6 Amazing Yoga Retreats In Oregon To Enjoy A One Of A Kind Experience

Oregon is a state known for its stunning landscapes, which are the perfect settings for outdoor activities and adventures. Because of this, Oregon also happens to be the ideal location for a peaceful and rejuvenating yoga retreat. 

6 Amazing Yoga Retreats In Oregon To Enjoy A One Of A Kind Experience

Whether you’re looking to spend a couple of days reconnecting with nature and your body in the lush greenery of Oregon, or want to spend a full week pampering your body and mind as part of a romantic getaway, Oregon has plenty of incredible yoga retreats to offer.

We’ve done our research and found 6 amazing yoga retreats in Oregon to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience. Read on to find your perfect Oregon yoga retreat!

1. 4-Day Chetco River Yoga Retreat (Brookings)

This 4-day retreat in Brookings, Oregon is one of the most popular yoga retreats in the state, and not only because guests at the retreat are granted private access to the famous Chetco River. 

The main tool this healing retreat uses to encourage reconnection with nature and the self is yoga. Both Restorative and Hatha yoga classes are offered on a daily basis at the retreat, and all classes are suitable for any experience level.

So, whether you’ve never tried yoga before or have been practicing for years, this retreat is the place for you. 

Sound healing is also a part of the 4-Day Chetco River Yoga Retreat. Daily meditation is included on the schedule, and this is done to the sound of chakra-harmonized Himalayan bowls, which produce deeply healing vibrations to aid in relaxation and finding peace.

In addition to yoga and meditation, you’ll get the chance to participate in a variety of activities, from bonfires to swimming and hiking. 

The cost of the retreat includes accommodation for 3 nights, and the rooms at the lodge are beautifully furnished, complete with a private bath and enough room for two people.

Meals are also included, with homemade, vegetarian Indian cuisine offered at dinner times. Allergies and dietary restrictions can be catered for if disclosed in advance. 

2. 3-Day Annual Back To Nature Yoga Retreat (Eugene)

The fast-paced nature of life in the modern age leaves many of us longing to return to nature. That’s exactly what the 3-Day Annual Back to Nature Yoga Retreat in Eugene offers. 

This retreat is run on an annual basis and has a focus on unwinding in nature to heal the mind and body. 

Many yoga classes are included in the 3-day schedule, including Yin, Restorative, Hatha, Vinyasa, Nidra, and Dynamic yoga.

This gives you the opportunity to try many different styles of yoga, which can be really eye-opening if you’re a beginner. Classes also cater to intermediate and advanced ability levels, so everyone is welcome. 

The retreat takes place at Tipi Village, and alongside yoga and meditation, you can also explore the surrounding area on foot, take some time to journal about your experiences, or simply enjoy some quiet relaxation time. 

All meals are included in the cost of the retreat, and all dishes are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. However, there’s also the option to add meat or fish protein sources to your meal separately, so a wide variety of dietary requirements are catered to. 

3. 4-Day Goddess Illuminated Women’s Retreat (St. Helen’s)

The Goddess Illuminated Women’s Retreat in St Helen’s, Oregon, is a safe and empowering space for women from all walks of life to come together and celebrate and support one another. 

This 4-day retreat incorporates movement and meditation as tools of healing and empowerment. The movement classes include yoga, but you’ll also be taking part in embodiment classes and sound baths. 

Special guest teachers will make appearances at classes to contribute additional knowledge and perspectives. The retreat is also attended by a trauma-informed therapist, who can help you to work through thoughts and emotions that arise during the classes. 

Rituals, including the Cacao and Fire Ceremony, are conducted over the course of the retreat, and you’ll get the opportunity to take part in ecstatic dance with a live DJ. 

When you’re not busy moving, meditating, and celebrating your femininity, there is plenty of time to explore the premises, relax, and reflect on your experiences.

If, at any point, you want to share anything with the group, there are opportunities for this throughout the retreat. 

Goddess photo sessions are also part of the schedule, so you can leave the retreat with an empowering and beautiful photograph of yourself to remember the experience.

4. 4-Day Nature Renewal Retreat (Mohawk Valley)

This 4-Day Nature Renewal Retreat in Mohawk Valley is the ideal opportunity to get back in touch with nature and find a sense of calm and rejuvenation, away from the stress and pressure of everyday life. 

At this retreat, you’ll get the opportunity to participate in outdoor yoga sessions, which will allow you to feel in touch with nature while connecting your mind and body for a holistic, peaceful experience. 

Most of the classes taught at this retreat are based on the Vinyasa Flow style of yoga, but the classes are appropriate for all levels, as the primary focus on linking the breath to the movements and poses, creating a sense of serenity. 

There is also a Yin yoga class in the schedule, which will give you the chance to slow all the way down and focus on the meditative aspect of your yoga practice, which will be encouraged by the guided meditation included in every class.

Throughout your stay, you’ll be sleeping in Tipis, furnished with beds and other amenities to make your nights comfortable while maintaining proximity to nature.

However, if you would prefer, there are also cabins on the premises. If you would like to reserve a cabin, it’s best to make these arrangements in advance, since there are a limited number available. 

5. 5-Day Women’s Luxury Hiking And Yoga Retreat (Manzanita)

If you would like to be surrounded by a group of like-minded women as you reconnect with yourself through the healing power of yoga and other outdoor activities, this 5-day Women’s Luxury Hiking and Yoga Retreat is for you!

The location of this retreat in the stunning, coastal mountains of Oregon makes for a magical and memorable experience. Although there is a focus on the outdoors, the accommodations at the retreat are luxurious.

You’ll get to enjoy gourmet cuisine throughout your stay, so you can immerse yourself in nature while remaining as comfortable as possible.

Both Yin and Vinyasa yoga are practiced at this retreat, and all classes are designed to be suitable for all abilities. Whether you’re a total beginner or about to embark on yoga teacher training, you can get something out of these classes. 

A mindful meditation session takes place daily to prepare your mind for the yoga practice and other activities ahead. There are several opportunities for breathtaking hikes, which range from easy to moderate, catering to various fitness levels. 

You also get to enjoy a variety of healing treatments as part of the package, and these complement the effects of the meditation and yoga perfectly. 

6. 3-Day InLight Retreat (Philomath)

InLight yoga retreats are among the most popular in Oregon. These retreats are based in Philomath and aim to provide safe, intimate spaces for connection and healing, both in the physical and spiritual realms. 

In addition to yoga, which is both restorative and gentle, you’ll get the opportunity to try a variety of healing practices.

These include sound baths, self-compassion workshops, spending time in nature, journaling, visualization, Reiki, therapeutic massage, meditation, and more. 

If you’ve never tried any of these practices before, this is the perfect opportunity to find the form of spiritual and emotional healing that works for you.

On the other hand, if you do have experience, you can use this as an opportunity to deepen your existing practices without interference from the outside world. 

Vegetarian meals will be served throughout your stay, and the accommodations are well-furnished and comfortable, providing you with the peace and comfort needed to truly open yourself to the power of the practices offered. 

Final Thoughts 

These yoga retreats in Oregon will leave you with skills and memories to cherish for a lifetime. 

Book your Oregon yoga retreat today for a one-of-a-kind experience you’ll never forget! Don’t forget to confirm dietary requirements and accommodations at the time of booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Beginners Go on Yoga Retreats?

Yoga retreats are usually suitable for beginners as well as intermediate or advanced yogis. You can confirm this by contacting the organizer of the retreat you want to go on if the information is not provided on the website.

Are Yoga Retreats Worth It?

While yoga retreats cost a lot more than individual yoga classes, they provide immersive experiences that allow you to enter into your yoga practice with the best mindset. They also provide great opportunities to connect with others and yourself, so it’s worth it.

What Happens At A Yoga Retreat?

As you can see, the schedules and activities offered by different yoga retreats vary. That’s why it’s good to have a variety of retreats to choose from.

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