7 Amazing Yoga Retreats In New Mexico To Enjoy A One Of A Kind Experience

A yoga retreat can be a one of a kind experience, whether you are a beginner looking to focus your learning in a short period of time, or an expert looking for something different to help unlock their next stage of growth, there are loads out there.

7 Amazing Yoga Retreats In New Mexico To Enjoy A One Of A Kind Experience

Moreover, a huge feature of yoga retreats can be where they are situated, the environment you practice yoga in, and what that unique location can bring to your practice that you might not get anywhere else.

New Mexico is a great place to go to a yoga retreat. The desert is a place of spirituality that goes back to the original Native American people that used to live there, many of which still exist. There is a unique air and the dessert is the perfect place to find peace or dissolution of the self. 

Keep reading to learn about what we think are the best yoga retreats in the state of New Mexico, and book today!

1. Mothership Yoga Lounge Woman’s Hot Spring And Yoga Retreat

Mothership Yoga Lounge has been named one of the best yoga retreats in the state of New Mexico which is clear in this yoga retreat for women.

This is particularly good as some women prefer doing yoga in the comfort of fellow feminine energy, and that’s what this retreat is all about: sisterhood, nature walks, sacred waters, and detoxing from stress and technology.

The sacred hot springs that the retreat sits on really set the tone for unlocking your potential, and the beautifully transformed adobe church is also the perfect setting for a reimagined self. Set in the town of Truth or Consequences, there really is no better backdrop for the next step of your journey.

2. Enchantment Equitreks’ 7 Day Restorative Horse Riding And Yoga Holiday

For something unique this equine yoga retreat really is something special. You do need some good experience on a horse, but don’t actually need any yoga experience. They practice yoga with and on the horses, but also do your classic Vinyasa and Yin yoga in a familiar way.

The horse rides through New Mexico’s deserts will create an experience that will last a lifetime, and provide the relaxation and change of scenery you need.

Working with the rescue horses is a really unique experience and for more advanced yoga practitioners, this can be a great new way to practice yoga doing something a little different.

Plus, a Reiki Healing course can be a great challenge for those who haven’t tried it before, but goes hand in hand with the 7 day experience. 

3. Kung Fu Cowgirl’s 3 Day Cheerful Yoga Getaway Exclusively At Hotel Luna Mystica

This unique and exclusive retreat gives you access to Kung Fu Cowgirl, her real name is Jenny, who is a particularly sought after yoga teacher in the state.

Moreover, this retreat has a unique side to it that fans of Breaking Bad will love. Located in the desert where it was filmed, Taos specifically, you get to stay in an RV just like Walt and Jesser, albeit in much nicer interiors.

Fan of the show or not, the adobe of Taos Pueblo has the breathtaking Rio Grande bridge and crazy red rocks for an out of this world experience.

The vast Mesa of Taos is the perfect backdrop to explore yoga at any level. 7000 feet closer to the stars, Jenny and her cohort of yoga teachers explore beginner and advanced yoga classes centered around Yin and Vinyasa yoga, as well as guided meditation.

It’s the perfect place for beginners to go for a yoga retreat, and also a fresh look at yoga retreats for those who are perhaps more advanced in their yoga learning.

4. Hot Springs Glamp Camp 3 Day Lunar Rising With Gina & Marie

For those who perhaps want to embrace the spiritual side of yoga more, or just dip their toes in, this gamlp-camping retreat is a perfect switch up.

Moreover, many people may already embrace this spiritual side and want to have an immersive experience with it rather than just reading about it. While the spiritual side might turn some off, don’t be fooled, this is a really casual and fun retreat and not pushy at all.

Glamp camping in yurts in the desert of Truth and Consequences and its mineral springs is the perfect backdrop to experience a Lunar Rising. It’s the perfect place to be yourself and meet others.

With tarot card readings, astrology, reiki practices, and loads of different yoga types, there’s something for everyone, as well as plenty of new things to do to bring nuance to your yoga practice.

Plus, who would turn down the perfect soak in a mineral spring, or the opportunity for a sun salutation in the desert.

5. Bliss House Yoga’s 4 Day Energy Recharge Yoga Retreat

This small group yoga retreat is ideal for a general approach to yoga, for practitioners of any level. The retreat includes daily yoga and led meditation, sound baths and therapy, breath work, and group activities to boot.

The ideal place to rejuvenate your energy, especially for those who enjoy a smaller group dynamic and more personal attention.

Expect classic Hatha style yoga that you can experience in the famed Taos area of New Mexico. The retreat is located in Taos, in a ski lodge just off the Angel Fire golf course. For those who want luxury accommodation and not yurts, this is a good option.

Practicing right next to the Taos Pueblo community is really special and you get to visit them too, as well as the iconic San Francisco de Asis Church, the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, and Historic Taos Plaza.

6. Amy Owens Santa Fe Yoga Retreat At Oja Santa Fe Spa Resort

The world-renowned Oja Spa Resort is an ideal location for those who want to experience the desserts of New Mexico from the comfort of a spa resort.

This three or four day retreat is really well rounded and there are a really satisfying array of activities you can get involved with from hiking, archery, arts, or just lounging at the spa. 

Stacy and Amy teach daily yoga sessions, either vinyasa or just gentle, both sought after instructors that can help you empower yourself and others. Close to Downtown Santa Fe it’s super easy to get to and the price paid includes basically everything at the spa as well as the yoga sessions.

The 77 acres of desert at the foothills of Sangre De Cristo is magical and you can experience the unique thermal soaking pools and reconnect with nature.

7. YogaZo Taos Retreat At Hotel Luna Mystica

Join Ashley Fathergill for a unique yoga retreat in Taos. YogaZo is a mobile yoga studio that pop up at various locations across the state of New Mexico and has won awards for being the best yoga studio, with Ashley herself being sought after for also winning awards as an instructor.

At Hotel Luna Mystica you can enjoy the yoga classes with other fellow learners, enjoy guided hikes through the mountains in the Chihuahuan Desert and across Taos’ sights.

You will leave with a stronger sense of self, as a better yoga practitioner, and certainly leave with plenty of new friends to practice yoga with. There’s no better place to connect with yourself, and others, than in the New Mexico desert that is both ancient and sacred to many.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are loads of retreats in the desert of New Mexico. Many Native Americans lived in this area of the Chihuahuan Desert that peaks into New Mexico, with the Taos Pueblo still living in this protected area.

As a result it feels very spiritual here and there are many sacred and ancient springs and thermal pools here that are greatly suited to yoga retreats. 

This barren and vast area is really great for a yoga retreat where you can shed your technology and worries as you enter the retreat.

Some retreats provide unique accommodation like RV’s, yurts, or are located in the small amount of inhabited areas of the desert that have spas and golf resorts on them. Santa Fe is also a great place to enjoy a yoga retreat with a little more metropolitan familiarity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Desert Is New Mexico Part Of?

The largest desert in North America is the Chihuahuan Desert, it covers a large portion of the state of Chihuahua, and six other states, in Mexico, but is also part of both New Mexico and Texas.

This desert covers the lower Rio Grande Valley and the lower Pecos Valley in the state of New Mexico and is home to the cities of Albuquerque, Alamogordo, Carlsbad, Carrizozo, Deming, Fort Sumner, Las Cruces, and Roswell.

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