7 Amazing Yoga Retreats In New York To Enjoy A One Of A Kind Experience

When you are living in a city, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of city life. Sometimes it’s nice to get away, to relax and come back feeling refreshed.

With a yoga retreat, you can spend a few days focusing on yourself, and recharging while being surrounded by a beautiful landscape. 

7 Amazing Yoga Retreats In New York To Enjoy A One Of A Kind Experience

It may be surprising to learn, but there are many yoga retreats which you can participate in, which are found in New York.

We have collected together the 7 most amazing yoga retreats which you can enjoy as a one of a kind experience in New York.

1. Honor’s Haven Retreat 3 Day Refresh

Address: 1195 Arrowhead rd. Ellenville New York, USA.

Length Of Retreat: 2 nights and 3 days.

Cost: Starting at $690 per person.

This 3 Day Relax and Refresh Getaway at Honor’s Haven Retreat is an ideal pick for one of the top yoga retreats found in New York. It is undoubtedly seen as one of the most well-liked yoga retreats found in the entire USA.

In addition to offering transformative, therapeutic, and alignment yoga methods. This 3 day retreat is accessible to practitioners of all levels, making it a truly unique and soothing time. 

Try workshops on Ki-Energy stretching, Qigong, calmness, Tai Chi over two nights and three days, while enjoying the views the Catskills have to offer. Also, why not try the easygoing climb to the Heaven waterfall to find the Stairway.

After that, take advantage of the spa’s free entry to all  the indoor and outdoor amenities before attending one of their educational courses to learn more about stress management and wellness.

2. Land Yoga At Turquoise Barn

Address: 052 Co Road 18, Bloomville, Kortright, Delaware County, New York.

Length Of Retreat: Retreats vary, but up to 5 nights and 6 days. 

Cost: Starting at $949 for each person.

One of the most well-known retreats to think about is the “6-Day Spring Cleanse, Meditation and Yoga Retreat” led by Land Yoga and located inside the breathtaking Turquoise Barn in New York.

Spaces may sell out very fast because this retreat has been so successful, but you can always sign up to receive notifications once new spaces are released.

After admiring the beauty of Delaware County and surrounding areas, activate your senses. Enjoy the therapeutic power that nature possesses over a six-day retreat which is ideal for anyone, no matter their level of experience with yoga.

These six days are filled with courses focused on therapeutic and ashtanga yoga, all onlooking the breathtaking Western Catskills.

Once you feel completely connected, start attending daily meditation courses as well as different workshops, lectures, and other activities based outside.

Once you start to get hungry, indulge in a fantastic assortment of healthy meals that are provided to you daily for breakfast and dinner.

This will help you to feel refreshed for an afternoon of more yoga or a possible walk around the beautiful scenery to help you feel at one with nature. 

3. Catskills Relationship Healing Retreat

Address: 1195 Arrowhead Road, Ellenville, New York 12428.

Length Of Retreat: Up to  3 days, 2 nights.

Cost: Starting at $1,1770 per couple or $1,090 per person.

Give this “3 Day ‘Relationship Healing’ Yoga Retreat” a try if you wish to strengthen and mend your relationship with your spouse.

This incredible retreat is conducted at the amazing Honor’s Haven Retreat in Ellenville, which overlooks the Catskills.

While the pair of you try to rekindle your physical, emotional, and spiritual connection to each other, it also leads you onto a special, transforming journey.

To gain a better understanding on how your history influences your current relationship, you start by learning about your inner child, then explore it.

A range of wellness seminars, Tai-Chi and Qi-Gong sessions, Hatha yoga lessons, and high energy stretching sessions will be completed.

Also, why not try the rejuvenating stroll to a gorgeous waterfall led by spiritual experts after that.

Throughout your stay, you’ll also get practical advice from experts in the field of holistic wellbeing, obtain access to on-site facilities, and receive free meals.

4. Streamside Yoga Retreat

Address: 506 Main St, Andes, NY 13731.

Length Of Retreat: 3 nights and 4 days.

Cost: Starting at $550 per person.

In picturesque Andes, New York, this opulent 4-day, 3-night retreat with Streamside Yoga is located close to the Tremperskill Stream.

As a result, you’ll be able to practice Hatha yoga alongside other yogis of different skill levels while getting to know the Catskills.

You are also welcome to take a Catskills hike after your morning and afternoon yoga classes are finished, followed by a wonderful yoga Nidra chakra harmonizing sound bath.

5. Skylake Retreat Center

Address: 22 Hillcrest Lane, Rosendale, NY 12472.

Length Of Retreat: There are lots of different retreats to book, so this can vary. Some retreats can be a couple of days, while others are up to 5 days. 

Cost: The cost will differ depending on which retreats you book. 

This is considered a top yoga retreat found in New York. The Skylake Retreat Center in Windsor is situated in the Catskills. Here they emphasize meditating and the application of mindfulness.

This is really beneficial as meditation and mindfulness are two significant but underutilized techniques for bringing harmony, calm, and tranquility into your everyday life.

Visit their Shambhala meditation and retreat center if you wish to escape the pressures of daily life. If you aren’t sure if a retreat is for you then they also offer walk-in sessions on a Sunday morning. 

The Skylake Retreat Center is located in the tranquil area close to the Shawangunk Mountains. Here, in the mountains you can go to meditate, or go on a stroll through the Mohonk Preserve.

Remember to appreciate the breathtaking splendor of the forests and nature all around you. 

6. The iHart Home

Address: 52 Fenmore Dr, Wappingers Falls, 12590 New York, USA.

Length Of Retreat: Up to 4 nights and 5 days.

Cost: Starting at $1,200 per person.

Looking for a somewhat longer stay? If so, you might want to try this Dutchess County “Five Days and The Five Elements Healing Retreat” for ladies.

It’s a special, therapeutic retreat that focuses on the requirements of female lone travelers. Additionally, it takes place in the IHart Home in Wappingers Falls, close to Poughkeepsie.

Also, Sara Hart of IHart Lens teaches yoga lessons that go beyond asana.

Enjoy a range of yoga immersions, supervised meditations, and strolling cultural tours after delighting in two complimentary vegetarian meals each day.

Additionally, Drew Campbell from the Artemis Audio Ayurveda offers unique programs that are focused on using sound to help you achieve mental and physical balance.

7. Peaceful Village Learning Center

Address: 5197 Route 23A, Haines Falls, NY 12436.

Length Of Retreat: These retreats are often 1 to 2 days. 

Cost: The cost will differ depending on the activities chosen to do. 

Many of the most popular yoga retreats found nearby have been offered by this non-profit organization for more than 20 years.

This makes sense, given that the place is run entirely by volunteers who are committed to assisting individuals in developing their spirituality via the implementation of yoga and meditation.

As a result, travel to the Hunter Mountains to stay over for at least one night in any of the six lodges available which are dispersed over 300 arcs of serene land.

For your convenience, each of their unique rooms has air conditioning and a private bathroom.

After attending the top-notch teachings, go to the park and don’t forget to check out the greenhouses when you’re ready.

In addition to running the facility, this corporation also manages 800 other facilities that are dispersed throughout 120 other nations.

There are always volunteers and permanent residents on-site who are happy to assist you while you work to broaden your own awareness.


It may not cross your mind, but even in the busy world of New York there are lots of places where you can go and reset.

There are many reasons as to why you may visit one of these retreats. Yet the end goals are always the same to help you feel refreshed and connected to yourself and nature once again.

We hope you have enjoyed this article. Now you know 7 amazing yoga retreats which you can find all over New York, that will help you to enjoy a one of a kind experience.

Take in the beautiful landscapes and scenery as you practice different kinds of yoga.

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