territory! 

6. Namaste Healing And Meditation

This high-altitude retreat can be found high up the Rocky Mountains and there, you can choose from several different retreat plans.

There are plans that last just half a day for quick healing and relaxation, to a full three-day retreat with additional activities. 

You can customize your healing plan to include sound healing, acupuncture, tai chi, physical therapy, and more. Whether you are looking for a more physical yoga retreat or a spiritual one, Namaste Healing, and Meditation has you covered! 

It’s one of the most flexible yoga retreats in Colorado so you can tailor your experience to suit your preferences and needs. 

7. Infinite Alignment

If you love being able to tailor your yoga retreat to your own goals and needs, then check out the range of options available at Infinite Alignment. 

This yoga retreat can be found in Durango, Colorado, with four separate personal retreat plans on offer. Each retreat program has a different goal including health and well-being, trauma release, freedom, and spiritual awakening.

This means that you can choose the right plan based on your personal needs to get the most out of your yoga retreat. 

Most of the activities on offer during your stay focus on healing and taking advantage of the near evergreen forest to help you connect with nature.

There are plenty of yoga and meditation sessions to try (indoor and outdoor) along with sound healing, coaching, ceremonies, hiking, and more! 

So, if you have a particular goal in mind and you know what you want to get out of your yoga retreat, then check out Infinite Alignment! 

8. Kid’s Yoga Summer Camp

Not all yoga retreats are for adults! 

If you are looking for somewhere you can send your kids so they can learn more about yoga and connect with other children, then this kid’s yoga summer camp at Eldorado Mountain is the ideal solution. 

The camp is a kid-centered yoga retreat that also offers tons of other fun activities like hiking, arts and crafts sessions, swimming, meditation, and more.

It provides your kids with the classic summer camp experience while including a ton of yoga so they can strengthen their minds and bodies. 

Plus, they get to make a ton of new friends and have something fun to do throughout the summer! 

Final Thoughts

And that’s it! Those were 8 amazing yoga retreats in Colorado for you to visit! 

Colorado has plenty of gorgeous nature and scenery for you to take advantage of – so there are many beautiful retreats for you to visit.

With daily yoga and additional activities ranging from hiking, meditation, and more, you can definitely find the best yoga retreat for you in Colorado! 

We hope the guide above helped you find your perfect yoga retreat destination! Good luck and enjoy! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Yoga Rretreats Do?

Yoga retreats are all about detoxing and cleansing your body. Then, you can build yourself back up by reconnecting with nature, learning new practices from a highly qualified yoga instructor, and meeting new people to feel a stronger connection with the yoga community.

The actual practices and activities vary from retreat to retreat but they all have the same goal in mind – to bring together like-minded people who want to dedicate time to improving their physical, mental, and spiritual state.

Can You Go On A Yoga Retreat As A Beginner?

Yes, you don’t have to be an expert in yoga to visit a yoga retreat. 

In fact, retreats are a great way for yoga beginners to learn the basics and just unwind at a great location. You can learn from instructions, experts, and other yogis who were once in your shoes! 

So, no matter how much experience you have with yoga, you will be welcomed on a yoga retreat!

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