7 Amazing Yoga Retreats In Hawaii To Enjoy A One Of A Kind Experience

If life has become too much, and you are feeling stressed, then maybe it’s time for a relaxing yoga retreat. One place you should definitely consider going to if you are looking for the perfect yoga retreat is Hawaii. 

7 Amazing Yoga Retreats In Hawaii To Enjoy A One Of A Kind Experience

Hawaii is known for its pleasant beaches, jaw dropping waterfalls and positive vibes. Hence, this is why yogis from all over the world come to Hawaii when they wish to unwind and connect back to nature.

Thus, this is another reason why you should consider coming to Hawaii as well.

In this article, we have collected together 7 incredible yoga retreats found in Hawaii that will offer you a one of a kind experience. 

1. Ayurvedic Yoga And Waterfalls Retreat In Maui

Location: Maui.

Length Of Retreat: 8 days.

Cost: $3,100 (this also includes the price of airport transfer to your accommodation).

To all visitors, Maui vows to provide the ideal holiday experience. It has the perfect combination of erupting volcanoes, stunning beaches, ancient villages, and thrilling water activities along with top-tier restaurants.

This getaway gives you the chance to refresh, replenish, and mend your soul in one of the most soothing and clean settings on the globe.

Stay in a rustic-chic hotel that offers linen made entirely of organic cotton and plush beds. The yoga studio boasts breathtaking ocean views, and there is a wood-burning sauna accessible.

Daily yoga classes, workshops on Ayurveda and herbalism, and a sound healing workshop are all included.

Along with beach excursions, the package additionally comprises trekking to Seven Sacred Pools and Maui’s largest waterfall.

Three organic meals and beverages including water, tea, coffee and detox juices will be provided to you each day.

Finally, Kahului Airport (OGG) is the closest airport, and the transfer is accounted for in the cost.

2. Refreshing Yoga Retreat At Kirpal Meditation And Ecological Center

Location: Pahoa.

Length Of Retreat: 15 days.

Cost: Starting at $2,100.

While 15 days may sound like a lot, yet, this is one of the most popular yoga retreats found in Hawaii.

Visit the Big Island’s stunning beaches, go swimming in the ocean, and hike to its waterfalls at your own leisure. You will receive the resources that you need at this retreat to heal and develop.

The Asana session in the outdoor studio takes place around 7:15 in the morning. After breakfast, you’ll have a 15-minute stroll to a black sandy beach where you’ll have time to rest, explore the lava fields, or take advantage of the thermal ponds.

You’ll then take part in a group mindfulness session following lunch.

You’ll participate in 14 group yoga classes in total, along with one on one instruction. This retreat offers three daily meals and is suitable for vegetarians. You can also choose from the vegan menu as well.

In addition to yoga, there will be other fun outdoor activities that you can participate in.

Go snorkeling in the tidal pools on Kapoho Bay and the Kapoho Lagoon Reef, try surfing, enjoy swimming, or trek to a nearby volcano. 

3. 6 Day Yoga, Meditation And Sound Wellness Retreat

Location: Kauai.

Length Of Retreat: 6 days.

Cost: $2700.

Experience daily yoga, meditation, and sound alchemy alongside Diane Cline, who has been teaching yoga and energy work for 16 years and has served over 7,000 individuals.

Diane, who resides on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, genuinely enjoys “opening a pathway” for participants in this six-day course to achieve their ascension. 

Your retreat includes three mindful sessions per day. This is in addition to a thrilling 2-1/2 hour (optional) “adventure” that could include snorkeling, hiking, mermaid-spotting, a spiritual ceremony in a hidden location, or Hawaiian teachings.

Discover hidden, exquisite locations on Kauai that not even many islanders are aware of. Additionally, there will be plenty of free time to explore this opulent location yourself.

On this therapeutic journey, spark your interest and creativity, reinvent yourself, and heal.

4. Maui Sound Healing And Yoga Retreat

Location: Maui

Length Of Retreat: They are often between 3 and 5 days long. Although, there are a couple of 1 day retreats as well. 

Cost:  Starting at $3,000. 

Maui promises to give every guest the ideal vacation. As mentioned above, it possesses the right blend of breathtaking green valleys, exploding volcanoes, gorgeous beaches, historic villages, and exhilarating water activities.

There are various retreats that this organization offers, including empower your goddess retreat, new beginnings retreat and health & wellness retreat.

Although, there is an option to create your own retreat, so that you can create a retreat that will benefit you the most.

You’ll undergo a metamorphosis through the therapeutic effects of yoga and sound on this yoga retreat. Then after a couple of days on the island, you’ll feel uplifted and renewed.

Stay in a slightly rustic hotel in the middle of Maui’s waterfall-dotted, beautiful tropical north shore. All visitors get access to a shared kitchen, office area, jacuzzi, and small gym.

You’ll take part in daily sound-healed Hatha, Aerial, and Kundalini yoga classes. You can spend your afternoons as you like, whether it is exploring Maui’s holy sites, relaxing on the beach, or participating in new and full moon rites.

To help you get maximum value out of your trip, you’ll also receive an interactive retreat diary.

A private healing energy meeting and a private coaching or communication session are also included in the package.

While, your taste senses will also be pampered by amazing gourmet vegetarian breakfast and lunch menus that feature plant-based international cuisine.

5. Nourishing Women’s Transformational Yoga Retreat

Location: Makaha.

Length Of Retreat 7 days.:

Cost: $2,900.

You will be provided with the space to unwind, reboot, and return to yourself throughout this 7-day women’s retreat.

Leave your home’s distractions behind and immerse yourself in a life-changing experience that will energize your body, mind, and spirit.

Through yoga and its deep philosophy, meditation, and spiritual dialogues with other like-minded women, Hana will help you establish a deep connection with yourself. You can enjoy escorted visits to holy beaches and nature-inspired walks, which gives you the opportunity to experience the charm of the island.

There will additionally be plenty of opportunity for you to reflect on yourself, relax, integrate, or have fun.

Furthermore, your body will feel revitalized, renewed, and alive after eating delicious food prepared by an Ayurvedic chef every day.

6. 5 Day Yoga, Surf, and Adventure Retreat On The North Shore Of Oahu

Location: Oahu

Length Of Retreat: Monday to Friday.

Cost: $2,000.

You have the chance to connect with yourself, experience true relaxation, and accomplish your surfing, yoga, and adventure aspirations during this retreat.

This retreat is open year-round, from Monday morning through Friday night, and includes two delicious vegetarian meals every day.  

The total experience will be more individualized because you’ll be staying in a private home that only accommodates 3 people at once. Also, the package includes transportation to and from Honolulu International Airport (HNL).

Most days, your day will begin with a surf lesson and continue with breakfast. After that, you can relax and have fun. Most people will then sign up for a yoga class later on in the day.

Wednesday is an adventure day, so instead of practicing yoga or surfing, you’ll indulge in an activity like hiking to a waterfall, scuba diving, visiting a bird refuge, and more.

7. Nature And Creativity Yoga Retreat

Location: Hamakua Coast.

Length Of Retreat: 4 days.

Cost: $1,500.

Join their four-day retreat on Hamakua Sunrise Farm that is designed with your requirements in mind.

Get away from the strains of everyday life and visit this tropical paradise where you can enjoy farm-to-table meals prepared from organically grown local ingredients. While also taking in spectacular ocean views in this natural setting.

You can participate in daily meditation or yoga sessions. There are also creative expression sessions that include playing music, ecstatic dancing and painting.

This whole retreat is tailored for each individual, so they can get the most out of it.

No matter your yoga or art skill level, you will be able to enjoy this retreat. For up to three nights, and including three meals per day, you can truly unwind and connect with yourself. 


If you are looking for a retreat to take your mind off things, then we have found 7 amazing yoga retreats that you should keep in mind.

Each of these retreats will allow you to de-stress from modern life and get back to the simple things. All through various activities including yoga, meditation, hiking, swimming and more.

We hope this article has been helpful and given you a better idea on the amazing yoga retreats that Hawaii has to offer.

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