9 Amazing Yoga Retreats In Florida To Enjoy A One Of A Kind Experience

A yoga retreat is a chance to get away from it all. Emphasizing both physical connection and spiritual growth, a good yoga retreat leaves you feeling calm and renewed, ready to return to everyday life with a positive attitude.

9 Amazing Yoga Retreats In Florida To Enjoy A One Of A Kind Experience

Florida might be best known for exciting theme parks and busy beaches, but it is also home to a range of fantastic yoga retreats.

The regular sunshine allows many of these retreats to move the lessons and practice outdoors, for a getaway that really does feel like a break from reality. 

Each yoga retreat offers a different experience. From communal adventure to quiet contemplation, we’ve rounded up some of the most amazing yoga retreats in Florida.

Read on to discover a unique experience for your yoga journey.

1. Full Circle Yoga School, Relaxed And Refreshed Retreat

Offering a connection between yourself, your breath, and the planet, the Relaxed and Refreshed Retreat by Full Circle Yoga School is a chance to replenish the soul and nourish the body.

Located in Key West, the Relaxed and Refreshed retreat combines daily yoga and meditation with spa and ocean adventures.

Inspired by the local community, the laid-back retreat is for anyone looking for an opportunity to get away from it all.

Solo travelers, couples, and groups are all encouraged to sign up and find their own connections and refreshment.

Just 10 minutes from Key West International Airport, the B & B location is easy to access and close to local attractions.

As a flexible retreat, you can extend your trip to explore the vibrant local area.

2. Zen Den Yoga School, Yin And Restorative Yoga Retreat

Deepen your practice and understanding of yoga with the Yin and Restorative Yoga retreat by Zen Den Yoga School.

Set along the beautiful Intercoastal waterways, this retreat provides an opportunity to learn more about yourself, your spirit, and your body.

The Yin and Restorative Yoga Retreat by Zen Den Yoga School combines different yoga practices, from the belief that all yoga systems draw from the same path.

This is a diverse experience, introducing you to new forms of yoga during a retreat that is focused on discovery. By exploring different forms of yoga, you can connect in new ways to the yoga lifestyle.

Zen Den Yoga School retreats are flexible options that allow you to personalize the package to suit your needs. 

3. BodyInUnity, Silent Outdoor Yoga Retreat

Silence is an underrated state of being. Calming and contemplative, the BodyInUnity Silent Outdoor Yoga Retreat is a chance to discover the transformative power of silence.

This is a highly immersive experience.

Those on the retreat enjoy time spent in quiet contemplation, forming connections with the Earth and Spirit away from the busyness and noise of everyday life.

It’s a fantastic retreat for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed or stressed by the pace of working life.

An all-inclusive retreat suitable for those with no yoga experience, BodyInUnity offers renewal among the outdoor spaces of Oviedo. With plenty of time spent in nature, this retreat is a chance for a total reset.

4. Yoga Elements Retreat, Inner Goddess Retreat

Find and amplify your inner goddess with this Yoga Elements Retreat. A larger retreat than many others, the bigger groups encourage a supportive community.

You work together to lift each other up, creating a feeling of empowerment and purpose.

The Inner Goddess Retreat encourages a feeling of community. As you connect with your fellow yogi, you’ll also be able to connect deeper with yourself.

With plenty of time spent outdoors, this is an active and adventurous retreat where you can discover your inner power.

Located in Rock Springs, The Inner Goddess retreat is suitable for beginner, intermediate, and advanced yoga practitioners.

You’ll stay in tents and enjoy campfire meals and water activities, and all guests are encouraged to let go and move with the flow!

5. Dvine Healing, Relax And Recharge Healing Women’s Retreats

It’s easy to get weighed down and stressed out by life. It’s much harder to shake off that weight, so you can reset and recalibrate.

With the Relax and Recharge Healing Women’s Retreat by Dvine Healing, you’re given a chance to enjoy reflective “me” time, and find some inner peace.

The Relax and Recharge retreat is a gentle offering. It isn’t designed to push the body and the mind. Instead, this is an opportunity to find healing through low-impact yoga, meditation, and group sessions.

As well as group healing, every member of the retreat is offered a private Life Coaching session.

Roughly 35 minutes from JAX International Airport and set in a secluded area of Jacksonville, this retreat is for individuals who want a chance to spend some quality time with themselves.

6. Zen Den Yoga School, SUP Yoga Retreat

Yoga is a practice that benefits both the body and the soul, encouraging a connection to the Earth and ourselves. SUP yoga takes both these things to a new level.

Combining Stand Up Paddleboarding with yoga, SUP yoga is an accessible and exciting meditation method.

Operated by the Zen Den Yoga School, SUP Yoga Retreats take advantage of the calm waters of sunny Boca Raton.

The on-water lessons are designed for beginners, with plenty of demonstration and help before you take to the flat seas.

But this isn’t just a chance to practice yoga in a new location. Zen Den Yoga School emphasizes the importance of connection and togetherness.

These fun retreats are a chance to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of life and reconnect with nature and the community. 

7. Full Circle Yoga School, Anxiety And Depression Relief Retreat

The Anxiety and Depression Relief Retreat by Full Circle Yoga is designed for anyone feeling overwhelmed by life.

Combining both private and group sessions, this retreat provides an opportunity to stop and reassess your life, to provide a rejuvenating transformation.

Set in Key West, the Anxiety and Depression Relief Retreat is a personalized experience. This is meant to be more than just a chance to get away from it all.

Instead, Full Circle Yoga School intends to help you find inner healing, as well as calming methods you can turn to if you find yourself overwhelmed when you return home. 

The secluded setting of the Full Circle Yoga School can be accessed via Key West International Airport. You can then book a shuttle bus to take you to the retreat. 

8. Yogi Hari’s Ashram, Sampoorna Yoga Teacher Training Course

If you want yoga to be a lifestyle, not just a hobby, check out the popular Sampoorna Yoga Teacher Training Course from Yogi Hari’s Ashram.

This popular course is offered as both 200- and 300-hour training retreats, teaching you foundational instruction in all aspects of yoga. 

Set in a residential retreat, this intense course covers all you need to know to begin teaching Sampoorna yoga. Covering the techniques of yoga, the methodology, the philosophy, and the lifestyle, you learn every aspect of the yoga lifestyle.

After successfully completing the course, you’ll receive a certification and a full understanding of Sampoorna yoga.

As this is a training course, it isn’t for anyone with just a casual interest in yoga. 

9. Wholesome Alchemy, Community Gathering Retreat

Connect with the yoga community at the Wholesome Alchemy Community Gathering Retreat. 

The Community Gathering Retreat from Wholesome Alchemy offers a chance to form bonds with like-minded enthusiasts.

Working together, living together, eating together, and discovering together, this is a welcoming retreat that encourages connection. 

Wholesome Academy also encourages members to spend time looking inwards. Through our connections with others, we learn and discover ourselves. There’s time on this trip for self-reflection and introspection.

Located in Tampa, Florida, the Wholesome Academy Community Gathering Retreat is an opportunity to build a family within the yoga community.


Sunny Florida is home to a range of exciting yoga retreats, offering guests a chance to relax, rewind, and refresh.

The frequent sunshine and unusual landscape of Florida allow many of these retreats to move the learning outdoors, for a yoga session that really does connect you to nature.

Whether you’re experienced on a yoga mat or new to the practice, Florida has a yoga retreat that can work for you. We hope this guide has helped you discover the best yoga retreats in Florida!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Attend A Yoga Retreat In Florida?

Florida is a fantastic place to attend a yoga retreat thanks to the relaxed lifestyle and the sunny weather. Florida yoga retreats often encourage spending time outdoors, where you can connect with nature as you engage in a spiritual journey.

The laid-back lifestyle of Florida is also beneficial to the yoga retreat. With sunny skies and a calming vibe, this will feel like a real break from the stress and complexity of everyday life.

Are There Yoga Retreats For Beginners In Florida?

Yes, there are plenty of yoga retreats for beginners in Florida! So, even if you’ve never stepped on a yoga mat before, you can find a retreat to suit you.

Florida is a popular destination for yoga retreats, so you can find plenty of friendly and welcoming retreats, regardless of skill level.

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